Dress Your Baby Boy In One Of These Adorable Halloween Costumes

Comfort is key.

If it’s your baby’s first or second Halloween, you know what that means. Time to pick an epic costume that will have all the neighbors oohing and ahhing over their cuteness. Fortunately, costume retailers have answered the call of parents everywhere and delivered some absurdly adorable options to ensure your baby boy’s Halloween costume checks all the right boxes.

A few things to consider: fit and comfort. We’re talking about dressing a tiny human as something they’ll in all likelihood have no interest in being dressed as. Baby Yoda, for instance, or a plump pumpkin. To ensure a successful Halloween (with minimal meltdowns), make sure the baby boy Halloween costume in consideration is comfortable and is easily removable. No one wants to wrestle with an unruly goblin's costume when an exploding diaper is in the works.

Also, don’t forget to think about the weather. If you’re trick-or-treating up north, a costume that doubles as a coat might be the best option. If you’re hitting up homes for candy in Arizona, however, you might want to dress your babe in a decidedly less insulated outfit. So choose wisely and go find your little one a baby boy Halloween costume you’ll never forget.

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Pooh Bear

Winnie the Pooh is not a costume you’re going to be able to convince your child to wear when they’re 12. So enjoy this time when you can force your own favorite characters on your baby. Your little doll will look like the perfect cub in this one-piece design costume made from mohair faux fur. A wee little jacket sits over said fur to complete the Pooh look. Parents will appreciate the metal snaps in the diaper area designed for easy access and, so no one gets this costume confused, a cozy hood is home to a little bear face and ears. Obligatory pot of honey not included.



It’s Halloween, nothing is off the table, at least when it comes to newborn Halloween costumes. So that means dressing your infant as an avocado is a totally defendable choice. Plus, it’s just dang cute. This one fits snuggle thanks to a front zipper design. Underneath pop your tot into the accompanying striped green and white tights, and cozy white long sleeve tee. Keep their head warm as you trick-or-treat with the attached hood featuring covered elastic to fit securely around their sweet little face. Made from polyester microfleece, the fabric won’t itch or irritate your baby’s delicate skin. And as for your neighbor’s reactions? This costume is guaranteed to guac their world.


Max from Where The Wild Things Are

Where The Wild Things Are is a children’s classic. If your little one bears a certain similarity to Max, the star of the book, dress him up in this costume complete with a crown and tail. The construction of this costume is basically a footless pant onesie with button closures along the legs. Faux buttons down the front give the effect of Max’s classic outfit, but without any discomfort to your wild thing. A button on the backside attached the fuzzy faux fur tail while the crown comes with stickers reading ½ through 4 so this costume can double as a birthday suit as well.


Big Bad Wolf

Here’s a fun idea. You dress as Little Red Riding Hood, then have your baby dress as the Big Bad Wolf. Guaranteed to get some laughs, you can’t go wrong with this newborn Halloween costume. Hand sewn, this fuzzy bubble onesies has a separate headpiece designed to make it easy for kids to see. It slips on over the head like a tunic, so you’ll want to pop your kid in some leggings or pants with it. The top of the head is detailed with extra fur, big white eyes, and orange ears for that extra formidable look. Prepare to hear “what big teeth you have!” even if your child’s incisors haven’t come in yet.


Starbucks Coffee

Has your coffee addiction only grown since becoming a parent? Then maybe you need to dress your baby as a tall latte. Get the perfect look with this Starbucks coffee costume. This incredibly clever costume takes a white onesie and doctors it up to look like the side of a coffee cup. You can even customize your baby into your favorite drink by adding a Sharpie check mark next to your milk and syrup preference. And to really make it look real, scoot the felt hand protector around your child’s waist then pop on the white cap with a felt straw atop it for a costume you’ll love a latte.


Shrimp Sushi

If your baby is so cute you want to eat them, make them an edible costume like this shrimp sushi, for instance. Cute and squishy, it’ll feel like they’re wearing a pillow all night. This combination of satin, lycra, poly fiber, and knit is an engineering feat all its own. The satin shrimp poof is made out of orange and white fabric and attaches to a child’s back with a lycra “seaweed” wrap that fastens around the waist. Naturally, a wasabi and ginger headband completes the look. Chopsticks aren’t included, though you could probably DIY a pair with some snare drumsticks.



Babies: they’re slow, they’re sleepy, they release all kinds of weird goo. Are we sure they’re not related to snails? Go ahead and dress yours like one to find out. One of the more creative newborn Halloween costumes, this ensemble makes it easy with snuggly polar fleece green and brown snail shell your little one wears like a backpack. Easy to strap on thanks to two elastic attachments, all you need to do to finish off the gastropod look is pop on the brown hat complete with brown and green antennae. What your wee one wears under this easy breeze snail suit is up to you.



Koalas are one of those animals that are almost universally loved. Kind of like your newborn, right? Put them in this snuggly suit for a cozy Halloween. The two-piece set is comprised of a grey jumper that not only covers the feet, it features a hidden elastic waist and ankles so it comfortably stays in place. A gently collar in stretchy terry won’t irritate your baby’s delicate skin. But the real selling point is the hat. Made of cotton jersey fabric, it rests snug and secure on your baby’s head, all the better for trick-or-treaters to appreciate the super fuzzy ears.


Baby Yoda Pattern

There are loads of Baby Yoda costumes out there, but this crochet one is next level. Something about the big loopy weave gives it an even more darling and charmingly homemade look. And you can make it yourself with this pattern. This crochet instruction set is actually four patterns in one: instructions for each row with pictures for booties, hat, claws, and cloak, just like the real Yoda! If you’re a natural DIY-er, there couldn’t be a better newborn Halloween costume. Just grab some green, tan, white, and yellow yarn and start stitching. Feel free to use the force as necessary.



Let’s be real, babies are stinky. They can’t help it. But it is fun to make fun of. So apply that stinkiness to their Halloween costume by dressing them as a skunk for Halloween. Plush felt, faux fur, and lined in a premium cotton, a skunk never looked so good in this newborn Halloween costume. Basically this is a two piece set consisting of a black onesie with a white and black tail that attaches with the help of a safety pin, while the bonnet gives the full skunk look featuring a black and white mohawk of fur. The little cap fits securely under the chin with a black ribbon.



Taking a newborn baby trick-or-treating most likely means carrying a sleeping child. So why not choose a newborn Halloween costume they can really snooze in? This comfy hedgehog ensemble is just that with a little cap to keep their ears warm for good measure. This outfit is unique in that it’s made up of a cape and bonnet that work together to give your little Sonic its foam spikes. And, fun fact, you can even give your baby some tasty treats. This vendor sells two stuffed versions of two of hedgehogs’ favorite foods: mushrooms and apples, to go with this costume.



The Itsy Bitsy Spider may have gone up the water spout, but your little arachnid can go all over the neighborhood looking fab in this super sweet six-legged costume. Say hide and eek as you pop your tot into this pullover faux fur polyester costume. A truly brilliant design allows your eight-legged little one to move all of their legs at once thanks to strings that connect them. The tummy of this cute little arachnid suit features a web design. Paired with striped leggings, and with the fluffy grey hood securely in place, your spidey will be ready for a super spooky Halloween.


Very Hungry Caterpillar

Bring your baby’s favorite book to life by dressing them as the Very Hungry Caterpillar. This one piece design makes it easy to do a swift diaper change before heading back out for more candy, too. Bring one of the most beloved children’s books to life by dressing your child in this one piece soft polyester and corduroy design. One shoulder snap makes it easy to get your child’s head in the suit, and a red hood pulls up to give them the little antennae topped head look. Great for new walkers, any falls will be broken by the fluffy bottom of this cute costume.


Ear of Corn

Get all kinds of corny with this costume. One of the best commodity newborn Halloween costumes out there, dress your baby as an ear of corn for a fun, seasonally appropriate look. They can fully become one of the children of the corn in this body tunic, swaddle, and hat. The tunic and hat are made from polyester yellow checked fabric to create a kernel look. Then fiberfill stuffing and polyurethane foam create the corn stalk that the baby is swaddled in. Frankly, the natural shape of an ear of corn couldn’t be a more ideal costume for a baby. Snug and cozy, it sounds corny, but they might never want to get out this husk.



Baby chicks are so adorable, what with their fluffy fuzz and tiny bodies. Same goes for babies, so it’s only natural you might want to dress your little boy up as a sweet newborn chick. This costume is perfect and gets bonus points for including webbed booties. The egg and chick are one and built together in a jumpsuit design made of soft velour material. Atop the hood is a chick face, with the back made of white velour to appear as if your tiny chicken just hatched. Booties in matching yellow go on the feet for a Halloween costume that will make your neighbors crack up.



The quintessential baby Halloween look, you can’t go wrong dressing your infant as a pumpkin. Just think of the photos! Plus, this costume comes with a little hat to keep your gourd warm. Polyester fleece with felt trim creates the pumpkin shape that makes up the plump tunic. The one piece suit has Velcro to secure it in the back. And just like any good jack-o-lantern, there’s a lid to match. In this case it’s a beret made out of matching orange fabric that fits on baby’s head with an elastic band. Atop the hat is a little green leaf that’s too cute.

Save yourself hours of endless internet searches by using this list of great baby boy Halloween costume ideas for your little boo.