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15 Holiday Gifts Pregnant Women *Actually* Want

Sure, moms-to-be love getting cute baby clothes or baby store gift cards. But if you really want to show her you care, get her a gift that’s just for her.


When it comes to getting gifts for pregnant friends, falling into the trap of bottles, onesies, and diapers is far too easy. Sometimes it's hard to think of the perfect clever, humorous, or even creative gift to give an expecting family member during the holidays or the next time you see your pregnant best friend. No worries, though, because a gift guide for pregnant women will solve that problem in no time.

Whether you want to take a humorous approach, get personal, or provide them with their absolute favorite thing right now (chances are it’s food), there are plenty of gifts to give to a mom-to-be to remind her that pregnancy is as much about her as it is her baby. While pregnant women love gifts for baby, it’s really nice to receive something that helps them stay comfortable during all the symptoms and changes that come with growing a wee human.

And whether you know the mom-to-be very well or have only met her a few times, these pregnancy gifts are bound to make any expecting mama pretty thankful for you. Most importantly, don't forget a hilarious, honest pregnancy card to add a special touch to your perfect holiday gift for your hilarious, pregnant friend. Now get to shopping! Here's what two expectant mamas hope to find under their trees this year.

A Heating Pad That Holds On Tight

As your pregnancy progresses and your bump gets bigger, it tends to put some strain on your lower back. A heating pad that straps onto your lower back is so helpful, because mamas-to-be aren’t supposed to lay flat on their backs, which is how most heating pads work.

Spafinder Gift Card

One of the most relaxing, comforting, and sometimes necessary things a mom can do during her pregnancy is get a massage. It releases tension and can legitimately help with sore muscles or kinks caused by the little one on its way. Or, if you’re more of a skincare guru, a spa facial may be just what you need to really see your pregnancy glow shine through. Either way, this Spafinder gift card is a perfect gift. Recipients can just find a location near them and pick their relaxation technique, and you can choose from $25 to $500 to put on the card.

Personalized Ice Cream

I cannot even begin to tell you how many times I (or any other pregnant person I know) craved ice cream throughout their pregnancy. And it's not always normal ice cream either — jalapeños mixed with dark chocolate ice cream was a favorite of mine. The best part of this ice cream gift is you can have it delivered at any time and customize both the flavor and the message. I'd go out on a limb and say this company was birthed with pregnant women in mind. (Also, there are tons of holiday flavors available right now that sound delish.)

Preggatinis Mixology For The Mom-To-Be

If you don't want a mom-to-be to miss her weekly martini with friends, this is a clever and cute guide to give her. Master mixologist Natalie Bovis-Nelsen created quite a few liquor-free drinks any mom can enjoy throughout pregnancy. This book would be a great addition to a larger gift basket that includes some of the mixers, syrups, or fancy glassware mentioned in the recipes.

A Bump Box Subscription

For the gift that just keeps on giving, a subscription box is always a fun idea. Not only will this box personalize its contents for each trimester of her pregnancy, but it will also be a comforting reminder that you're always thinking of her every time she sees it on her doorstep. You can choose from a few different subscription plans, and the boxes include all kinds of fun things like sour drops to combat morning sickness, water bottles, and even milestone stickers. Bonus: if the baby arrives when a bump box was expected, the subscription will send along a box for baby instead.

"Eating For Two" Bowl

For the stylish pregnant friend of yours who's always claiming that her cereal, soup, or noodles are for two, this adorable dish is the perfect way to make them smile at each meal. Customize it with her due date to make it a memorable piece. Etsy has lots of custom spoon options too if you decide to make it a matching set.

Maternity Coat

I cannot convey how many times I found adorable maternity clothes that I couldn't wear after I had my little one, or had clothes I loved but couldn't fit into during pregnancy. An adorable convertible coat is a stylish gift that totally solves the problem of what to wear during and after pregnancy. (It's also not an item a pregnant person will feel comfortable buying themselves, honestly. It feels like a lot of money and more of a luxury than a must-have item, so it could be a nice surprise gift.)

"Pregnant AF" Sweatshirt

At some point, many moms reach the stage of pregnancy where everything is said and thought in the most blunt and obvious way. I can vividly remember thinking "pregnant AF" every time someone asked how far along I was by the time I reached my third trimester, and I know I wasn't the only one. That's exactly why this clever sweatshirt is the perfect gift.

#MomLife Coloring Book

Nothing says fun, clever, and creative gift like an extremely relatable yet snarky coloring book for moms. As ridiculous as it may sound, coloring books are actually a pretty good source of stress relief as well. So along with a few laughs, you'll also be helping a mom-to-be unwind and relax (before and after baby). Bonus points if she ends up on bedrest and needs something to occupy her mind.

A Bonus Pair Of Her Favorite Leggings

Chances are the mama-to-be in question has already spent time and money looking for the most comfortable maternity leggings for her. Find out which brand she likes best and surprise her with an extra pair or two so she doesn’t have to do laundry quite as often. As a pregnant gal, I love both the MAMA leggings from H&M and the BLANQI maternity leggings.

Sonogram Frame

Whether your friend or loved one pops this onto her desk or uses it in the nursery, this little frame is the perfect size for a sonogram image. I love the holiday theme, and this could easily be a frame brought out each season as a reminder of when you were pregnant during the most wonderful time of the year. Check out this “can’t wait to meet you” alternative too.

Porn for New Moms

Want to really dive into what moms-to-be and new moms like? Ask them how their fantasies have changed. If that's a little out of your comfort zone, however, no worries. Get them this Porn for New Moms book instead, with gobs of attractive people doing all the things moms really want other people to do for them.

Honey Tummy Butter

Whether the person you love is just starting their pregnancy journey, about to pop, or already has a brand new baby in their arms, this tummy honey butter is a wonderful gift to receive. Made with cocoa, shea, and aloe vera, the butter is not only supposed to help with stretch marks or dry skin, but also soothes itchiness.

Food Delivery Cards For Late Night Cravings

When you’re pregnant, some of your favorite guilty pleasures have to be put on hold — red wine, sushi, and skin-scorching hot baths, for starters. So help the preggo in your life get her hands on whatever snack or oddly specific meal she’s craving with a gift card to UberEats, DoorDash, Postmates, or whatever service you know she uses when she’s jonesing for cheese fries.

Birthstone Jewelry

So it might feel strange to buy a birthstone set in jewelry when there can be so many changes with a baby's due date, but this is a really sweet and lovely gift. Whether the pregnant person you know is into delicate jewelry or chunkier accessories, you can find some great pieces that mean a lot to them.

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