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smiling pregnant woman standing by window, holding up a newborn onesie
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20 Best Gifts For Pregnant Women & Expecting Moms

Sure, moms-to-be love getting cute baby clothes or baby store gift cards. But if you really want to show her you care, get her a gift that’s just for her.

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Everyone deserves a loving gift now and then, but anyone suffering from first-trimester nausea, second-trimester swelling, or third-trimester discomfort could use a little extra love. While they may not be able to take away food aversions or round ligament pains, the best gifts for pregnant women are the ones that will make them smile, help them relax, or at least take their mind off being kicked in the ribs for a little while.

Even the best and easiest pregnancy is hard on a woman’s body, emotions, and energy levels in general. After all, she’s growing a human and that’s hard work. If she’s doing it while also chasing around an older sibling (or siblings), it’s all the more exhausting. She’s also likely spending a lot of time thinking about and planning for the baby, so chances are high she’s not spoiling herself at the moment and could use a little spoiling from someone else.

The best gifts are the ones with some kind of sentimental value, so whether it’s a personalized piece of jewelry, a mommy and me outfit, or something that will help her relax in the final stretch of pregnancy, mama-to-be will be grateful for the thought you put into her gift. However, if you’re not entirely sure where to start, here are some ideas to help you out.


A Heating Pad That Holds On Tight

If she likes simple jewelry, consider this bangle with a mom and baby elephants (or elephant, if this is her first). You can add up to three baby elephants and opt to include a little charm with initials. The bracelet is available in rose gold or sterling silver and slides over the hand.


Maternity Robe

She can wear a maternity robe during pregnancy, at the hospital during labor and after delivery, and well after the baby is born (and a robe is especially great for easy breastfeeding at home). You can opt to get her something floor-length or a midi robe like this one. Think about what she likes to wear and find a robe with a similar color scheme and prints so you know she’ll like it.


Personalized Ice Cream

If she’s craving ice cream, then give her exactly what she wants with some personalized pints. You can choose to have either four or eight pints delivered to her in more than 20 flavors. To make it even sweeter, you get to personalize the label for her, so you can add a picture of the sonogram or an encouraging note to remind her she’s doing an awesome job.


Pregnancy Journal

Pregnancy is a time in life that you will never forget but simultaneously never really remember. Keeping a journal will allow her to look back later and remember the first kicks, when the baby rolled over in her tummy for the first time, and the day she found out the gender. It will be something she truly treasures as her baby grows up.


New Accessories

No matter how cute the maternity clothes are, it’s not always easy to feel your best during pregnancy, but buying some new accessories helps. Get her some new earrings, a cute headband, or a fun pair of sunglasses. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, just something that will make her feel a little more like herself.


Beautiful Art

You can download this gorgeous artwork and get it printed and framed for mom-to-be to hang in her room or office, or even in the baby’s nursery. The digital download comes with five files so you can choose what size you want the print to be based on the frame you purchase, but if you need a custom size you can send the shop owner a quick note and they will happily work with you to get it just right.


A Dozen Cupcakes

You don’t have to live nearby a Sprinkles bakery to get mom-to-be some of their delightful cupcakes because they’ll ship a dozen of them right to your door across the US. You can choose between a box of 12 red velvet cupcakes, 12 “celebration” sprinkle cupcakes, or an assorted box with three red velvet, three vanilla, three dark chocolate, and three sprinkle flavor. They don’t have to be eaten in one sitting, either, she can just pop them in the freezer and thaw one any time that craving hits.


"Pregnant AF" Sweatshirt

There comes a point in most pregnancies when the bump and maternity clothes stop feeling cute and are just flat-out uncomfortable. If your mama-to-be is in that zone then she’ll love this sweatshirt that is the perfect blend of comfy and DGAF. This sweatshirt comes in unisex adult sizing, so order accordingly, and in three colors.


#MomLife Coloring Book

For the days when she needs to take her mind off the heartburn, insomnia, or nausea, this 74-page coloring book can help distract and destress her. Each page has an intricate design that is inspired by mom-life with sayings like “Bra Off, Hair Up, Sweats On” and “This Is My Circus, These Are My Monkeys.”


A New Streaming App

If there is ever a time in life where someone should just kick back, relax, and watch TV, it’s during pregnancy. While Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime are among the best OG platforms, there are some really great others to consider, too, like Peacock, Disney+, AppleTV, HBO Max, and so many more. If she needs to relax, this is the way to get her to kick back and rest


Splash Of Colorful Makeup

A new colorful lip color, eye shadow palette, or nail polish can make a lot of difference to someone’s look, so if mom-to-be is feeling a little “blah” in her same old maternity clothes (and doesn’t want to invest in more), gift her some new makeup. If you’re not sure what to get, try talking to a store associate to get a suggestion or, if all else fails, a gift card to her favorite beauty store or a mani/pedi appointment will suffice.


Oil Diffuser

Assuming she’s not having strong reactions to scents, an oil diffuser with essential oils has the potential to help settle her nausea, relax her, and even lull her to sleep. This one has a stylish design that can easily blend in with decor, an auto shut-off feature, and a nine-hour runtime.


Silk Sleep Mask

Sleep should be savored now before the baby comes along, so make it a little more luxurious for her with a silk eye mask. This one comes in a variety of colors and is made from pure silk inside and outside, which is great for the skin because it won’t cause breakouts and doesn’t soak up (read: waste) any face products. Not to mention, that pregnancy exhaustion is real, so if nothing else this will help her fall asleep when it’s still bright outside.


An Uplifting Book

Reading is always a great way to pass the time, so if she loves a good book pick up something that’s full of encouragement, humor, and love. This can be a novel, biography, or a collection of stories and poems like this book by Morgan Harper Nichols. It doesn’t have to be specific to motherhood, just something that will keep her spirits lifted as she goes through pregnancy and that she can turn back to when she’s having a tough day long after the baby has arrived.


Birthstone Jewelry

As long as you’re confident you know when your baby’s birth month will be, you can get her a sentimental gift like this necklace. Choose between sterling silver, gold, or rose gold, and then fill the circle charm with the baby’s birthstone. It’s a sweet and subtle way for her to show her love for her new baby.


Family Matching Shirts

If she loves matching family outfits, get her and the baby each a “Dope” top. The shirts and onesies are both made from soft 100% cotton and are super cozy. Size up so she can wear her shirt throughout her pregnancy and then style it up with a knot once her belly is gone and she’s ready to match her babe.


Love For Her Bump

The belly does a lot of growing and stretching throughout pregnancy, which can be painful, but this kit with four baby bump-focused products can help. She’ll get body butter, soothing jelly, body oil, and body lotion which are all designed to work together to keep mom’s skin comfortable and glowing. Also, all of the products are made with the purest ingredients possible to limit skin irritation or reactions.


A Daily Reminder That She Can Do Anything

Every time she goes to put on her jewelry for the day, she’ll see this clay dish and get a little burst of confidence (which is always nice, but especially so during pregnancy). You can get this handmade dish with one of three phrases stamped on it, all of which are encouraging and empowering. Not to mention, it’s gorgeous.


New Cozy Slippers

A new pair of slippers is always a great gift, but they’re an extra special treat when your feet are swollen and tired from carrying the weight of a baby all day. They’re slip-ons so she won’t have to bed over to put them on or take them off, and they’re lined with super soft and warm shearling that will wrap around her feet like a pillow. It’s a gift she will love well into motherhood, too, especially every time she gets up to go to the nursery for a middle-of-the-night feeding.


A Soothing Bath

This magnesium bath soak was formulated to help with magnesium deficiency, which is a common issue for pregnant women. Magnesium can help settle a nauseous stomach, reduce stress, ease the pain of headaches, and improve sleep. With this bath soak, she can sit back and relax while breathing in the scents of lavender and ylang-ylang and giving her body a boost