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These Are The Cutest Baby Halloween Costumes On Amazon

The only problem will be choosing just one costume for baby to wear.

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The scent of pumpkin spice is in the air, and home improvement stores are starting to sell mums. That can only mean one thing: Halloween is (eek) a few weeks away. And if you don’t already have an outfit picked out for your baby, you’re going to need some inspiration. These Amazon Halloween costumes for Baby are all cute, cuddly, and will give you all the fall feels.

Listen, you already get a lot of your shopping done via Amazon, so why not collect a costume or two to put into your shopping cart? After all, there are so many options to choose from. Will your kiddo be a black bat, a seasonal pumpkin, or will they be something slightly spookier, like Jack Skellington? Of course, you can’t ever go wrong with dressing up your darling as an animal of some sort, and on Amazon, there’s truly a menagerie of wildlife to choose from. Baby can be anything from a peacock to an owl, a lion to something more fanciful, like a unicorn.

Once you start looking at all of the Amazon Halloween costumes for baby, you’re going to be clicking and adding to your cart pretty quickly. The only problem will be picking just one, because really, there’s nothing cuter than seeing your tot dressed up as a turkey.

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Owl Baby Halloween Costume

Oh, what a hoot! This infant/toddler Halloween owl baby costume is colorful and will have everyone cooing. The jumpsuit has a lined zipper and an attached tail. But what you’ll appreciate most are the leg snaps, which can make blowouts a breeze. The slip-on booties will keep your baby’s tootsies nice and toasty. But will wearing the costume make Baby brilliant? Owls are considered super smart, due to their night vision and other heightened senses. It doesn’t hurt that in Greek mythology, the goddess Athena symbolized wisdom and always had an owl nearby her.

Subway Sandwich Baby Halloween Costume

Maybe you were inspired by all those Subway Meatball Marinara sandwiches you ate during your pregnancy. So what better way to honor your cravings (and make your baby look cute, too) than with this yummy Subway Sandwich baby Halloween costume? Simply dress your baby as you normally would depending on the weather, and then wrap them in this wrap blanket. But if you want something extra delish, put the hat on your baby that is full of good-for-you veggies like tomatoes, lettuce, and onions. It’s a great costume for babies who want to be swaddled, which can last up until they’re 4 months-old (or they start to roll over), according to Healthy Children.

Jack Skellington Nightmare Before Christmas Baby Halloween Costume

Move over, boring pumpkins. The Nightmare Before Christmas’ Jack Skellington baby costume will give everyone the creeps — but in a good way. Baby will look completely dapper in Jack’s pinstripe suit, which has a zip-up front for easy on, easy off access. The fabric might look scary but it’s super soft, and your baby won’t even need a hat on Halloween, thanks to the hat which looks just like Jack’s, um, face? Your child will definitely look like the Pumpkin King himself has come to Halloween Town.

Police Officer Baby Halloween Costume

Since the day they were born, it feels like they’ve been laying down the law. That’s what makes this baby cop costume a perfect fit. The costume, which comes in 0-6 month size, is a navy blue jumpsuit with a policeman’s hat. It even has an attached belt, tie, badge, and a holster for holding something significant to your little sweetie... like their bottle. It’s made from 100% cotton, which means your kiddo will be comfy as they patrol the neighborhood to ensure that every ghoul is behaving as they’re trick-or-treating.

Baby Yoda Baby Halloween Costume

Baby Yoda was pretty cute in Star Wars: The Mandalorian. But you know what’s even cuter? Your baby dressed as Baby Yoda. That’s right, you can dress your child up as The Child in this officially licensed Baby Yoda Star Wars costume. The long-sleeved robe has attached hand covers that are, natch, green. It has a headpiece with attached ears and a chin strap closure so that your Baby Yoda keeps his head squarely on his shoulders. And if your fam are Star Wars fanatics, you can dress up as Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, or Darth Vader to make it a family affair.

Bat Baby Halloween Costume

This baby bat Halloween costume will make your little one the battiest baby on the block. The long sleeve onesie has pants that have snaps to make changing your baby equally a snap. And while a black onesie might not seem like all that much, it’s when Baby extends their arms to reveal their wings that the costume comes to life. Add to that a hood with pointed bat ears, and your kiddo will look cute, and not creepy. But what kind of bat will your baby be? After all, there are (eek) over 1,400 different species of bats throughout the world, populating every continent except Antarctica, the U.S. Department of the Interior reported.

Unicorn Baby Halloween Costume

Your baby is always happy, eats well, and (woot) sleeps through the night. That’s why it makes sense to dress them up in a unicorn baby costume since they’re both kinda like mythical creatures. The onesie has a pink belly and hood that features ears and a gold horn. You should size up if purchasing the romper, since it runs smaller and to ensure that there’s enough wiggle room underneath to fit your kiddo’s clothing. Of course, unicorns don’t exist, but a close cousin, the African rhino, is facing extinction due to overpoaching, the WWF reports.

Pumpkin Baby Halloween Costume

Truth be told, you’d stick your baby into a real pumpkin if you could. (And you just might have, for some really cute first Halloween portraits). But trick or treating with an actual gourd can be ghastly (and quite uncomfortable for Baby), so it’s best to opt for this pumpkin Halloween baby costume instead. The fleece romper allows your baby to be absolutely festive without sacrificing comfort. An attached hood with a fun leaf detail will make your kiddo look like they’re freshly picked out of the pumpkin patch. Plus, if you’re planning to visit one, you can get double duty out of the costume by having your own lil’ punkin pose among the pumpkins.

Bee Baby Halloween Costume

Could your baby bee any cuter in this baby bee Halloween costume? Your little one will be the buzz of the trick-or-treating set, and will surely get some full-size candy bars — even if they don’t have the teeth to eat them yet. Simply slip your baby into the yellow and black-striped tunic, which also has an attached hood with antennas. The bee’s yellow mesh wings attach to the back. But technically, the costume isn’t anatomically correct, since bees have four wings, and not two. That might explain why bees can beat their wings an astonishing 200 times per second, Animal Dynamics reported.

Lion Baby Halloween Costume

Maybe it’s the mane, or the precious paw print feet. Let your baby take a walk (or a crawl) on the wild side with this lion baby Halloween costume. It’s one of those costumes that just makes you want to zip your baby up and cuddle them, since it’s made from soft baby velvet fabric. It also works if Baby is fussy and refuses to wear a jacket over the costume — or you just don’t want to cover them up.

Disney Woody Toy Story Baby Halloween Costume

Sure, you love your baby, but they feel like your buddy, too. That’s what makes this baby Woody costume so cute. Everyone’s favorite deputy will look totally dashing in this onesie costume, which has a frontal zipper to transform your kiddo into the protagonist of Toy Story. The costume can come in handy post-Halloween, too, since it’s comfy enough for your baby to sleep or play in. But instead of dressing just Baby up as Sheriff Woody, you can always dress up as Buzz Lightyear, Jessie, or any other toy, too.

Princess Baby Halloween Costume

Hi, ho! It’s off to trick-or-treating you go when Baby dons this adorable Snow White baby Halloween costume. The onesie has long sleeves (woot), and lots of ribbon embellishments that just scream Snow White. The yellow ruffles on the dress portion, plus the tiara on top, will make your princess feel like a Queen in the making. Of course, if older siblings are up for it, you can dress them as some of Snow White’s seven dwarfs. And if you’re tired of traipsing up to people’s bells, you can always say that you’re Grumpy — or more likely, Sleepy.

Little Lamb Baby Halloween Costume

This sweet little lamb baby Halloween costume can bring the famous children’s nursery rhyme to life. The costume comes with white faux fur sleeves, a tutu skirt and gingham bodice, and matching hood. Pink tights and booties are also included, so you won’t have to look for ones that don’t already have holes in them. You can continue the fun by using the costume as part of playtime. As for the author of “Mary Had A Little Lamb,” Sarah Josepha Hale, was a popular 19th century writer and editor. In fact, she was a women’s magazine editor for almost 50 years and was a staunch supporter of women’s rights. Suddenly, the song takes on a whole new meaning.

Beauty and the Beast Baby Halloween Costume

If you love a good love story, then you’ll fall head over heels for this Beauty and the Beast baby costume. The Disney costume has long sleeves and pants, and horns and ears that are made from faux fur. (There’s even a beast tail on back!) Dress up as Belle, and tote your mini Beast around as the perfect plus one for any Halloween-oriented party. The design almost looks cartoon-like, and not like the live-action film from 2017 starring Emma Watson and Dan Stevens, which kind of gives it an even cuter quality.

Monkey Baby Halloween Costume

Your baby is a cheeky little monkey for sure. That’s why you’ll go ape for this baby monkey Halloween costume. The plush monkey jumpsuit has attached booties and plush hood with the cutest of ears. If your baby gets bored during the festivities, they can always bat around the banana wrist rattle. Just make sure that your little one doesn’t try to take a bite out of it, though. Because monkeys and bananas are not a marriage made in heaven. In fact, monkeys do not eat bananas in the wild, mostly because they are not available to them, according to Business Insider. Instead they eat leaves, nuts, flowers, and insects, which might be tastier to them.

Baby Elvis Halloween Costume

Long live The King! You can’t help falling in love with this adorable baby Elvis costume. It’s a duplicate of Elvis’ Aloha from Hawaii via Satellite concert back in 1973. It has a whole bunch of glittery goodness, from the liberty birds on the costume to the American Eagle belt. And that collar is just begging to be popped up, just like Elvis wore it. Even the booties (with their “Elvis Lives” emblazoned on the bottom), are super cute. And if all this Elvis nostalgia has you wondering where the real Aloha Jumpsuit is, well, you’ll need to take a trip to Graceland, where it’s proudly on display.

Baby Pillsbury Doughboy Costume

You tickle that tummy every chance you get. So why not dress up your little dude like the Pillsbury Doughboy? The costume, which is basically a white velour jumpsuit, has a knotted collar and attached paw flaps and booties. And while it might not look like much alone, it’s when you put on that iconic puffy Pillsbury hat that the costume becomes a total chef’s kiss. But let it be said that if you plan to take some pics of your mini Iron Chef, you should do so earlier on in the day, because, you know, spit (and other things) happens.

Caterpillar Sleep Sack Costume

You read The Very Hungry Caterpillar to your belly over and over again during your pregnancy. Now that Baby is officially here, you can dress them up in this sleep sack inspired by the Eric Carle board book. For infants, a sleep sack is a cinch to put on, without having to wrestle little limbs into a clumsy costume. Your baby will feel all nice and cozy without you asking yourself your partner a thousand times, “Do you think the baby is warm enough?” And on top of that, they’ll look cute. You can even use it as a sleep sack post-Halloween as you watch your own little caterpillar snooze and transform, too.

Princess Leia Halloween Costume

There shall be no gutsier baby in the galaxy than yours when your child wears this Princess Leia costume. It comes with the classic Princess Leia white robe, but even better than that, you won’t have to worry about styling your little sweetie’s locks, because the cinnamon bun-shaped wig is also included. Not only will the wig garner oohs and aahs from fellow trick-or-treaters, but it has the added benefit of acting like a hat of sorts for your sweetie’s head. You’ll need to find white tights and shoes, but if it’s a warmer Halloween night, your princess will be fine barefoot. Let’s just hope that the empire doesn’t strike back by, um, your baby having a big diaper blowout during trick-or-treating.

If you’re Googling “Amazon Halloween costumes for baby,” you’re bound to find a lot of options for your child. What your child will end up as — a mythical creature to a delectable sandwich — is up to you.