Father's Day

Surprised dad holding a gift and embracing his smiling child.
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30 Thoughtful Father’s Day Gifts From Sons

From video games to sporting events to camping chairs.

If your dad is anything like mine, he will never give you a wish list for holidays, so you’re always left scrambling trying to figure out what to get him. Thankfully, whether you’re a kid or an adult, there are a lot of great Father’s Day gifts from sons that will not only make dad smile but will also give the two a chance to bond over a shared interest. From craft beer tastings to coloring books, sons of all ages can use Father’s Day as a way to get closer to dad.

For parents of older children, oftentimes the only thing they want on Father’s Day is to just spend some time with them, so sons can do one better by gifting their dad with something the two of them can do together. If the two of you don’t have many shared interests, that’s okay, too, because you can opt to get him something small that shows you know him well. Maybe you’re into music and he’s into hunting, but you both have a beard and can relate to the hassle of its upkeep.

Still at a loss for what to get your old man this year? Not to worry. Here is a list of some great gifts that provide opportunities for bonding whether it’s through an experience together or something small you might have in common.

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Travel Cup

Insulated cups are great for keeping drinks warm or cold on the go, like when the two of you are off on an adventure. This one can hold 20 oz of his favorite beverage, is sized to fit into a car’s cup holder, and is dishwasher safe.


Beard Care

Whether you have a beard or not, if he has one you can show him a little love this Father’s Day with this six-piece beard grooming set. It comes with beard wash, conditioner, balm, serum, a comb, and a brush.


Camping Chair

If the two of you enjoy a good camping trip, or if he’s frequently on the sidelines of his kids’ soccer games, this rocking camping chair will make for a fun gift. It comes complete with a cup holder, phone pocket, and a carrying strap.


Tickets To A Game

Do the two of you share a love for sports or a specific team? Use Father’s Day as an opportunity to get tickets to a live game. Whether you splurge for a pro-level game or check out a local team, it’s a fun way to spend time together.


Craft Beer Club

Adult sons who love to try new beers with their dad should consider getting him a subscription to a monthly beer club. He’ll have new flavors delivered right to his door so he can either do a tasting with you or share his new recommendations with you.


Favorite Character Tee

What’s great about nostalgia tee shirts is that they often feature characters kids today still love. Take your little one to the store and let them choose a shirt for dad; he’ll smile every time he puts it on and they’ll love seeing him rocking their favorite character.


Apple AirTag

This present may not promote bonding, but it’s certainly a gift that will show dad you get him if he’s someone who happens to misplace things a lot. He can attach the AirTag to things he frequently loses (like his keys) and his phone will help him zero in on where they’re hiding.


Quesadilla Grill Basket

Do you two share a love of grilling, cooking, or trying different foods? Try cooking up some quesadillas on the grill with this handy basket. You get two baskets in a pack, so you can both create your own concoction and share it with the other.


Outdoor Boots

For dads who love to be outdoors, even when it’s muddy or wet, these boots are perfect. They’re warm, comfortable, and waterproof, making them great for fishing, camping, or just working in the yard.


Custom Wall Calendar

Give dad a daily reminder of your bond by creating a custom calendar for him. Shutterfly lets you pick from a variety of sizes and designs so you can fill his year with sweet photos of the two of you.


Gourmet Coffee

Coffee is a great gift for dads, no matter how old their kids are. If you’re older, you can do some kind of sampler together and chat about different flavors you like, or younger kids can gift it as a way to say “this will help you perk up when I want to play with you at 7 AM on a Saturday.”


Dad Shirt

Play into his love of graphic tees by getting him a fun shirt that calls out his dad status, like this one from KaAn’s Designs. It’s soft, available in a wide variety of sizes, and is just plain fun.


Picture Book

For little kids who love bonding with dad over a bedtime story, a picture book makes for a wonderful Father’s Day gift. It’s something the two of you can do together that will serve as a constant reminder of how important he is to you.


Sphere Ice Molds

For dads who love a good cocktail (and sons who also share an appreciation for them), this ice mold will give him the perfect sphere to keep his drink cold. There are two in a set, so one for you and one for him so that you can toast to the end of a long day together, whether it’s in person or over FaceTime.


Digital Comics Subscription

Does dad love comic books? Get him a digital subscription to a “universe” he likes. He can spend time reading his favorite stories to his younger sons or possibly doing a “comic book club” with older children.


Beard Comb Keychain

Another way to show him how much you appreciate his beard, and all of the upkeep that comes with it, is with this little beard comb keychain. He can take it with him on the go so he can ensure he’s always looking his very best while he’s out.


Wood Photo Print

Instead of a traditional canvas or framed photo, gift him with a wood print photo to hang in his office or in his bedroom. The photo is printed directly onto a piece of wood, giving it a cool, rustic look. Mpix has several different customization options from size to wood type.


Fishing Pole

If the two of you love to go fishing together, why not give him a new pole for the year? Whether you guys just do it casually or you’re super serious about it, there is definitely a pole out there that will serve his needs (and give you both an excuse to get out on the water and give it a try).


Bowtie & Pocket Square

For dads who have an appreciation for all things fashion, set him up with a cool bowtie and pocket square set, like this one from Etsy that’s handmade from African Wax Print, Cotton, Printed Cotton, batik, and African cotton. You can even take the gift one step further by getting yourself a matching set.


Whiskey Set

The two of you can enjoy a cocktail together with this set that comes with a bottle of Uncle Nearest 1856 Premium Aged Whiskey and four tumblers. Maybe it can be a bottle the two of you share whenever you stop home for a visit.


Streaming Subscription

He likely already has a subscription to Netflix and Hulu, but there are so many other great platforms he’d probably love to have access to. Gift him a subscription to one that you also love so that the two of you can watch something together like Ted Lasso on Apple TV+ or Rutherford Falls on Peacock.


Cozy Joggers

Do the two of you share an appreciation for lounging around the house? (Because, same.) Consider getting him a new pair of stylish, comfortable joggers to make the lounging all the more cozy. These are an especially great gift for a new dad, since his son is probably waking him up all throughout the night.



A hammock is an especially sweet gift for a dad from his young son because the two of them can snuggle up together on it and look at the clouds, read a book, or take a nap. Make sure you find one that’s big enough for two and that you have a sturdy place to hang it.


Tabletop Curling Game

This is a fun game that can be played by kids and adults who have just enough of a competitive edge to keep things interesting. The curling “rink” rolls out onto a table or counter and packs away neatly when you’re between plays.


Personalized Puzzle

If the you love to puzzle together, make him a customized puzzle with photos of the two of you on it. Shutterfly has various layout and size options, so you can make one that’s easy for dad and young kids to do together or more challenging for older children.


Fishing Accessories Kit

Another great gift for dads who love fishing is some new gear. Whether it’s bait and tackle, some extra line, or a little bit of everything like in this kit, you can never go wrong by helping him enhance his fishing game.


His Own Coloring Book

Dads with young kids who love to color can join in the fun with their very own #Dadlife coloring book. Not only can the pair create beautiful works of art, but coloring books are also a great way for grown-ups to de-stress, so this is a two-for-one gift.


Daddy & Me Shirts

Who doesn’t love a good Daddy & Me set? There are all kinds of fun options out there, like this one that is perfect for a dad’s first Father’s Day.


Gaming System

A video game system is a great Father’s Day gift because it gives dad and his children a chance to play games together. Even if you live far apart from each other, this is still a gift he’d love because the two of you can play together online since most gaming systems have that option. For a compact system, try the Google Stadia which can connect to a tablet, phone, or computer through WiFi (no console needed) or can be played on the TV using a Google Chromecast.


Food Sampler

Another opportunity for the two of you to enjoy a shared interest is with a food sampler, like this one that features various jerkies. Treat the sampler just like you would a wine, beer, or coffee one by trying each flavor, taking notes, and chatting about what you like and don’t like.

Father’s Day gifts from sons come in all kinds of forms, and what you get for your dad will depend entirely on what he likes. That being said, if there is anything that the two of you enjoy together, that’s the kind of gift he’s going to want most this year.