The BBC Dad Video Went Viral 6 Years Ago & Those Adorable Kids Are So Big Now

Robert E. Kelly gave us the most realistic peek at work-from-home life all the way back in 2017.

It has been six years since a little girl named Marion walked in on her dad Robert E. Kelly during an important discussion with the BBC. In 2017, Marion went viral for strutting into the room behind her dad with her baby brother following in hot pursuit in a walker. Six years since we watched her mom slide like into the room to retrieve her kids like a baseball player stealing home plate. It does not feel like six years to anyone, but somehow it has actually been that long. For evidence, see the latest update Kelly shared about his family.

What was it about this video that has stayed with us so clearly in the six years since it happened? Certainly it was a brief moment in time for Robert E. Kelly, a professor of political science at South Korea’s Pusan National University, who was being interviewed in 2017 about the political climate in the country at the time when his children Marion and James decided to wander on in. All this time later, that viral video of Kelly and his family is still on our minds. And they know it.

“Some BBC Dad content since the 6th anniversary of the original video was last Friday,” Kelly tweeted Tuesday. “Marion had a singing performance this past weekend, so we got some nice family pictures. Thanks again to all of you who follow me bc of the video. My family and I flattered by your kindness.”

The series of photos show a now-10-year-old Marion beaming proudly with her parents and her little brother James, now nearly 7 years old, giving her a big hug. Considering these kids were just 4 years old and 9 months old when they first got famous, it’s a lot to take in seeing them this big. And people on Twitter were having some feelings not just about the passage of time, but how this video came to represent something to parents. Especially when they began to work from home during the pandemic.

The original video remains a watershed moment for so many people who found it equal parts funny, charming, and relatable. Little did we know just how relatable it would become during our Zoom years.

In the years since the viral video hit the internet, Kelly has made an effort to share the odd photo or update on his family. Christmas celebrations, Halloween costumes, that sort of thing. But really, this family gave us the best gift of all six years ago. A video showing what work-from-home life really looks like. Unexpected, frustrating, but above all, joyful.