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13 Yummy Back-To-School Cookies You Can Bake Or Buy

Make their first day extra sweet.

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Back-to-school season can bring up a mix of emotions. On the one hand, kids (and their parents) are excited for a new teacher, new friends, and a new grade. On the other hand, it can be hard to say goodbye to no homework and lazy summer days. Whether your kid is apprehensive or psyched for the new school year, these back-to-school cookies will brighten their day.

On this list, you’ll find both cookies you can order online, and cookies you can make at home— one fun tutorial doesn’t even require you to bake anything; rather, you’ll get creative with icing and store-bought cookies.

From classic chocolate chip or peanut butter cookies, to a tin full of treats from an iconic bakery, or even a cookie cake, there’s something (maybe everything) here that they’ll love. You could tuck a cookie in with your kids’ lunch, have them gift one to their teacher to score some literal brownie points, or have an after school cookie party to celebrate the (much-needed) return of the school routine.

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An apple-shaped sugar cookie from The Sweetest Booth

An apple-shaped sugar cookie on the first day keeps the scaries away. This cute cookie is great as an after school treat for kids or a gift for teacher, and it’s also available in red. The price shown is for one cookie, and cookies will begin shipping on Aug. 5.


Back-to-school pencil cookies by Three Snackateers

Rectangle wafer cookies get a back-to-school upgrade with the help of a little colorful icing. This cute idea for pencil wafer cookies from Three Snackateers is super simple to replicate, requires no baking, and the final product makes a major impact.


Classic chocolate chip cookies from Studio DIY

Whether you serve these up after school, or sneak them in your child’s lunch box, this “best ever” chocolate chip cookie recipe from Studio DIY is sure to bring a smile to your kid’s face. Kelly, from Studio DIY has a great tip for making kid-sized cookies (because you know your child won’t let you break their cookie in half).


A cookie bouquet from Cookie Bouquets

Why get a couple cookies when you can get a whole bouquet? This sweet back to school cookie bouquet features a tasty (and punny) school of fish. The price shown is for 12 fish, but you can get different sizes, including the least expensive option of five cookies for $43.95.


Peanut butter cookies by Bakerella

Peanut butter lovers will flip for these decadent cookies made with chocolate chips, peanut butter. and peanut butter M&Ms from Bakerella. They are gooey and sweet with plenty of texture; just make you kid is allowed to bring peanut products to school before you pack these.


Personalized school bus cookies an Etsy seller

Send them back-to-school with a bus-shaped sugar cookie. The price shown is for 12 cookies, so they’ll have a fun surprise in their lunches for the first two weeks of school.


Personalized teacher-appreciation cookies from an Etsy seller

Start the year off with some series brownie points. These teacher appreciation cookies can be personalized with a teacher’s name. Each set comes with three cookies (a chalkboard, pencil, and apple) packaged with cellophane in a white box. Most importantly, reviewers noted that these are tasty.


Dark chocolate chip pumpkin cookies by Adventures In Cooking

If you believe the first day of school ushers in the fall season, then you can’t go wrong with these pumpkin chocolate chip cookies from Adventures In Cooking. The cream cheese glaze takes it to the next level. They’re perfect for serving not only on the first day of school, but all season long.


Pencil-shaped back-to-school cookies on Etsy

These sweet pencil cookies will have your little student feeling sharp. The price shown is for one dozen cookies and you get to pick the flavor: vanilla almond, vanilla, or lemon vanilla. Each cookie comes individually packed, just remember to leave seven to 10 days for processing and two to four additional days for shipping.


Fluffy raspberry lemon cookies by Hummingbird High

These raspberry lemon lofthouse cookies from Hummingbird High capture the last days of summer in one bite. They’re light, cakey texture is beautifully offset by the rich buttercream icing that’s naturally tinted with raspberry syrup.


Chocolate brownie cookies by A Classic Twist

Can’t decide between making brownies or cookies for the first day of school? You’ll get both flavors in these chocolate brownie cookies by A Classic Twist. They’re fudgey and gooey plus a bit of flaky sea salt adds a burst of savory flavor.


Crayon-shaped sugar cookies you can order on Etsy

These adorable crayon sugar cookies are a fun treat, and they make a cute gift for your kid’s favorite teacher too. They’re almost too cute to eat, but the box is edible too. Just remember to allow two weeks for prep and delivery; sealed cookies should last up to four weeks.


Edible cookie dough recipe by A Cookie Named Desire

It’s hard to top cookie dough, even if you know it’s not the best. This back to school dessert feels super special and decadent, and best of all, the dough is safe to eat. This edible cookie dough recipe from A Cookie Named Desire is made without raw eggs or flour (flour needs to be heat-treated to be okay to eat raw) so it’s totally safe to eat raw... but your kid will still feel like they’re getting away with something as a special treat.

Start the school year on a sweet note with these back-to-school cookies that you can order online or make at home.

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