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The 32 Best Father’s Day Gifts For All The Dads In Your Life

There’s a tie on this list, but it’s filled with beef jerky.

It’s hard to shop for the dad who has everything, or more accurately, buys himself whatever he wants before he can think to ask for a gift. If you’re stumped on what to buy the dads in your life this year, I’ve got you covered with this list of best gifts for Father’s Day, so you still have plenty of time to order something great).

Gift suggestions for dads can sometimes seem a little juvenile when they’re heavy on video games and fart jokes (not to knock either of those highly entertaining things). But whether your own father, husband, in-law, brother, or friend is young at heart or prefers the finer things, you’ll find something for him here. If you’re lucky enough to celebrate the day with dads you love, it’s fun to make it all about Father’s Day activities (maybe with his brand new corn hole set) but a gift, whether it’s a small token or a splurge, is sure to sweeten the day.

From luxe skincare he’ll appreciate but may not buy for himself, to the softest towels, a sore muscle soak, kitchen essentials, and yes, a book of punny dad jokes (my apologies in advance) you can’t go wrong with one of these thoughtful gifts for Father’s Day.

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A Whipped Moisturizer

Yes it’s a splurge for a moisturizer, but dad (and his super hydrated and happy skin) will thank you. The soufflé is whipped so it has a light, airy texture, plus it’s packed with anti-bacterial, anti-aging and antioxidant ingredients including shea butter, cloudberry seed oil, lavender and tea tree oils.


The Comfiest Pillow

The gift of a good night’s sleep is priceless. Give dad this hypoallergenic pillow with a moisture-wicking cooling cover so both sides of the pillow stay cool all night. It has an innovative grid texture that’s supportive without being too firm.


A Duo Of Delicious Salt

For the dad who loves to cook (or who puts salt on everything) there’s this luxe duo of sea salt available in either black lava and alaea (sometimes known as Hawaiian red salt) or black truffle and red wine. Each set comes beautifully packaged with a golden spice spoon, and this made Oprah’s list of favorite things (and if it’s good enough for Oprah it’s good enough for dad).


A Comfy Pair Of Shorts

Comfortable and stylish, these shorts are made from quick-drying 100% recycled nylon so impromptu sweating or swimming is encouraged. They’re available in several lively prints, but if dad is more into solids, there are plenty of great colors to choose from, and the Baggies are also available in a longer length.


A Set Of Kitchen Essentials

If dad’s kitchen accessories are looking a little worse for the wear, treat him to this seven-piece set of kitchenware. It includes two super sharp knives, two spoons, metal tongs, a slotted spatula, plus a beautiful wooden block for keeping it all organized. You get to choose the color of the wood storing block and the color of the handles.


A Soaking Salt For Sore Muscles

Whether he’s sore from hours at the gym or everyday activities like picking up grandchildren, or you know, getting out of bed, this muscle soak will bring relief. It’s made of a blend of salts plus soothing essential oils including peppermint, basil, and lemongrass oils.


A Pair Of Hiking Boots

If he’s hoping to explore new hiking trails this summer (or even just go for a long walk in the neighborhood) a comfortable and supportive pair of boots is key. Treat him to something he may not buy himself with these Vasque boots featuring a comfy Vibram® sole and waterproof Gore-Tex outer, plus tons of ‘80s vibes.


A Soft Tee

This midweight jersey shirt is soft, comfortable, and feels super high-quality. It’s made of cotton and paper yarn, which is made from a blend of paper and Manila hemp and has anti-odor and moisture-wicking properties.


A Six-Pack Of Hot Sauce

Sure you could get him a six-pack of beer, but heat-lovers will get a lot more use out of this six-pack of hot sauces. Build your own custom pack by choosing from the eight available flavors: jalapeño, habanero, verde, chipotle, miso, seasonal ghost, mango, and strawberry.


The Coziest Towels

Transform the bathroom into a delightful spa with these 100% cotton towels. The outside is gauze and the inner is soft pile that’s super absorbent.


An Herb Window Box

Even if he doesn’t have outdoor space, he can still have fresh herbs thanks to this window box. It includes sage, thyme, parsley and more and you could always get seeds from his favorite herbs to go with it.


An Air Purifier

For the guy who’s most excited about practical items, there’s this amazing air purifier. With five filter technology, this one is designed to clean the air in an 150 square-foot space (there’s a larger one too for up to 698 square-feet). This is especially thoughtful for dads who live in areas often affected by wildfires, like California or the Pacific Northwest.


A Monogramed Sock Set

No one will be able to “borrow” dad’s socks if they’re monogrammed. With Nice Laundry, you’ll choose three pairs of socks from a huge selection of solid, stripes, and fun patterns. You provide the initials and within a few days (they typically ship very quickly) the high-quality monogram socks will be yours (I mean his).


A Smartwatch

Along with all the features you’d probably expect from a smartwatch like step counting, GPS, or sleep tracking, the FitBit Sense also comes with stress management tools; it’s the first smartwatch with an on-device electrodermal activity (EDA) which can detect a body’s response to stress and remind the wearer to take a minute to breathe or go outside.


A Gift Box Of Tea

If he prefers tea over coffee or is just starting to dabble in a little Earl Grey or herbal blends, he’ll love this gift box of tea which includes four blends — green, black, oolong, and herbal — plus an easy-to-use infuser.


CBD Melts

If he’s on the fence about whether CBD does anything, these rapid calming melts will make him a believer. With 5 milligrams of CBD per melt, Equilibria uses hand-harvested, organic CBD from a farm in Colorado. The melts dissolve quickly using patent-pending technology to quicken the onset time (meaning less time wondering if he “feels it.”).


An Adirondack Chair With A Cup Holder

If his idea of a relaxing day is sitting outside with a book and a cold drink, then this Adirondack chair will thrill him. It has an ergonomic design so its supportive of the back, plus there’s a built-in cup holder, and the poly-lumber stands up to all weather without chipping or cracking.


A Portable Cornhole Set

Take the yard games on-the-go with this portable cornhole set. The boards are one foot by two feet each, so they’re a little smaller than your average board, but that’s what makes these so easy to carry. They come with a cool backpack carrying case too, so dad can bring his game and still have his hands free for pushing a stroller or holding a hand.


A Yeti Travel Mug

A Yeti cooler may not be in the budget this year, but this great travel mug is. It’s double-insulated, so you can have piping hot coffee inside and it’s still comfortable to hold (it also keeps cold drinks icy), plus the wider mouth makes sipping on-the-go a breeze.


A Touchscreen Cleaner

Of course you need to be super careful about what you put on your screens (put down the glass cleaner) but this screen cleaner is made by AM, a Danish company known for cleaning products made for vinyl and record players, so it’s totally safe to use. The bright blocky canister is both easy to spot and looks nice on a desk.


A Beard Oil

His beard deserves the same treatment as the hair on his head. This luxe beard oil will keep his facial hair hydrated and frizz-free without looking greasy or feeling heavy.


A Panama Hat

This hat blends all the ease and comfort of a baseball cap with the lightweight and cool details of a Panama hat. The founder of Popz Topz is Ron Stephens, who just happens to be John Legend’s father, and who clearly has the same effortless sense of style as his son.


A Virtual Cooking Class

You could take him out for dinner, or you could bring the dinner to him and have him learn a new skill. This fun empanada workshop includes a live virtual host who will walk you through the steps to make this Argentine delicacy (just make sure to get the ingredients, listed on the Amazon page, ahead of time).


Cycling Gloves

He can cycle in style with these gel gloves that offer padding and warmth. They’re made of a breathable, four-way stretch for a comfortable fit, plus the bright color and reflective elements make him more visible when riding at night.


A Whiskey Cocktail Kit

Pair this kit with his favorite bottle of whiskey or bourbon. He’ll have a restaurant-worthy cocktail ready in no time thanks to the included bitters, rocks glass, crystal stirring beaker, block ice cube maker, and more.


Go Game

Give him a piece of history and a really fun game with Go. The ancient Chinese game is thought to be the oldest board game continuously played from 2500 years ago until the present day, and it’s strategic and scalable depending on the players’ skill levels. Plus this set comes with beautiful bamboo bowls.


A T-Shirt & Onesie Matching Set

Gotham-loving new dads will get a kick out of this simple and sweet matching tee and onesie set. You’ll get to choose sizes for both parts of the set, and dad gets to be Batman while baby is Robin.


Beef Jerky

He’ll be relieved to discover that inside the tie-shaped box is not a silk piece of formal-wear but rather a row of beef jerky. It’s a fun surprise and the jerky comes in ten memorable flavors (like root beer habanero and ghost pepper).


A Luggage Tag That Charges

The dad who travels a lot won’t have to scramble for a seat next to an outlet at the airport anymore. The sleek luggage tag has a lightweight and discrete battery charger tucked inside the tag.


A Book Of Dad Jokes

If he’s re-using the same jokes over and over, give him this book of over a thousand punny dad jokes (sorry in advance).


Soft Joggers

Treat the guy who’s working from home for the see foreseeable future (or the one who just loves to lounge) to a pair of buttery soft joggers. Made with four-way stretch, tapered bottoms, and zip pockets, these can go from couch to errands and still look pulled together.


A Balance Board

The dad who can’t sit still will love a wobble board. They improve balance and flexibility, he can use it at a standing desk, and most importantly, they’re really fun.