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27 Best Gifts For Pregnant Women & Expecting Moms

Sure, moms-to-be love getting cute baby clothes or baby store gift cards. But if you really want to show her you care, get her a gift that’s just for her.

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Everyone deserves a loving gift now and then, but anyone suffering from first-trimester nausea, second-trimester swelling, or third-trimester discomfort could use a little extra love. While they may not be able to take away food aversions or round ligament pains, the best gifts for pregnant women are the ones that will make them smile, help them relax, or at least take their mind off being kicked in the ribs for a little while.

Even the best and easiest pregnancy is hard on a woman’s body, emotions, and energy levels in general. After all, she’s growing a human and that’s hard work. If she’s doing it while also chasing around an older sibling (or siblings), it’s all the more exhausting. She’s also likely spending a lot of time thinking about and planning for the baby, so chances are high she’s not spoiling herself at the moment and could use a little spoiling from someone else.

The best gifts are the ones with some kind of sentimental value, so whether it’s a personalized piece of jewelry, a mommy and me outfit, or something that will help her relax in the final stretch of pregnancy, mama-to-be will be grateful for the thought you put into her gift. However, if you’re not entirely sure where to start, here are some ideas to help you out.

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A Delightful Candle

There’s something so relaxing about candlelight and delightful scents, which is why jarred candles make for such fantastic gifts. A quality candle can be enjoyed by mom-to-be when she’s trying to unwind before the baby comes, and during those rare moments she gets to herself after it’s arrived. This soy and coconut candle has a unique blend of citrus and floral scents and has a burn time of up to 50 hours. It’s a fantastic candle, but what makes it an even better gift is that it’s “composed to celebrate the goddess within,” and there is no better word to describe a pregnant woman than “goddess.”


Anti-Nausea Lip Balm

While it’s all worth it when the baby arrives, pregnancy comes with a lot of unpleasant side effects that can really impact daily life. One of these is nausea, which is very common in the first trimester but can stretch throughout the entire pregnancy as well. Another inconvenient pregnancy side effect? Constantly chapped lips. If the mom-to-be in your life is suffering from this, then she may really appreciate this lip balm. It’s specially made to not only hydrate the lips but to also help alleviate nausea. There’s enough balm in a single tube to get her through most (if not all) of her pregnancy, and it’s small enough that she can carry it with her wherever she goes.


A Mug For Her Tea

If she’s usually a coffee drinker, she might have had to scale back on how much she drinks every day (or stop drinking it entirely), but there’s still something so comforting about holding a mug with a hot beverage. Since she’ll probably be drinking more tea, then maybe she could use a new cup to help make the transition a little more exciting and enjoyable. You don’t have to look hard to find a cute mug somewhere, but this handmade ceramic option is definitely worth considering because it will end up with a totally one-of-a-kind look (plus, you’ll be supporting a small business).


A Stylish (Mom) Bag

Honestly, she will probably want to start using this bag as soon as you give it to her, even if the baby is months away from arriving. However, she’s going to love it even more after the baby comes because it is the ultimate mom-bag. It has plenty of space to carry her things and some baby essentials and it can be carried as a backpack when she needs her arms free or as a tote if her diaper bag happens to be backpack style. This bag is available in six different beautiful color combinations, is made from high quality materials, and has rave reviews from shoppers.


Bath Salts

If there’s anything expecting moms need in the months leading up to their baby’s arrival, it’s some time to relax. For the mama who loves a hot bath, some bath salts will make for a fantastic gift. These ones from CharmedBathBody are especially great because they’re handmade from natural and vegan ingredients and are available in four delightful scents. One Etsy shopper wrote, “LOVED this bath soak. I ordered the Jasmine, and it smelled very clean and natural. I loved the little petals put into the mix, it made the bath feel extra relaxing and spa like. I’ll definitely be ordering again!”


A Solution To Pregnancy Brain

Look, pregnancy brain is a thing (and it doesn’t get any better when it turns into mommy brain), so if there’s anything an expecting mom could use as a gift, it’s a way to keep herself and her thoughts organized. This notepad is perfect for just that. It’s designed to be a “brain dump” where she can write notes as things come to mind. It has a simple layout that allows for chaotic notes while also keeping things orderly with a dump section as well as smaller sections for “today,” “tomorrow,” and “next week.” Each notepad comes with 50 pages that are printed on high quality 80 lb. white text weight paper.


Restful Sleep

As the belly grows, sleeping becomes more and more difficult, especially for women who are used to sleeping on their stomachs or sides. This pillow is designed to offer support and make side sleeping a little more comfortable. It helps keep the hips aligned and props up the belly so that it doesn’t feel like it’s hanging from all of the weight. There are a lot of different brands out there that make similar products, but this one comes with a removable jersey pillow cover that is easy to clean regularly so that it can be used night after night, despite all of the hormonal night sweats she may be experiencing.


Super-Soft Skin

Truth be told, in the dry winter months, most of us would be excited to find some nice lotion under the tree, but it’s especially nice for pregnant women whose belly skin is not only dry but also being stretched out as it grows. This lotion is made with aloe and coconut oil to soothe and hydrate the skin and the blend of cedar, sandalwood, and citrus scents make it smell like pure heaven. If that’s not enough for you to want to run out and buy it for mama-to-be (ahem, and probably yourself, too), then consider its antioxidant-rich formula that includes persimmon, turmeric, and ginseng. Basically, this lotion is luxurious, moisturizing, and something you should add to your cart right now.


Winter Warmth

Who doesn’t like to be warm and cozy in the winter? And, if there’s ever a time in life when you deserve to be extra cozy, it’s during pregnancy. With this oversize scarf (which can also serve as a wrap or blanket), the expecting mom in your life will feel snuggled up and toasty even on the coldest days. It’s made from 100% wool and features a reversible design, gorgeous artwork, and fun fringed edges. Plus, there are 12 different patterns to choose from, all of which are equally beautiful, so chances are high you’ll be able to find one that fits her style.


A Meaningful Piece Of Jewelry

If she likes simple jewelry, consider this bangle with a mom and baby elephants (or elephant, if this is her first). The elephant is a significant symbol when it comes to motherhood because it represents the fierce love a mom has over her baby, similar to that of a mama elephant’s. Suffice to say, this bracelet is perfect for a mom-to-be who already loves her baby more than anything. You can add up to three baby elephants and even opt to include a little charm with initials. The bracelet is available in rose gold or sterling silver and slides over the hand.


Maternity Robe

Unlike most maternity clothes, this item is something that can be used for years to come. Mom can wear this maternity robe during pregnancy, at the hospital during labor and after delivery, and well after the baby is born (plus, a robe is especially great for easy breastfeeding at home). There are so many great options out there, and you can opt to get her something floor-length or a midi robe like this one. Think about her style and the colors she likes to wear and find a robe with a print that aligns with what you think she will like best.


Personalized Ice Cream

During pregnancy, the word “craving” takes on a whole new meaning, because once your body tells you it wants something, you have to get it. If the mom-to-be in your life is craving ice cream, then give her exactly what she wants with some personalized pints. You can choose to have either four or eight pints delivered to her in more than 20 flavors. To make it even sweeter, you get to personalize the label for her, so you can add a picture of the sonogram or an encouraging note to remind her she’s doing an awesome job. Oh, and don’t forget to pick up a package of sprinkles, too.


Pregnancy Journal

There are a lot of things that are sort of strange about pregnancy, and one is how it’s this odd time in your life that you will never forget but also something you’ll never really remember. By giving her a nice journal, you’re giving her the opportunity to document what she’s experiencing today so that she can look back later and remember the first kicks, when the baby rolled over in her tummy for the first time, and the day she found out the gender. This is a long-game kind of gift, because it may seem like work now but it will definitely be something she truly treasures as her baby grows up.


New Accessories

It doesn’t matter how stylish maternity clothes are, there’s no getting around the fact that it’s not always easy to feel your best during pregnancy. In this case, buying new clothes usually doesn’t help, but dressing up with some new accessories can make a big difference. Get her some new earrings, a cute headband, or a fun pair of sunglasses that she can add to her wardrobe to liven up her outfits a bit and help her feel a little more renewed. In this case, it really doesn’t have to be something extravagant, just an accessory that will make her feel a little more like herself.


Beautiful Art

How beautiful is this? It’s such a gorgeous depiction of pregnancy. You can download this incredible artwork right from Etsy and then get it printed and framed for mom-to-be to hang in her room or office, or even in the baby’s nursery. The digital download comes with five files so you can choose what size you want the print to be based on the frame you purchase, but if you need a custom size you can send the shop owner a quick note and they will happily work with you to get it just right. No matter what size you choose, this is a print a mom-to-be will really cherish.


A Dozen Cupcakes

Sprinkles cupcakes are pretty famous, and you can get a dozen for your favorite mom-to-be even if she doesn’t have a local store nearby. The specialty bakery now ships to homes all over the US, which means she can open her front door to a box of beautiful and delicious cupcakes right at her feet. Choose between a box of 12 red velvet cupcakes, 12 “celebration” sprinkle cupcakes, or an assorted box with three red velvet, three vanilla, three dark chocolate, and three sprinkle flavors. They don’t have to be eaten in one sitting, either, she can just pop them in the freezer and thaw one any time that craving hits.


"Pregnant AF" Sweatshirt

In most pregnancies, mom-to-be reaches a point where her maternity clothes and bump stop feeling cute and precious and start feeling flat-out uncomfortable regardless of how she moves. If the expecting mom in your life has entered that stage of pregnancy, then they will probably love this sweatshirt that is the perfect blend of comfy and DGAF. It comes in unisex adult sizing, so order accordingly, and is available in three colors. Not to mention, it’s definitely a conversation starter. To make the gift even better, pick up a pair of soft leggings, some fuzzy winter socks, and a cute headband to create a complete pregnancy leisure look.


#MomLife Coloring Book

Adult coloring books are great for de-stressing and getting some creativity out, and they’re even better when the pages are full of relatable pictures, which is why this 74-page coloring book is perfect for a mom-to-be. Each page has an intricate design that is inspired by mom-life with sayings like “Bra Off, Hair Up, Sweats On” and “This Is My Circus, These Are My Monkeys.” Pick up a pack of colorful pens to give her along with the book so that she can get right to coloring to distract herself from the heartburn, insomnia, and nausea she’s feeling thanks to her growing baby.


A New Streaming App

Everyone deserves some time now and then to just kick back, relax, and watch some TV, but if there’s ever a time in life when you can really milk it, it’s during pregnancy. To encourage the mom-to-be in your life to actually take advantage of this, gift her with some kind of streaming service. While Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime are among the best OG platforms, there are some really great others to consider, too, like Peacock, Disney+, AppleTV, HBO Max, and so many more. If she needs a little extra encouragement in order to slow down enough to watch tv, offer her a foot rub as an extra perk.


Splash Of Colorful Makeup

It’s kind of amazing how something as simple as a new lip color, eye shadow palette, or nail polish can make such a big difference in someone’s look. So, if mom-to-be is feeling a little “blah” in her same old maternity clothes and refuses to invest in more (they are short term, after all), then some new makeup could be a great excuse for her to get a little more dressed up so she can start feeling a bit more like herself. If you’re not sure what to get, try talking to a store associate to get a suggestion or, if all else fails, a gift card to her favorite beauty store or a mani/pedi appointment will suffice.


Oil Diffuser

There have been a lot of claims made about the benefits of essential oils, so there’s a lot of skepticism. However, one thing that is true about essential oils is that using them for aromatherapy can do wonders, which is why an oil diffuser makes for a good gift. Assuming mom-to-be isn’t experiencing strong reactions to scents, a diffuser with the right essential oils has the potential to help settle her nausea, relax her, and even lull her to sleep. This one has a stylish design that can easily blend in with decor, an auto shut-off feature, and a nine-hour runtime.


Silk Sleep Mask

You already know that her days of restful sleep are numbered at this point and that any sleep she can get should be savored before the baby comes along. With a silk eye mask like this one, sleep can feel just a little more luxurious. It comes in a variety of colors and is made from pure silk inside and outside, which is great for the skin because it won’t cause breakouts and doesn’t soak up (read: waste) any face products. Not to mention, that pregnancy exhaustion is real, so if nothing else this will help her fall asleep when it’s still bright outside.


Birthstone Jewelry

Birthstone jewelry is always a hit for moms, but it’s a bit of a gamble to get a piece for a mom to be. Still, if you are confident that you know when the baby will arrive, then consider getting her some kind of sentimental birthstone jewelry like this gorgeous necklace. Choose between sterling silver, gold, or rose gold, and then fill the circle charm with the baby’s birthstone. It will look absolutely stunning on her and it’s a sweet and subtle way for her to show her love for her new baby. Chances are very good that this will be the present she loves most this year.


Family Matching Shirts

When you become a parent, some kind of switch gets flipped and you suddenly love dressing your family up in matching and coordinating outfits. You can go ahead and get mom-to-be ready for this switch with these cute little “Dope” family tops. In addition to being a lot of fun, they’re also quality made from soft 100% cotton and they are super cozy. If you think she’d want to wear the top before the baby comes, size it up so that it’ll fit her growing belly and then she can style it up with a knot once the baby has arrived and she’s ready to sport coordinating looks.


Love For Her Bump

The body goes through so many changes during pregnancy that it’s hard to keep up. Some of these changes can be uncomfortable, but when it comes to all of the growing and stretching the belly does over the course of a pregnancy, it can be downright painful. This kit is a great gift because it’s specifically made to help alleviate this pain. It comes with four bump-focused products including body butter, soothing jelly, body oil, and body lotion which are all designed to work together to keep mom’s skin comfortable and glowing. Also, all of the products are made with the purest ingredients possible to limit skin irritation or reactions.


A Daily Reminder That She Can Do Anything

Pregnant or not, a ring and jewelry dish is always a useful thing to have at home (especially sitting next to sinks). What makes this specific dish so perfect for an expecting mom is that it says, “Today I Will Slay,” which may be just the confidence boost she needs while she’s getting dressed up and ready to go out. If this doesn’t seem like the right message for the mom-to-be in your life, then consider “Boss Lady” or “Effortless Beauty” instead. No matter which message you pick, she will get a gorgeous handmade jewelry dish that will definitely bring a smile to her face whenever she sees it.


New Cozy Slippers

A new pair of slippers is always a great gift, but they’re an extra special treat when your feet are swollen and tired from carrying the weight of a baby all day. There is no shortage of incredible options out there, but these ones are particularly great. They have a slip-on design so she won’t have to bed over to put them on or take them off, and they’re lined with super soft and warm shearling that will wrap around her feet like a pillow. It’s a gift she will love well into motherhood, too, especially every time she gets up to go to the nursery for a middle-of-the-night feeding.

Whatever gift you decide for the pregnant woman in your life, just make sure you put some extra thought into it, because she deserves a little extra love right now. Not to mention, she’s hormonal, and wouldn’t you rather your gift trigger some pregnancy happy-tears than scary pregnancy rage? It’s worth the extra effort to do it right.

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