baby in devil halloween costume
You Won't Believe How Affordable These Halloween Costumes Are

Save your money for those post-Halloween candy sales.

Surprisingly, when you break it all down, there are quite a few expenses around Halloween. Between decorations, candy for trick-or-treaters, and possibly the cost of entertaining that night, it’s no wonder why so many parents prefer buying cheap Halloween costumes for their kids. After all, it’s only one night of fun.

The cost of Halloween costumes for kids can range from dirt cheap to as much as $100 or more. If you’re really lucky, you may be able to get your kid a free hand-me-down costume (which is always a win) or you might find a costume that’s a little more on the expensive side but is something that you know your kid will play with at home long after Halloween has passed. Unfortunately, kids’ love for dress-up and imaginative play typically wanes long before their love of trick-or-treating does, so cheap Halloween costumes usually make the most sense.

As nice as it is to save some money around Halloween, the drawback to cheap Halloween costumes is that they often lack in quality, and the last thing you want is for your kid’s outfit to literally unravel as they trick-or-treat through the neighborhood. While you’re unlikely to get Pottery Barn Kids quality costumes at a low price point, there are still a lot of great cheap Halloween costumes for kids that will definitely last them through the night (and probably beyond).

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A Comfy Skeleton Costume

It doesn’t get much more classic than a good skeleton costume, and this one happens to be cute, comfortable, and Covid-19-friendly (not to mention, super affordable). Your kiddo will get a black hooded jumper that features white bone print all over to look like a skeleton, as well as a face mask that goes over their mouth and nose and looks like the bottom half of a skull. What’s really great about this costume is that since it’s made of lightweight fabric, it’s easy to layer on top of heavy clothes for colder climates or a tee-shirt and shorts for warmer climates, so there are really no limits.


A Tiny Harry Potter

Teeny tiny wizards can dress up as their favorite Gryffindor resident with this absolutely adorable Harry Potter baby costume. It features a standard, comfortable baby onesie that’s screen printed to look like Harry’s school uniform, including his gold and red scarf. It also comes with a little velcroed detachable hooded cape that has the Hogwarts emblem on the back of it. In addition to it being obviously adorable, it’s also well-reviewed. Raquel wrote, “I definitely recommend this little outfit. I bought it for a trip to Universal Studios and baby received so many great compliments. The quality is great! There are four Velcro squares along the back neckline/ shoulder line of the onesie to prevent the cape from easily falling off. Definitely worth it!”


A Snuggly Panda Bear

Here’s another cozy, adorable, and inexpensive costume option for babies this Halloween. This animal jumpsuit is available as a panda, cow, fox, tiger, duck, leopard, mouse, or piggy (though the price of some styles may be slightly above the $20 mark), and each style is designed with a zipped front and warm hood to keep your baby looking cute and feeling warm all night long. A lot of shoppers mention the quality of this product in their reviews, too. Paige said, “It’s super soft and plush feeling, both outside AND inside. I really expected the inside to be like that weird hard material that all costumes have, but this seriously feels like a blanket. My son LOVES it.”


A Comfy Minion

It doesn’t matter how long ago Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2 came out, kids’ love for minions will probably never fade, as evidenced by this fun (and cheap) minion costume. It’s two pieces, a jumpsuit made to look like two pieces, a yellow shirt and blue overalls, as well as a hat that has the same adorable eyes and goggles the minions made famous. The costume is made from lightweight polyester, so it’s great for layering or wearing with something light underneath, depending on the weather. Finally, this fun costume is available in a range of sizes for kids between four and 12 years old.


A Little Devil

Maybe your baby is an absolute angel every single day, but Halloween is all about embracing something different, right? If you dress your baby up in this seriously cute devil costume this year you’ll be sure to get a lot of attention from neighbors during trick-or-treating (which means more candy for you). It’s three pieces including a separate hat with devil horns and an elastic strap to help it stay in place, little removable wings, and a super soft red jumpsuit. If you want to go the extra mile, dress yourself up as an angel to create a little family costume.


A Pretty Bat

Halloween is the only day when bats are acceptable, but if all of them looked this stylish then they’d be much more welcome throughout the year. This costume is available in a wide range of sizes to fit kids between three and 12 years old. The set comes with an adorable purple dress, removable wings, and a headband with bat ears. The dress has ruffles and little bat details and the wings feature sparkly details. This costume is perfect on its own, but you can add some black sparkly leggings to make it a little warmer, or some glittery shoes and fake fangs will create a fun vampire bat look.


A Toddler Shark (Do Do Do Do Do Do)

Chances are high your toddler absolutely loves Baby Shark, so why not lean into it with this adorable Baby Shark costume? It’s officially licensed, which means it is designed to look like the real thing (not a knockoff). The costume is designed like a romper with armholes, leg holes, and zipper closure. If you want to be a really cool parent, you can also let your toddler know about the sound box that comes with the costume and plays a snippet of the famous song. After all, there’s nothing as entertaining as a toddler on a sugar high with a sound box playing the song that never fails to get stuck in your head, right?


A Trusty Coffee Barista

While this isn’t officially a Starbucks barista costume, it’s safe to assume the uniform was the inspiration behind this set. It comes in standard kid size and includes an apron, a customizable name tag, a brown hat, and a little coffee cup. What’s especially great about this costume (aside from the awesome price) is that it can be worn with whatever clothes you’d like, so if it’s really hot or really cold out, you can be sure your kiddo will be comfortable while trick-or-treating. If you want to go the extra mile, have your kid whip up your favorite hot beverage while wearing the costume to help them get into character (just kidding... kind of).


A Fancy Little Mermaid

This isn’t your average Ariel costume, it’s fancier and will definitely help your child stand out from all of the other princesses on Halloween night. It’s a one-piece dress with a mermaid silhouette and a peplum waist that features a little broach with Ariel on it and glittery details all over the skirt and up the center of the bodice. Unfortunately, the costume doesn’t come with the iconic red hair wig, but it’s easy enough to find an inexpensive one or to just stick a flower in your kiddo’s hair and call it a day. Either way, they will look fabulous in this costume.


A Classic Ghost

If It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown taught us anything, it’s that there is no costume that’s as classic as the ghost made out of a sheet. With this costume, though, you can save yourself some time and a sheet since it comes already cut out and with a face printed on it. It’s available in three sizes, toddler, small, and medium, and it fits like a poncho with armholes on the sides rather than having to drape it over your kid’s head and hope it stays put. You can also rest assured that your child will be able to see and get some air circulation because the eyes are made from netting that is see-through and allows for air to blow in and out easily.


A Toddler Baby Yoda Costume

Baby Yoda is about as cute as it gets, but when an adorable toddler wears this Baby Yoda costume, then it’s basically cuteness overload. It comes with two pieces, a polyester robe that features little green hand covers sewn into the sleeves as well as a headpiece with little pointy ears that stand out and Yoda’s face printed on for added adorable effect. This costume is available in sizes 2T and 3T-4T and is well-reviewed with one shopper writing, “Daughter, husband, and I all LOVE it! It's adorable!” All you need to top it off are some brown boots and to teach your tot how to speak in Yoda (okay, that’s optional, but definitely encouraged).

With so many fantastic cheap Halloween costumes for kids, there’s no reason to spend $50 or more on something they’re just going to wear for one night of collecting candy. If your kid seems really upset by this, try reminding them that every dollar saved at Halloween could possibly be applied to their holiday gifts, that might do the trick.