Pottery Barn Kids Just Dropped Their New Halloween Costumes & They're The *Cutest*


It’s the most wonderful time of the year: Halloween costume release time. Over at Pottery Barn Kids, the latest batch of wild and whimsical kids costumes has been made available online and shoppers, you are in for a treat. This year’s Pottery Barn Kids costumes are extra darling.

Is your little trick-or-treater itching to go to Hogwarts? There’s a costume for that. Does your kid want to be an astronaut when they grow up? There’s a costume for that. Does the movie Cars get your child’s engine rumbling? There’s a costume for that too.

Pottery Barn Kids has capitalized on designing not just comfy and cute classic Halloween garb, like fairies and mummies, but also a host of pop culture hits children will go gaga for. Plus, don’t get us started on the baby gear. How about an infant in a fluffy flamingo costume? Or a toddler wearing a plump pumpkin ensemble? These are the stuff of awesome Halloween portrait legends.

So why wait? You could have the best Halloween looks on your front porch in days if you act now. Beat the creepy season rush by checking out these options.

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For Your Little Hermione

If your child longs to learn spells like Harry Potter, then this Gryffindor costume is just the thing.


A Tiny T-Rex

Turn your neighborhood into Jurassic Park on October 31 with this T-Rex costume. Frighteningly adorable, the neighbors will squeal with delight when they see your child approaching in this.


A Rocket Baby

If your child seems to run on rocket fuel, then put them in a costume to match. This little rocket suit matches their energy level.


A Squishy Squash Costume

There’s a reason pumpkin costumes pop up every Halloween year after year. They’re ridiculously cute and often squishy enough to make them comfortable for a baby or toddler. This one even glows in the dark.


A Scary Skeleton

Get this, not only is this a great skeleton costume, it glows in the dark! Now you’ll be able to see your boney buddy racing from house to house trick-or-treating at night.


A Witchy Woman Costume

Cue up the Eagles. You might just have a tiny witchy woman on your hands this Halloween if you indulge your child with this cute costume.


A Faithful Firefighter

Firefighters are real life heroes and fascinating to little kids. Let your child live their firefighter dreams in this full ensemble.


A Baby Butterfly

With a fluffy pink dress and sweet sparkly wings, you might want to dress your baby in this butterfly costume every day. No one would blame you.


A Ghoulish Ghost

Ok, that’s a joke. There’s nothing ghoulish about this ghost costume. That’s why it’s so appealing. Plus, it’s glow-in-the-dark!


A Darling Dragon

Sure, lots of dragon costumes have wings, but this one allows the child wearing it to move those wings! Imagine the fun come Halloween night.


A Jolly Giraffe

A giraffe wearing a tutu? Why of course. What else would a giraffe wear on Halloween?


A Baby Rocket Man

The rocket boosters alone make this costume worth buying, but it’s especially great because it’s made for a baby.


A Fabulous Flamingo

A flamingo costume concealed under what amounts to a highly accessorized hoodie, this costume will keep your baby warm on a cold Halloween night.


A Paw Patrol Look

Paw Patrol fans, Pottery Barn Kids has you covered. This sweet Marshall costume is two in one with a Marshall hat and firefighter vehicle on the bottom.


A Two-Fer Costume

Have twins or kiddos who are stuck like glue to each other? A Thing One and Thing Two costume set is ideal.


A Mini Lightening McQueen

On your mark, get set, go! And buy this costume now before they sell out.


A Light-Up Mummy

Toilet paper mummies are so last year. With this costume your child will look like the real thing, plus they’ll glow in the dark.


A Lovely Little Lion

For fans of The Wizard of Oz, or those who just love lions, this toddler lion costume is a perfect fit. Made as a onesie it’ll keep them cozy be it on the savannah or stocking candy prey at home.


A Baby Chick

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? If you order this baby costume, they both arrive at your door at once all in one piece.


A Mini Unicorn

What’s better than getting to dress as a unicorn for Halloween? Getting to wear the horned headband any time you want the rest of the year.

Ready to shop? Head to Pottery Barn Kids to find all of these fresh new Halloween looks.