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2023 Is The Time To Start Speaking Up, Aquarius

This is the year where preparation meets opportunity.

One of the most community-minded of the zodiac signs, an Aquarius is usually empathetic on a level that allows them to put the wellbeing of others above their own. But this year, Aquarius, your 2023 horoscope means you need to think more about what it is that you want. You’ll have to put on your grown up hat and tackle some tough conversations, but the end results will be well worth it.

This year will require authenticity and honesty about who you are and what you want, Aquarius. Whether it’s a promotion at work that you’ve been eyeing or a boundary you want to set in your relationship, you can speak your mind with confidence.


In 2023, you call the shots in your love life, Aquarius. “There may be power struggles and triangular situations brewing this year, which is why it’s important to be clear about the type of relationship you want and define the rules,” astrologer Lisa Stardust says. Despite any relationship milestones or make-or-break decisions over the past year, “you are now undergoing a feeling of major self-love and self-improvement, as you are opening yourself up being in more authentic alignment with your true self,” astrologer Maria Sofia says.

You may even be in for some summer lovin’ (insert Grease melody here), as Sofia notes that “you’ve got a really potent opportunity for a summer of love from May-August.”


Finance-wise, saving is the name of the game for you in 2023, Aquarius. “You’ll be called to get your finances in check and really start thinking about where your money is going,” Sofia says, calling this year time for “adulting.” If you don’t already have a plan for your retirement fund, investments, and other long-term financial goals, now is the time to get all of your dollar ducks in a row.

Pay extra close attention to money matters in the spring. “Since you haven’t been paying attention to finances lately, there could be issues that sneak up on you in March,” Stardust says. “Remember: budgets and sales are your friend.”

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Aquarius, your family life may experience some ups and downs in 2023. “The foundation in your family is shifting,” Stardust says. She suggests you let everyone express their feelings and concerns to alleviate the tension.

“Changes could be happening around the house – perhaps there’s some unexpected repairs that are needed and may cost more than originally planned for,” Sofia says. Cutting back on spending should allow you to have some funds stashed away for this, though. (And if not, look for deals!) By summer, Sofia says the intensity in your home and family life will wane and suggests taking time to vacation or plan a fun activity.

The end of the year, however, may require closer attention once again to family dynamics. “As the holidays approach, remember that while it’s OK to express your opinions, be clear about your boundaries when it comes to discussing politics, religion or any other hot button issues to keep your home a sanctuary.”


If you’ve felt unfulfilled at work or have recently experienced a lot of change and uncertainty in your career path, expect a shift in 2023. “You’re going to spend the majority of the year finding the career that you want,” Stardust says. “Although it is different than the path you started on, you’re finding a career that aligns with your beliefs.”

This could mean you explore new job options or finally get that promotion, but either way, your confidence will shine. “Authenticity is always going to be important to an Aquarius, so stay true to yourself, display your leadership abilities and don’t be afraid to share your groundbreaking or ingenuity,” Sofia says. “People will expect it from you now.”

Head into 2023 with your head held high, Aquarius. Whether it’s setting boundaries with your family, saving money for your future, or stepping into a new role at work, your Aquarius horoscope 2023 says you’re ready for whatever life throws your way.