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15 Iconic Anime Halloween Costumes For The Whole Family

Anime fans of all ages have so many awesome choices.

There is a lot to love about Halloween: the decor, the activities, the candy, and you really can’t beat the joy of dressing up as one of your favorite characters. For fans of shows like Attack on Titan and Demon Slayer, that means wearing fun anime Halloween costumes while trick-or-treating. It’s a niche genre though, so these costumes can sometimes be hard to find.

For those that don’t already know, anime is a style of animation that comes from Japan. In the U.S., many of the most popular anime shows and movies have come directly from Japan, while others originated here but were inspired by the unique hand-drawn look that Japanese artists made famous. Some more popular anime movies and series include My Hero Academia, Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball, and Pokemon.

The genre is not everyone’s cup of tea, but a lot of fans would probably love nothing more than to get their hands on a few anime Halloween costumes this year. Since these shows and movies aren’t as mainstream as other animations are, finding these costumes can require a bit of a deep dive into the internet. But, if you’re currently on the hunt for anime Halloween costumes, you’re in luck, because these are some amazing options for your whole family.

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Kids Tanjiro Kamado Costume

This 7-piece Tanjiro Kamado is so close to the actual character’s outfit, it’s wild. The set comes with the black and green checkered kimono coat, black shirt, black pants, large white belt, white leggings, a pair of white toe socks, and earrings. The pieces are made with a mixture of lightweight fabrics like polyester, cotton, and spandex to keep the costume comfortable and breathable, which is especially helpful for trick-or-treating in warmer climates. It’s also worth noting that the earrings are clip-ons, so pierced ears are not necessary. Finally, the set, unfortunately, does not include the sandals, but any pair of flip-flops will suffice or you can buy a similar pair separately.


Kids Sailor Mercury Costume

It’s not hard to find Sailor Moon costumes online (they seem to be everywhere) but with this Etsy listing, kids can opt for a light blue Sailor Mercury outfit, a pink Chibi Moon dress, a green Sailor Neptune costume, or a red Sailor Mars outfit instead. Of course, if they’re fans of Sailor Moon, her outfit is also one of the costume options available. Regardless of the style your child picks, the dress will be handmade and the Etsy seller is happy to accommodate custom requests, be it sizing or color. Also, each costume comes with a dress, headband, and armbands to create a total look.


Kids Himawari Uzumaki Costume

Himawari Uzumaki is a character in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations and it’s no wonder her outfit is among some of the best anime Halloween costumes available; just look at how comfortable it is. This specific costume is three separate pieces including the hooded top, layered skirt, and the pair of tall black socks. The fabric throughout the costume is lightweight and soft for comfort and the skirt has an elastic waistband so you can feel confident it will fit even if your child is between sizes. The best part, arguably, is that since the top is separate from the skirt, each piece can be worn separately with other outfits throughout the year, so it’s not limited to just Halloween.


Adult Bulma Costume

Bulma is a fun anime character to dress up as because everything about her is so bright and colorful, as evidenced by this six-piece adult-size costume. It comes with a pink dress that has graphics on the front and back, a belt that includes a bag and holster, a pair of gloves, a neckerchief, a hair bow, and a pair of leg warmers. To complete the look, grab a pair of colorful sneakers and then tie up your hair in a red bow. If you want to go the extra mile, either use temporary hair color or purchase a blue wig separately for the finishing touch.


Toddler Pikachu Costume

You don’t even have to be a fan of anime to know who Pikachu is, and even if you don’t know who Pikachu is, you can still appreciate this adorable one-piece toddler costume. The hooded outfit is made with thick, soft fabric to keep little ones warm throughout trick-or-treating and has a zip-up front, making it really easy to add some extra layers if you live somewhere cold. The hood can be pulled up for even more warmth (or pulled down to avoid overheating if you live somewhere warm). The best part is that you don’t have to worry about your toddler’s sticky-candy covered hands ruining the costume, because it’s safe to toss into the washing machine when it needs to be cleaned.


Kids Gon Freecss Costume

Gon Freecss is a character from the series Hunter x Hunter who wears an outfit that looks almost exactly like this three-piece costume. It includes a belt, a pair of shorts, and a top, all of which are made from similar fabrics that are lightweight and comfortable for kids to move around in. If your child has short hair, consider styling it into messy spikes to help them look even more like Gon. This anime Halloween costume is among the best, but it’s important to note that the sizing is based on Asian children’s sizes, so you may want something larger than you’d normally buy for your child.


Kids Nezuko Kamado Costume

Little fans of Demon Slayer will instantly recognize this Nezuko Kamado costume, since she is one of the show’s main characters. Honestly, this costume is a steal because it comes with her dress, black robe, black leg warmers with pink ribbon ties, a pink hair bow, and a mouthpiece similar to what the character wears in the series. The costume is made from lightweight, breathable materials to avoid overheating but it’s important to note that its sizing is not standard US sizing, so you may need to do some measuring to ensure you’re getting a costume that will fit (and, when in doubt, just size up to be safe).


Toddler Goku Costume

How cute is this five-piece Goku costume? In case you are unaware, Goku is the main character in the series Dragon Ball, which happens to be a pretty big deal in the anime world, so it’s no wonder they made him into a toddler-size costume. The set comes with a shirt, pants with an attached tail, a headpiece, a belt, and a pair of wristbands. While Goku’s hair is epic, the wig is, unfortunately, not included in the costume set. However, you can purchase it separately if you want to create the full look (but, simply styling your kid’s hair also works just as well).


Adult Mikasa Ackerman Costume

Mikasa Ackerman is a character in Attack on Titan, and she’s kind of a badass, so it’s no wonder why an adult would choose her out of all of the anime Halloween costume options out there. The costume is made from polyester and has easy velcro closure (so you may want to wear a layer underneath, just in case). There are several pieces in the set including a jacket, shirt, a pair of pants, a scarf, a sarong, boot covers to go over your regular shoes, and a chest harness. All you’ll need to do is pick up a couple of fake swords and your costume will be complete.


Kids Eevee Costume

If this isn’t the cutest anime Halloween costume ever, then I don’t know what is. Eevee is a character that originated in the Nintendo Pokemon game and has since been adapted into Pokemon merchandise, movies, and more. This kids costume comes with a dress with an attached tail, leggings, a headband, and a collar to complete the Eevee look. It’s made from a variety of lightweight fabrics including velour, taffeta, and jersey knit, and the skirt even has a little glitter in the pattern. The costume is designed for comfort, too, as the leggings have an elastic waistband and the headband is covered in fabric.


Kids Tobi Obito Uchiha Mask

While this isn't a whole, complete costume, the mask is one of the most essential pieces in dressing up as Tobi (or Obito Uchiha), since it’s part of his signature look. Tobi is always wearing a mask, this black and white piece being one of them. The mask is plastic with an elastic band to hold it in place over the head and two mesh eye holes. If your kid wants to create a complete Tobi costume, you’ll just need a purple robe, a thick white band to use as a belt, grey pants, and tall white socks. Honestly, it’s a simple costume to create, but this mask is an essential piece.


Adult Master Roshi Costume

Master Roshi is equal parts cool and lethal, making him a fantastic choice for an anime Halloween costume for anyone, but especially adults. This costume set comes with a shirt, a pair of shorts, a turtle shell, sunglasses, facial hair, and a bald cap. The outfit itself is made from polyester and twill fabrics and is designed to stretch for comfort with an elastic waistband. The facial hair included is key to creating a full Master Roshi look, but just be aware that you’ll need some double-sided tape (or something similar) in order for it to stick to your face.


Kids Squirtle Costume

Squirtle is another adorable character that originated from Nintendo’s Pokemon game, but was eventually used in merchandise and spin-offs from the game. This kids costume is about as simple as it is adorable, with only the one-piece jumpsuit and a mask (which is really all you need to create the look). The jumpsuit is made from polyester and features graphics on the front and back to mimic Squirtle’s shell and the mask is plastic with an elastic band to help keep it in place throughout trick-or-treating. Kids between sizes 4-6 and 10-12 will be able to find this costume in a size that fits them.


Kids Yugi Muto Costume

YuGi is the main character in the anime series Yu-Gi-Oh! and this costume will have your kid looking just like him. The officially licensed set comes with a jacket, two belts, two wristbands, a shirt, a choker, and a necklace. Every part of the costume is made to be comfortable and kid-friendly; the jacket and shirt are made from lightweight soft fabrics and the accessories should be simple for older kids to put on and take off themselves. This set does not come with a pair of pants to complete the look, but a simple pair of jeans or black pants will do the trick.


Adult Snorlax Costume

With this costume, not only do adults get to dress up as an adorable Pokemon character, but they also have a valid reason to wear a big, cozy, hooded onesie, which is reason enough to invest in this suit. It’s made from super soft fleece that will keep you warm during trick-or-treating (and beyond) and has button closure up the front, so you can easily layer it over more clothes if necessary. The onesie has a hood with Snorlax’s face and ears and the sleeves of the suit actually fold down over the hands to create adorable paws that are complete with claws like the character’s. If you happen to spill some apple cider down the front of this costume you don’t have to worry because it’s safe for the washing machine and dryer.