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7 Sweet Elephant Tattoos That Represent The Fierce Bond Between Mom & Baby

Forget mama bears, it’s mama elephants that are the most protective.

Across the animal kingdom, mamas are incredibly protective of their babies, but elephant moms especially should not be messed with. It’s their protective nature that has inspired the mom and baby elephant tattoo trend that seems to be as strong as ever (and doesn’t show any sign of slowing down). If this trend tells us anything, it’s that moms who feel like they’ve been taken over by their primal instincts to protect their young are in some very good company.

What Does The Mom & Baby Elephant Tattoo Mean?

If you’re not a fan of National Geographic or Animal Planet, then the only exposure you may have had to a mama elephant’s protective nature is from the heartbreaking scene in Dumbo when his mom attacks people for making fun of him (then we are subsequently crushed even more when we hear the song “Baby Mine” and watch her rock him back and forth in her trunk, but I digress). While this is obviously an animated adaptation of an elephant’s instinct to protect her baby at all costs, it’s true that mama elephants will go to great lengths to keep their babies safe and are never too scared to step into harmful situations if it means they can protect their little ones.

Knowing this, it’s no wonder why mom and baby elephant tattoos are so popular among parents (and even grandparents) who want to get inked. It’s a visual representation that they will do whatever it takes to keep their babies safe. What makes it even more special is that since tattoos are permanent, a parent with this specific design is implying that they will protect their child for as long as they’re alive, no matter if they’re a baby or an adult with kids of their own.

Mom & Baby Elephant Tattoo Examples

Understanding the meaning behind these tattoos makes them all the more appealing. So, if you’re in the market for a mom and baby elephant tattoo of your own, here are a few beautiful designs to help inspire you.


With The Baby’s Name

This design is a great way to implement both the mama and baby elephant symbolism and get your child’s name tattooed to you at the same time. This design is cute on its own, but you can change it up by having the name drawn in the elephant’s skin so that it’s a little more subtle.


Matching Tattoos

What’s better than a mom and baby elephant tattoo? A matching mom and baby elephant tattoo with your own mom. If you’re a parent, this is extra touching because it will not only represent your own mom’s love for you, but also your love for your babies.


Intertwined Trunks

These little elephants are adorable, and their design is simple and whimsical. What makes this specific tattoo stand out, though, is how their trunks are intertwined and have a heart coming out of them. Everything about this design says “love.”


Lifelike Elephants

If you’re someone who prefers more realistic or intricate tattoos to minimalist designs, consider something like this, which looks seriously lifelike. This is an especially good option for someone who is either starting or working on filling out a sleeve of a bunch of different tattoos. Either way, it’s stunning.


Walking In A Row

Not every parent is one-and-done, so a design like this one is perfect for someone who wants all of their babies to be represented. Elephants are known to walk in cute rows like this, holding tails with their trunks, and with this design, you can keep adding to it as your family continues to grow.


A Double-Meaning Design

In some cultures, elephants are symbols of royalty, strength, and other admirable qualities. Given their high status, they’re often given beautiful dressings, similar to the ones in this tattoo. So, this mom (and grandma) not only has an incredible tattoo representing her instinct to protect her baby but that also symbolizes all of the qualities that are worshiped.


A Splash Of Color

So many mama and baby elephant tattoos are done in a neutral black ink, and while they’re still absolutely beautiful, if you’re someone who likes color, then this tattoo by Anna Corbett can serve as some gorgeous inspiration. This art features a family of elephants, each with its own splash of watercolor around it. It’s a lovely way to lean into the mama and baby elephant tattoo trend while still adding some personality to your personal design.

Whether you’re looking for something simple and discreet, or larger-than-life, these mom and baby elephant tattoo ideas are beautiful in design and meaning.