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These Alternative Names For Stepmom Are Sweet & Meaningful

Because she’s the best bonus-mom there is.

Despite what a lot of Disney movies would have you believe, most stepmothers are anything but wicked. In fact, they’re usually pretty wonderful and are like a second mom, which is why we need more stepmom name ideas that adequately reflect her importance. Sure, referring to her as your stepmom in conversation is fine, but no one wants to shout “Hey, stepmom!” down the stairs to get her attention at home.

The trouble here is that there is a delicate balance between showing her some love while still respecting your biological mom. Some parents have no problem with their kids calling their stepparents “mom” or “dad,” but some do and that’s understandable. So, then, what should you call your stepmom?

Other Names That Mean Stepmom

It’s not the idea behind the word “stepmother” that is a problem, it’s the negative association tied to the word itself. It feels cold and, thanks to so many movies, like your stepmom is the enemy who married your parent and can’t wait to send you off to boarding school (you know, some real Meredith Blake from The Parent Trap vibes). So, if you’re just looking for something to call her that means the same thing but isn’t so loaded, call her stepmom in another language instead.

  • Madrastra (Spanish)
  • Belle-mère (French)
  • Matringa (Italian)
  • Makuahine (Hawaiian)
  • Mamahaha (Japanese)
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Stepmom Nicknames That Are Like “Mom”

Maybe she really is like a second mom to you, but “mom” and “mommy” are reserved for your biological mom. In this case, try a variation or offshoot of the word mom. This will not only show your step-mom how much she means to you, but will also give you some variation between her and your biological mom (kind of like if you have a “grandma” on one side of the family and a “grammy” on the other). Here are some fun ideas.

  • Ma
  • Màna (Greek for “mom”)
  • Mama
  • Mom-Moms
  • Mum
  • Mumsie
  • Madre (Spanish for “mom”)
  • Mammie
  • Mimi
  • Mommy B. (Or whatever her first initial is)
  • Maw
  • Mamacita (Literal translation for “Little Mom” in Spanish)

Quirky Stepmom Name Ideas

You don’t have to keep it super traditional if you don’t want to. In fact, maybe something a little less traditional is more reflective of your relationship with your stepmom. If that’s the case, feel free to get creative with variations of her name, different common terms for “mom”, or just go totally unique with a word you make up. Some ideas include:

  • Amma (Which means “mother” or “spiritual mother”)
  • “B” (For either “Bonus-Mom” or “Mom-B”)
  • Mama Llama
  • Mimsey
  • Bo-Mom (For “Bonus Mom”)
  • Momette
  • Bird (For “Mama Bird”)
  • Bear (For “Mama Bear”)
  • Nomo (For “‘Nother Mother”)
  • Meems
  • Some Variation of Her Name (Example: LinLin = Lindsay)

Whatever you decide, your stepmom will love that you put so much thought into her name and it will make her feel like she is as important to you as you are to her. She deserves it, too, because she is a far cry from stepmothers like Cinderella’s.