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22 Of The Best Father’s Day Gifts To Get Your Husband Or Partner

Show him exactly how much he means to you with a little something special.

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It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday activities and forget to be grateful for all the little bits of your life, like supportive partners who are also incredible fathers. That’s why I think it’s nice that Father’s Day exists — it gives you a chance to not only show your own father that you love them, but to also be appreciative of the partner in your life who is parenting right alongside you. You can do this with a nice card and some kind words, but a gift is never a bad idea either, and if you need some great Father’s Day gift ideas for your husband or partner, I’ve got plenty of them for you.

While you’re certainly not obligated to get your significant other a present for Father’s Day, it’s always a nice gesture, whether it’s something small and inexpensive or something more elaborate and pricey. If you’ve already celebrated a few Father’s Day Sundays together, then you’ve probably run out of gift ideas at this point. The key to finding a great gift is to really consider their interests and to picture them actually using the gift you have in mind: is it something they’ll get a lot of use out of, or is it more of a novelty that will end up at the bottom of his sock drawer? Pair it with a sweet Father’s Day card and you’re golden.

Below are some great Father’s Day gift ideas wives and partners can give the dad in their life. There’s something for everyone here.

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Something for the Seinfeld lover

If he loves coffee and is a huge fan of Seinfeld, then this really is the perfect gift. Inexpensive, fun, and useful, this Seinfeld Coffee Collection from Bean Box is a limited-edition option that you should grab while you can. It comes with four expertly curated artisan coffees, like Elaine’s Little Kicks (a spicy, chocolaty medium roast) or George’s Serenity Now (dark and rich). FYI, this doesn’t come with the mug or the coffee maker, but those are great additions you can make on your own if you want.


Home weights for easy workouts

These Bowflex SelectTech 1090 Dumbbells are definitely a splurge, but they’re worth it if you think your husband will truly use them at home. These replace 17 sets of weights, so not only are they great for a variety of different workouts, but they’re also convenient in that they save on space. They come in storage trays so they won’t roll around, and they come with a one-year membership to Bowflex’s JRNY for streaming workouts.


A personalized towel so there’s no confusion

For anyone who’s every had one of those “I wish you wouldn’t use my towl” moments: Weezie makes incredibly soft, plush towels that are super absorbent and have just the right amount of thickness. The piped edging gives them a nice modern feel, and they also have a small hook that makes them easy to hang. For an extra $15, you can personalize the towel with their name to make it feel extra special.


A zip-up that’s super versatile

If your partner is really into hiking, biking, walking, or just being as active as possible, you can’t go wrong with a half-zip like this Ibex Woolies Tech Long Sleeve. The thermo efficient base layer keeps you warm and dry in almost any condition, while the zip neck helps maintain body heat. Made of merino wool, this is super comfortable and durable enough to withstand some wear and tear out there. It comes in a few different colors and is stylish enough to wear off the trails as well.


New luggage that’s cool and sustainable

If he travels a lot for work or fun, a new piece of luggage is probably much-needed. This Paravel Aviator Carry-On Plus is unique because it’s super sustainable: the company offsets all of the carbon emissions generated from creating and shipping the luggage, along with the estimated emissions on its journey to you. Aside from that, it’s sleek and stylish, and comes with nice features, like smooth wheels, lots of pockets, and a removable laundry bag.


A cool tablet for streaming shows and making calls

The 10.1” HD screen on this Echo Show tablet is meant to move with you, making video calls at home super easy — even if he’s moving around, he’ll still stay in frame. It’s also great for streaming TV shows and movies, and it even doubles as a home monitoring camera so that he can securely access a live feed of the camera from the Alexa app when he’s not home. There are tons of other great features that make this one worth the splurge.


Cooking lifesavers for his kitchen

If he loves to cook, a kitchen herb garden like this one is a cute gift idea. It comes with everything needed to grow cilantro, mint, and basil in your kitchen, which is incredibly convenient and much more manageable than an outdoor garden. These will produce enough for your basic cooking needs, and it’s also a fun little project.


A lunch bag he’ll love to use every day

Practical? Sure. A great gift anyway? Definitely. This Bentgo Prep Deluxe Multimeal Bag is perfect for the dad who is always on the go or commutes to work and brings lunch and/or dinner. There’s tons of room in here for a lot of food, as well as two separate insulated compartments to keep things organized. Insulated, water-resistant fabric makes this ideal for storing food, and the adjustable strap and padded handle make it easy to hold.


A good meal for a hungry guy

For the dad who loves a good steak more than any other type of food, there’s the Rare Dad Kit from Porter Road (a subscription service that delivers fresh meat to your doorstep). This limited edition kit comes with two of their best-selling pasture-raised and dry aged New York strip steaks, as well as a ThermoPop instant read thermometer from ThermoWorks to ensure he’ll cook up the perfect piece of steak.


A cute pillow that says it all

This adorable dad pillow from Demdaco is the perfect small gift for your husband. After all, how many times have you heard him say something like, “I’m just resting my eyes” when really he’s about to pass out for the next hour? It’s a classic dad phrase, and this pillow will keep him comfortable during those naps.


A handy organizer for all his tools

This Adjustable Wall Mount Tool Organizer gift kills two birds with one stone: you get a great present for your husband, and you also get him to finally put away and organize all (or at least some) of his tools. This is great for small tools or heavy duty ones, and can be used in a garage, basement, shed, or really anywhere else. There are 20 hooks, and each can hold up to 15 pounds.


An important accessory for shoe enthusiasts

Is your husband obsessed with keeping his shoe collection as clean and polished as possible? If so, this Horse Hair Shoe Polishing Brush makes an unlikely but excellent gift. Made of European beach wood and stiff horsetail hair, the texture is ideal for restoring leather shoes to look almost like new. This is way cheaper than buying them new shoes, too.


Shaving essentials for a proper shave

Yes, shaving kits are kind of a cliché Father’s Day gift, but you know what? If they shave on the daily, then these are totally worth it. This Natura set comes with the essentials: a cleansing gel, shaving cream, and after-shave balm. Everything is packaged in a beautiful eco-friendly gift box featuring illustrations by Brazilian artist William Santiago. Natura products are clean, eco-friendly, and feel super luxe.


A meal straight from Italy

Okay, $126 on frozen pizza sounds a little extravagant, but hear us out. This 8-pack of margherita and tartufina pizzas are super special: they’re made in Naples, Italy, and then shipped to your door. These pizzas are truly incredible. They taste nothing like frozen pizza, they’re so easy and fast to make, and they’re just the right size. For anyone who loves pizza or loves Italian food in general, this is an absolute must-try.


Some self-care he’ll love to use

Chances are good that the man in your life could use some more personal care products. This Noir bundle from Bath and Body Works comes with a 3-in-1 Hair, Face, and Body Wash, as well as a Body Spray. The popular Noir scent has notes of black cardamom, smoky vanilla, and a hint of musk for a deep scent you’ll enjoy maybe even more than him (so it’s a gift for you too).


Something cute and meaningful

Remind him how much your family loves, needs, and appreciates him with this candle. It comes in three different scent options: Mango Guava; Moroccan Amber; and Bergamot, Green Grass, and Tonka Bean. The chic black and white design makes this candle feel more sophisticated and cool than cutesy.


A new razor that’s better than his old one

This Weighted Razor from hanni takes shaving up a notch. The weight of the razor means you don’t need to push down for it to work: it glides super smooth and makes shaving a total breeze. It’s plastic-free and is made entirely of metal for a durable and smooth feel, and it also has a powder coating so you don’t need to worry about it rusting when it’s wet. Finger groves and a small size make this great for hard-to-reach areas, and it has an overall sleek look to it.


For the golfing dad who likes to have fun

Made with golfers in mind, the Coronado Drive Hydro hat is a limited edition drop from Melin that you won’t want to miss. The crushable front panel has a relaxed look and the hat will fit almost anyone. We love the little details, like the custom tee holder next to the visor so you never lose your tee, and the moisture wicking lining so that they can still comfortable even when it’s super sunny.


A suit so he’s always beach-ready

Whether you have a beach vacation set up or are just planning on spending some time by the pool, your husband likely needs to update his swimsuit game. This pair of Point Pleasants is versatile and comfortable, comes in several different fun colors, and has a classic feel. With a quick drying shell and a zippered back pocket, these are great for a day in the sun.


All the snacks he loves

What dad doesn’t want a huge basket of snacks that he can have all to himself? This pack of delicious gourmet snacks from Mouth, appropriately dubbed The Big Papa, comes with 11 different snacks that he can enjoy whenever he wants. With options like apple cider caramels and a pineapple lime cocktail mixer, you’ll definitely want to dig in as well.


Unique glasses for the serious drinker

For the dad who enjoys a nice drink once in a while, a set of beautiful glasses is a thoughtful gift that he’ll have and use for years to come. This set of Estelle hand-blown colored rocks glasses is so nice that you just might want to buy two. The lowball glasses are inspired by the maker’s grandmother, who used to search through antique shops for colored glass.


A candle for beer lovers

If your husband is a big Budweiser fan, then this Homesick and Budweiser candle collab is not to be missed. The candle, aptly named Backyard BBQ, has top notes of lemonade, amber, and clove; mid notes of BBQ smoke, and allspice; and base notes of barley, vanilla, and musk. So, yes, it really does smell like a beer. All he needs is an ice cold Budweiser to complete the day.

Whether you opt for an inexpensive gift option or something a bit more pricey, you really can’t go wrong with anything on this list. And, remember, you already gave him the best gift of all: your child, of course! So, any of these are just a bonus.

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