Father's Day

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The Dads In Your Life Are Going To Love These Father’s Day Cards

However you celebrate, don’t forget the card.

Sure maybe your dad or your partner says he doesn’t want a Father’s Day gift this year— he already has everything he needs, he’ll say. (In other words, he doesn’t want another painted rock “paperweight”). But whether or not you abide by the no-gift policy, you’ll still want to get him a little something, which is where these Father’s Day cards come in, because showing your appreciation can be as simple as writing a message in a card.

Father’s Day 2022 is on June 19, so you still have plenty of time to find the perfect card. Whether you’re celebrating Father’s Day with your own dad, or your partner, stepdad, grandfather, or someone who’s acted like a father figure to you, there’s a card for all types of scenarios (yep, even dog dad). On this list, you’ll find everything from proper greeting cards to e-cards or digital downloads that are delivered to your inbox for printing (which are perfect if you wake up on Father’s Day and realize you forgot the card).

Whether you like funny or somewhat sarcastic cards, a punny card for a pun-loving guy, or you choose to express yourself with a more sentimental card (sometimes it can be easier to write out your appreciation than to say it aloud) these Father’s Day cards will be a hit no matter how you celebrate the day.

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A simple card for your dad on Father’s Day

Sometimes the simplest messages are the most heartfelt. This simple and to-the-point Father’s Day card from Burke Decor will show your appreciation for your dad. Maybe he’s never heard you say it before or maybe you tell him you feel lucky he’s your father all the time, but either way, this one will give him the warm and fuzzies (and no he’s not crying, it’s allergy season duh).


A Father’s Day card for grandpa

This Father’s Day card is for the grandfather who is always sneaking your kids treats and letting them stay up past their bedtime or watch just one more show. It’s blank inside so you and your kids can write a note (or draw a picture) to show just how loved they are.


A funny Father’s Day card

Some dads will be all about getting tasks done on Father’s Day, and others are more about chilling hard. If your dad falls into the latter category, this punny Father’s Day card is for him. The collage style artwork is fun and unique, and inside the message is simple: it just reads “Happy Father’s Day” with plenty of blank space for you to write in your own funny (or sentimental) message.


A Father’s Day card with a Star Wars theme

“Yoda best dad” is an appropriate message to jot down in this Star Wars Father’s Day card. You don’t have to pick a favorite character because Yoda, Darth Vader, and R2-D2 are all represented here, and inside it says “Happy Father’s Day to the best dad in the galaxy.”


A silly card for dads

If your dad or your kid’s father is a socks-with-sandals kind of me guy (my husband is, help me) then he’ll get a kick out of this Father’s Day card illustrating the ultimate sartorial dad move. This works for Dad’s birthday too, if you end up finding a different card.


A pop-up Father’s Day card

If your dad doesn’t want a gift for Father’s Day gift opt instead for an elaborate pop-up card. This one fittingly plays the Superman theme song and it lights up, which you know dad will have fun with (either that or he’ll want to silence it immediately).


A Father’s Day card for dog dads

Don’t forget your favorite dog dad this Father’s Day. This cute card offers a fun twist on the fist pound. It’s blank inside so your dog can write their own message.


A funny Father’s Day card for dads-to-be

For the new dad or the dad-to-be comes this punny Father’s Day card that actually is kind of fun. The punster in your life will get a kick out of this one, which is blank inside and printed on quality matte paper.


A Mad-Libs-style Father’s Day card from kids

This Father’s Day fill-in-the-blank from kids is sure to be funny, if not a little sweet. Sometimes kids will make these type of letters in school but if not, this Mad-Libs-style printout asks kids to fill-in-the-blank things that something their dad always says and their favorite thing about him. This is a digital download, so after you pay for it it will be delivered to your inbox and you can print it from there.


Sentimental Father’s Day card for husband or partner

This lovely Father’s Day card is perfect for all types of scenarios: it could be for a new dad, a seasoned pro, a step-dad, a dog day, or a dad-to-be. It’s printed on soft bright white paper and is blank inside so you have plenty of room to write your own message.


A funny Father’s Day card for stepdads

This Father’s Day card for stepdads is fun and cheeky while still being totally appropriate. It’s blank inside so you can write your own message, and it’s handmade on matte paper which is part of the reason it’s a bit pricier than other options.


A sentimental Father’s Day card for stepdads

This card is perfect for stepdads or other father figures in your life who you may not be blood related to. It’s handmade on kraft paper which gives the card its rustic look, and this one is blank inside.


A Father’s Day card for the dad who loves to grill

What grill-loving dad doesn’t love a good, cheesy pun? If your own father or your kid’s dad will be spending the day flipping burgers, this grill-oriented Father’s Day card is a good choice; plus you can get in on Prime if you wanted until the last minute.


A Father’s Day card for someone who is like a dad to you

It can be tricky to find an appropriate card for someone who’s been a father-figure in your life, but isn’t a stepfather or a biological dad. Enter this like-a-father-to-me card that’s perfect for mentors, coaches, uncles, or friends who have had a hand in raising you. It’s blank inside.


A personalized Father’s Day card

Make the day extra special but making a personalized Father’s Day card. On MoonPig, you can upload your family photo, personalize the text inside, and get it printed or send as an e-card (which is great if you’ve forgotten a card until the day-of).

No matter what kind of Father’s Day card you choose, your dad is sure to be touched that you went out of your way to send him just the right message.