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20 Disney Halloween Costumes For Every Age

Because there’s a broad range of fairytales here.

When it comes to selecting the perfect Halloween costume, there’s one theme that you really can’t go wrong with, and that’s Disney. Whether you’re looking for a costume for a baby, a kid, or an adult, there are Disney Halloween costume options for everyone. You can choose a Disney costume based on one of the classic and beloved fairytale characters (think Disney princesses or adorable animal sidekicks) or you can opt for a more modern character (like someone from The Mandalorian or a superhero movie like Black Panther). There is a seemingly endless amount of options and you really can’t say that any of them are bad.

Plus, the fun thing about Disney costumes is that they’re almost always instantly recognizable. You won’t have to waste time trying to explain who you’re dressed up as or waiting for people to get the reference. They’ll already know! Sure, some of them are a little cliche and overdone, but as long as you like the costume, that’s really all that matters.

So whether you want to find a cute Disney costume for your baby’s first Halloween, a toddler who can’t stop watching Frozen (*raises hand*), or for yourself to get into the spirit of the holiday, I’ve got you covered. Check out some of the best Disney costumes you can buy now.

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A Baby Mickey Mouse

One of the first Disney characters many little kids fall in love with is Mickey Mouse, which makes this costume perfect for a baby. It comes with the red and black costume, gloves, and the shoes, and has cute details like the Mickey Mouse ears on the attached hood. This one is great quality and is hand-me-down material, and it’s comfortable, too: the gloves secure shut with velcro and the booties are lined and have grippy fabric on the bottom to prevent slipping if they’re walking. You really can’t go wrong with this classic choice, and it’s perfect for boys and girls.


A Tiny Winnie-The-Pooh

Another baby favorite when it comes to Disney characters is Winnie-the-Pooh, the cuddly bear who just can’t get enough honey. Have your little one dress as Pooh in this cozy and soft jumpsuit, which has an attached hood and cute dimensional details, like Pooh’s face. It’s made of mohair faux fur and is lined for baby’s sensitive skin, and metal snaps on the diaper area make changing a breeze. This is another one that is really great quality and is meant to be passed down to siblings and other family members, which is always a nice plus.


The Cutest Cinderella

It’s official: this has to be the cutest Cinderella costume out there. The mini version of Cinderella’s iconic blue gown is just too adorable for words, and it’s perfect for a baby who is moving all around. The costume comes with the 100% cotton bodysuit that features silver lace and puffed sleeves, and a ruffled skirt and glittering mesh overlay complete the magical look. It also comes with a stretch headband with a bow, which is an absolute must-wear. I love how this one feels authentic and perfect for a little one all at the same time.


Mini Toy Story Hero

Have you ever seen a cuter Buzz Lightyear? This character from Toy Story might not be on baby’s radar yet (or maybe they’re already into the movie!), but that doesn’t really matter. They’ll just look so adorable! It comes with the full Buzz Lightyear bodysuit, wings, gloves, and hat, and self-stick fabric in the back makes it easy to take it on and off when needed. The fabric wings also attach and can come off as well if baby will be spending a lot of time laying down. Padded knees are perfect for a crawling babe. The details are so on point!


A Very Little Mermaid

Dressing your little one as the best mermaid in all of the fairy tales — Ariel from The Little Mermaid, of course! — is always a good idea. This green and purple dress looks exactly like Ariel’s signature outfit in the movie, and it’s much more comfortable for baby to wear than anything with two pieces. The tulle skirt at the bottom of the hem makes it really look like a fin, and we love the little image of Ariel on there as well. This one is nice because there are no add-ons or accessories to worry about losing — it’s just a dress.


A Tiny Queen

At this point it might feel like you’ve seen about 1,000 different Queen Elsa costumes out there — and, honestly, you probably have. Frozen is a popular movie! But this costume is a little bit different. Instead of being based on Elsa’s iconic blue dress from the first Frozen movie, it’s based on her white and blue outfit from Frozen 2. With the dress and the trousers, it’s more comfortable and definitely more warm. I love the split organza cape and the sparkly details that make this one feel a little extra special. It’s a cute way to honor your child’s favorite movie.


A Baby Alice

A tiny Alice in Wonderland costume? Yes please! This blue and white dress looks exactly like the one Alice wore in the movies and is a pretty great price point as well. It comes with the dress, the apron, and the black headband, so all you really need to add is a pair of white tights and black patent shoes (both of which can be used for so many things aside from a Halloween costume, which is always a big plus). The bunny on the white apron is a cute touch. This is such a sweet costume idea, even if your little one hasn’t exactly gotten into the movie just yet.


A Mini Teacup

When it comes to Beauty and the Beast being used as Halloween costume inspiration, the options seem almost limitless. There are so many characters to choose from! Most kids end up going for the Beast himself, Belle (either in her blue and white dress or in her yellow gown), or Gaston. That makes sense, but the supporting characters definitely make for a more unique choice. Take, for example, Chip. This is such an adorable idea for a little boy’s costume, and it’s so easy to wear: just put it over jeans and a t-shirt. This would also make a cute family costume if you wanted to dress as Mrs. Potts.


A Glam Cruella

If you’re up for DIYing most of your child’s costume, then you absolutely need to get this Cruella de Vil inspired vest from Etsy for your little one. The faux fur vest looks like the evil character’s iconic fur coat, except it’s a little less overwhelming and huge. There are a few different ways to wear it: pair it over a black dress with long red gloves, red shoes, and a matching hat or fascinator; belt it over a black skirt with black shoes and a white top; or add red shoes and a black dress or skirt. You can get creative and have fun with it, and it’s glamorous and adorable.


A Not So Scary Lion

The Lion King is a classic that so many little kids love. But finding a good lion costume that isn’t too overwhelming or expensive? That can be kind of tough. I love this fleece Simba option from Amazon, which is comfortable, easy to wear, and one that even a toddler won’t complain about. It’s fleece, so it’s nice and soft and warm, and it zips up so that it’s easy to put on or take off. The details, like the ears on the hood and the fuzzy tail in the back, make it obviously look like a lion. Pair this with brown shoes or boots and you’ve got a simple, comfy costume.


The Cutest Snow White

I am mildly obsessed with this kid’s Snow White costume. It’s just so nice looking! It’s made of cotton for a comfortable feel and is a floor-length gown that just looks so authentic to what Snow White wore in the film. Reviewers rave about how great the quality is, with one reviewer writing, “ I know many people have said it is of exceptional quality, but even as I was reading their reviews I was skeptical. It is absolutely amazing. This is the definition of well made. Would never buy another Disney costume again.” Just add a little crown and some shoes and you’ve got an extremely impressive costume.


A Small Warrior

Raya and the Last Dragon is a newer Disney film that was just released in 2021, but it’s totally possible that it is already your child’s favorite Disney movie. If that’s the case, then why not buy this very detailed Raya costume? It’s perfect for the kid who wants to be a brave warrior instead of a princess in a dress. The costume set comes with a printed jumpsuit that includes a ring buckle detail, a printed cape, hat, and wrist cuff. You really just need to add shoes and it’s complete. This is sure to be a popular option this year.


An Island Princess

You can find some of the most creative and well-made costumes over on Etsy (if that hasn’t been obvious already), and this Moana costume is no exception. This durable costume is comfortable, easy to put on, and doesn’t feel like your typical Disney princess costume. The material is fade-resistant and is meant to last through multiple washings, so it’s really meant to be a hand-me-down, which is always a nice way to get the most out of your money. Add some shoes (it might be too cold to do the authentic barefoot thing), and you’ve got a cute and unique costume.


A Mean Pirate

Is your little one’s favorite Disney movie currently Peter Pan? If so, opt out of the typical green Peter Pan costume (there’s nothing wrong with it, obviously, it’s just super popular), and try to see if they’re interested in dressing as Captain Hook. This costume is so adorable and comes with the classic red jacket that Captain Hook wears, an attached belt, the white dickey, and the right pair of pants. It doesn’t come with the iconic hat, hook, and sword, so those will need to be purchased separately. This is a fun Disney spin on the classic pirate costume.


A Mandalorian Character

OK, so let’s step away from the classic old Disney princess films for a second and move on to something more modern Disney: The Mandalorian. The series, which is based on the Star Wars universe, is a favorite among older kids and would make for so many different great Halloween costumes. This one isn’t really based on anyone in particular and is just a beskar armor costume that will make your kid feel like they really are a part of the series. The costume comes with the long-sleeved padded jumpsuit, shoe covers, a cape, the belt with bandolier, and the helmet half-mask.


A Cowgirl

Forget the kids for a minute: Disney costumes can be really fun for parents, teens, and adults as well! This Jessie from Toy Story costume is a perfect example. It comes with the jumpsuit and hat you need to transform into the lovable cowgirl character. This one makes for a great family costume as well, especially for a big group, because there are so many different Toy Story characters that could make good costumes. Pair it with family members dressed as Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and maybe Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head. Really, there are so many to pick from.


A Black Panther Warrior

Another great costume for those who want to do a Disney character without doing your typical Disney princess/prince type of deal is Shuri from Black Panther. This superhero character makes for an excellent, unique, and inspiring costume for anyone. The costume basically comes with everything you need: the top, pants with shoe covers, two armbands, and molded knuckle busters. Put your hair up in a tight bun and go out on Halloween to kick some butt. Your kids will be super impressed, and so will all of the other Black Panther fans out there.


The Mad Hatter

Another great choice from Alice in Wonderland is to dress up as the Mad Hatter. It’s a classic that still also manages to feel unique and different. This particular costume is inspired by Tim Burton’s Alice Through the Looking Glass, which is the Alice in Wonderland sequel, so it’s a little bit different than you might expect. It comes with a brown jacket, attached vest, and an oversized tie, and you can (and should) add on the wig and the top hat with the faux feather to be more authentic. Add any pair of brown pants and shoes, and definitely put on some makeup (it’s essential!) to really nail this character.


A Spooky Sack

Want to be something spooky and creepy but not so spooky and creepy that you terrify the kids? This Oogie Boogie costume from The Nightmare Before Christmas should do the trick. Yes, it’s essentially just a giant brown sack, but that spooky moth and the big slit eyes definitely make it look perfect for Halloween night. On top of that, it’s also a real disguise: literally no one will be able to tell who you are under there. That said, it might be pretty warm in this one, since it covers your entire head, so only wear it if it’s going to be chilly outside.


An Elaborate Princess

This handmade Cinderella costume is definitely not cheap (it’s at least $140), but it is gorgeous and so authentic. If you’re going somewhere and you really want to impress all of the guests, then this is the dress to do it in. It comes in a beautiful blue color, it has the sweetest butterfly details along the top of the bodice, and it features a hoop skirt so that it’s really full. You’ll feel incredibly glamorous in this one, and all you really need to do is add some glass slippers (or, OK, at least clear or silver ones) to make this feel almost completely real.

Whichever Disney costume you choose is going to be fun and adorable, so in this case, follow your heart! And happy trick or treating!