husky on throw for Christmas
These Dog Advent Calendars Will Be A Total Treat For Your Pooch

Because your four-legged child deserves to be a part of the countdown to Christmas, too.

It’s the most wonderful time of year, and everyone is excited for the countdown to Christmas. And surely your pooch will want to participate in the festivities, too. If you have an advent calendar that you use with your children to mark off the days until Santa Claus comes, you might want to get a second one, too. Why? Well, these dog advent calendars are totally pawsome.

Now, you might be wondering what exactly a dog advent calendar even is? Does it mark off the dates, and how is your Vizsla supposed to even know that it’s only 10 days until Christmas? These advent calendars come with both treats and toys that you can give to your dog on a daily basis. (Just don’t skip ahead of feed them four days’ worth of treats — or it won’t be a silent night for any of you.) Be sure to read the back of the packaging to see if there are any potential problems with a toy, or if your pet might have a potential allergy to an ingredient in one of those tasty treats.

So woof your way through the days until Santa Paws comes to town.


A Dog Advent Calendar With Human-Grade Treats

Your dog will definitely bark for Wufers Dog Advent Calendar. Behind each day is a tasty treat that your dog will look forward to in the days leading up to Christmas. But they aren’t just any dry dog food. In fact, the cookies are made from locally sourced human-grade ingredients, which, in theory means you could probably snack on some with your pet, too. The cookies aren’t just one-size-fits-all. They come in various shapes and sizes, and either contain plain yogurt cups, or have frosting drizzled on top. The cookies are even wrapped in recyclable bags to ensure freshness.


A Dog Advent Calendar You Can Start At Thanksgiving

The next time you’re strolling the aisles at Walmart, you just might want to pick up this advent calendar for dogs, too. The calendar, which comes from Germany, contains only two ingredients per treat, and 95% is meat. You don’t even have to wait until December 1st rolls around to start the big countdown, since this advent calendar has 35 treats to tempt your pooch. That means you can even start the festivities right around Thanksgiving, so that your pooch won’t miss out on all the fun.


A Colorful Dog Advent Calendar

It’s 25 days of tasty treats with the Merry & Bright Biscuits Advent Calendar. Each day is filled with some sort of scrumptious snack that your pet will do backflips for (or at least sit up and beg). This advent calendar for dogs offers fancier fare, including truffle and plain biscuits. They come in holiday colors like red, green, and gold, and are also shaped like holiday ornaments, Christmas trees, stars, (ahem, bones), and a peppermint star (which is the truffle biscuit) on top. You can start using your calendar on December 1, so Fido is are pawsitively excited about Christmas, too.


A Dog Advent Calendar That Will Become A Keepsake

Sure, you can pick up a dog advent calendar from your local pet store. But what if you want to find one that can be used year after year? Well, this one from Etsy seller PocketsofLearning can become a keepsake heirloom. The dog advent calendar can be customized with your child’s, er, dog’s name. It comes with 25 pockets that you can use to store treats for your toy schnauzer. The handmade calendar measures 16” wide x 25” long, and some pockets have a paw print so that there’s no mistaking that this advent calendar is for your four-legged fur baby.


A Dog Advent Calendar That Features Toys, Not Treats

A lot of dog advent calendars are all about the yummy morsels, but if your dog’s diet and health are a concern, you might want to skip the snacks and try out this advent calendar for dogs that features toys. This Pet Smart set features rope toys, squeaker and crinkle toys, a light-up collar, and (for the canine parents), $80 in coupon savings. There are 12 toys in this advent calendar, so you can either start the countdown on December 12, or alternate by giving your pet a new plaything every other day.


A Dog Advent Calendar That Features Squeaky Toys

If your pooch is on the petite side, then they might love this Holiday Advent Calendar Dog Toy Gift Set. The set comes with an assortment of 12 toys that are merry and bright. Your miniature Schnauzer might enjoy the spiked ring, or the three knotted ropes for some serious tug time, while your Pekinese might prefer any one of the seven plush toys in the set, which either make a crinkling or squeaking sound. Even your Chihuahua will find their game with the 2” tennis ball, perfect for a game of mini-fetch. The packaging is kind of awesome, too, so you might find that you want to reuse it next year.


A Sophisticated Dog Advent Calendar

As far as you’re concerned, your Chow Chow deserves only the best. That’s why you might indulge in this dog advent calendar from Williams Sonoma. It’s pretty enough to display with the rest of your holiday finery — no need to relegate it to the basket where you keep your terrier’s toys. Your dog will definitely be putting up their paws in excitement at this calendar, since it has a whopping 50 treats so you can give them two per day. They apparently taste like chicken-bacon, which sounds kind of delish to us. Each one is individually wrapped and free of additives and fillers, and the treats are made in the U.S.A.


A Rawhide-Free Dog Advent Calendar

Rawhide can be tough on a dog’s tummy, which is why it’s not always the best treat. But this collection from DreamBone is completely rawhide-free; it’s actually made from real chicken, and is vitamin and mineral enriched. And because your dog has to chew (and chew) on the treat, it can help maintain healthy teeth. In this 24-count, you’ll find eight sweet potato mini bones, eight mini candy canes, and eight mini chicken wrapped sticks, all of which will make your pet think that Christmas has come early.


A Personalized Dog Advent Calendar

You can show your pooch how much they mean to you with this cute dog advent calendar from Etsy seller CreativityCustomized. The simple yet sophisticated dog advent calendar is shaped like a Christmas tree, and has a pocket for the 25 days leading up to Christmas. You can tuck a treat into each pocket, and the calendar is machine stitched, so it’s sturdy. You can personalize it with your pet’s name, which will appear right below the bow. Of course, you could always use this as an advent calendar for your human kid, but it might be more fit for Fido.


A Dog Advent Calendar That Comes With A Bully Stick

If you’re the kind of pet parent who gives gifts to your pooch for the holidays, you’re going to love this advent dog calendar from Sam’s Club. The calendar, which opens up in a bifold design, has 35 doors, each with a small treat for your furry BFF. They’re made from high-quality and regionally sourced meat, and don’t contain plant-based byproducts like corn, wheat, or soy, or any additional fillers that might make the treat less tempting. They’re air-dried, which helps to preserve their nutritional value and make them taste super fresh. There’s even a bully stick for your bulldog to chew on for hours.

There’s no reason why you can’t include your canine in your countdown to Christmas. In fact, we’re pretty sure they’ll be so doggone excited to celebrate the season with your family that their tails will be wagging.