These Super Cute Halloween Costumes Are All Under $20

Scary good deals.

Halloween costumes shopping can be stressful. There’s the indecisiveness, the hours of scouring the internet, and then the big gulp moment when you click view cart. Ugh, $100 for a Halloween costume! It’s rough. But not with Halloween costumes under $20. It’s true, they exist and they’re actually cute enough that you’ll want to dress your toddler and kids in them.

As we inch closer to the big day, costume retailers are beginning to slash prices, and that means there are deals to be had if you’re willing to expand your search just a little bit. Another great way to pinch some pennies on Halloween regalia? Add some DIY elements. You don’t have to buy new black tights to go with your tots pumpkin getup. Just break out their old leggings and call it a day. Another hack when you’re looking for Halloween costumes under $20? Forget the Halloween face paint sets. Raid your own makeup bag and odds are you can swap black paint for an eyeliner pencil or bright red paint for an old tube of lipstick. Believe it or not, no one will know the difference.

So get shopping and follow this bargain list for great deals on a dozen-plus Halloween costumes under $20. There are scary good deals to be had.

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Baby Lobster Costume

Lobsters are fascinating creatures. Incredibly, they can live up to 100 years. Lobster blood isn’t red, it’s clear! And, and, lobster brains are no bigger than the tip of a ballpoint pen. But even if your baby could care less about all of the above, it’s worth dressing them up as a lobster because it’s one of the cutest Halloween costumes under $20. This little lobster costume is red and designed as a bubble onesie. It zips up the front and includes a little hood. Atop the hood that fits snuggle around baby’s face are the lobsters antennae. Matching white tights come with the costume to keep baby’s legs warm on Halloween night.


Baby Tinkerbell

Is your baby a little fairy of a thing? Then dress them up as Tinkerbell. This darling baby costume is a shiny stretchy dress with green tulle skirt and detachable blue wings. PInk and green screen printing adorns the top with pink flowers at the waist. And to make it even cuter, the shoulder straps have additional tulle to add to the fairy effect. An ideal Halloween costume, this makes an even better bargain considering you could break this costume out again for her birthday or even Christmas — think: Sugar Plum fairy. It’s really multiple costumes in one. A wish come true, if you will.


Orange Pumpkin

The pumpkin costume is a classic, but finding one for less than $40 is no easy task. Halloween costumes under $20 are needles in a haystack, but believe it or not a pumpkin version exists. H&M delivers. This is a super simple take on the classic and is made up of soft jersey. The little jack-o-lantern fits around the baby’s body and secures with a hook and loop at the back. H&M also sells a pumpkin hat you can buy separately, but that will push your $20 budget by an additional $6. Which, let’s be honest, is still a pretty great deal.


Baby Bat

Halloween is prime bat season. The blood-sucking nocturnal animals are often associated with vampires, making them an excellent Halloween costume. In this case, your batty baby can become this flying mammal with this cute and inexpensive costume. Made up of a simple black bodysuit that’s been decorated with the words “My first Halloween” and a pumpkin. But that’s not all. The sweet little costume also includes wings connected to the sleeves and body of the suit. And to pull the whole look together, there’s a little cap topped with bat ears that fits like a bonnet on the baby’s head with a little tie that secures under the chin.


Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty is one of Disney’s most beloved characters. And if your snoozing infant reminds you of her, dress them up as the character for Halloween in this costume that costs less than $20. For a fraction of the cost of a glass slipper, you can make your baby look like royalty with this little gown. To ensure comfort, the bodice is made of cotton and the skirt is tulle. Organza and ribbon are overlaid to accent the dress. Elastic makes this fancy outfit easy to put on so even the littlest monarchy members can move around with ease on Halloween night.


Cookie Monster

“Cookie, cookie, cookie starts with C.” Or at least that’s what Cookie Monster tells children from the time they can sit and watch TV. The blue sugar fiend has been winning the hearts of children since 1966. And he can win even more people over during trick-or-treating activities with a Halloween costume under $20. This is a jumpsuit and hood combo that’s 100% polyester. Made of bright blue faux fur, the hood is topped with Cookie’s huge white eyes. Really, all you need to make this costume look perfect, is to put some chocolate chip cookies into your tots hands. Crumbs encouraged.


Mickey Mouse

Love Mickey Mouse? Who doesn’t? Your kiddo can become your favorite Disney character with this wildly inexpensive costume. Styled to look like the body of the little mouse, fake shorts with pretend white buttons cover faux black fur. The hood, with Mickey’s signature face and ears, ​​is made of polyfoam that’s embroidered. And to make this costume even more attractive, the jumpsuit has hook and loop dots at center back, snaps at crotch and inseams so you can not only get your Mouseketeer in and out easily, you can handle a diaper change in no time. And the Halloween photos? You’ll always look back and say “that’s where the magic began.”


Slice of Pizza

The pizza costume is a favorite with tweens, but why exclude kids, especially if it's their favorite food ever. Let your pepperoni-loving child become their must-have pie in this easy-to-wear tunic designed to look like a slice of ‘za. Made of polyester and polyurethane foam, the costume features a hook and loop at the neck to hold the slice in place. Fabric also ties at each side to keep it from sliding like so many greasy slices off a plate. Using great graphic design, the Halloween costume under $20 not only looks great, it’s cheaper than some boutique pies.


Cat in the Hat

Want to DIY a Cat in the Hat costume for your child, but need a little help with the accessories. Problem solved. This Cat in the Hat kit comes with the character's obligatory striped red and white hat, matching white gloves, and an exaggerated red bow tie. Put it together with a black long sleeve shirt and black pants you have a Cat in the Hat costume ready to roll. You can amp up the look by painting your child’s face and even gluing on whiskers, but for a paired down approach, all you really need is what’s included in this set.



Big cats, like lions, tigers, and jaguars, are massively appealing to kids. But if you’re having trouble finding an affordable costume for one of these jungle creatures, don’t distress. This leopard costume for kids is only $19.99. That’s a steal considering it comes with a dress, tail, headband, and leg warmers. A velour and tulle masterpiece, your little kitten will be looking fierce in this get up. The long-sleeved dress fastens at back of neck with a hook and loop fastener and has an attractive swish thanks to the skirt trimmed in orange tulle. And if Broadway is your kid’s thing, this could easily double as a reinterpretation of costumes from the show Cats, just sayin’.



For undecided Halloween-goers, sometimes a classic costume is the best fall back plan. So you need a witch costume, but you don’t want to shell out a ton of cash to make it happen. Here ya go. This two-piece costume gets the job done and in good form for only $9.99! That includes a black dress, but not just a black dress, a black dress with an attached sash belt and tattered hem and sleeves. And, in addition, you get a pointed hat, something no witch should leave home without. Pair it all with a witchy wig or tattered tights and pointy shoes and you’ve got a wicked witch ready to brew up some trouble.


Statue of Liberty

For patriots looking to share their love of America, costume choices might include George Washington, a flag, or Betsy Ross ensemble. Those can cost you a pretty penny, however. Want a cheaper option? Check out this Statue of Liberty look that’s less than $15. The Lady Liberty costume has everything: a long-sleeved green gown with an attached drape, and a green foam headpiece. Polyester and polyurethane foam give this statue its shape. And since it’s such a deal, you wont’ think twice about shelling out an additional $7 to buy a light up torch for your beacon of freedom to carry all Halloween night long.



Preparing for some Halloween monkey business? If a boatload of candy inevitably will result your little monkey jumping on the bed, then they should probably do that while wearing a monkey costume. This one clocks in at $12.99! What you get for that price is a cuddly brown jumpsuit and a brown hood that attaches under the chin. This costume is especially hilarious because it comes with a long tail and monkey toes. That’s right, faux feet sit above your child’s feet to make them look extra, well, extra. Like a cozy sweat suit, your kid won’t want to take this off. Be prepared to send them to preschool in this… long after Halloween.



Whether you have fond memories of the 1990s TV show David the Gnome or just love the Gnome mascot of Travelocity fame, the garden statuary and fantastical beings are just fun to think about. In some cultures, gnomes are a big part of the folklore — looking at you, Norway. Indulge your gnome love by making your kid dress up as one. You can do it on a budget. Yes, Halloween costumes under $20 include a gnome look that features: a beard, belt, hat, pants with attached boot covers, and a top. Park your kiddo in the garden and snap a pic, they’ll be the spitting image of a garden gnome, promise.


Paw Patrol’s Chase

On the heels of the first Paw Patrol movie, kids are at peak Chase fandom. Give your little one the gift that keeps on giving, a Chase costume for Halloween, and one that’s less than $20 at that! Chase really will be on the case in this costume that comes with a brown long sleeve jumpsuit with an attached blue uniform, a blue hat (with attached ears, natch) and, AND a blue pup pack. Imagine your kid’s face when this package shows up in the mail. Twenty bucks says they’ll lose their mind with excitement. That’s twenty additional bucks you can tuck back into your wallet because this costume is such a great deal.

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