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34 Great Gifts For 2-Year-Olds

You’ll find more than just noisy toys on this list.

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Toddlerhood is arguably one of the most fun, but challenging, phases of development for kids and parents. A 2-year-old can usually have just as much fun playing with a learning toy that lights up and makes noise as they can playing with the cardboard box it comes in. The best gifts for 2-year-olds range from simple puzzles to ride-on toys and everything in between.

What to consider before shopping for 2-year-olds

When shopping for a gift for a 2-year-old, consider the longevity and amount of use they’ll get from the gift. Is it a toy that they’ll outgrow or lose interest in a few months from now or will they enjoy it even more as they grow?

Consider the age-appropriateness of each 2-year-old gift option. Look for toys that are equal parts engaging and educational, so they’ll hold a toddler’s attention, but they can also learn while they play.

Gifts that are intended to grow with the child are also top contenders. A sturdy scooter that a 2-year-old can sit on and scoot for a while and then eventually learn to stand and ride will be fun for years to come.

If you’re looking for the best gifts for 2-year-olds, you’ve come to the right place. This list is full of fun choices for this active age group that you can order on Amazon and have shipped right to your doorstep.

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An interactive (& educational) book about animals

Pros: Learn science concepts in an interactive, fun way.

Cons: Batteries are required.

If you’re looking for a gift for a 2-year-old that will help them learn and keep them engaged, but goes above and beyond a basic book, the LeapFrog 100 Animals Book is a fantastic option. This interactive book’s 6 double-sided pages feature a variety of animals grouped together by their habitat. Using the book’s 3 different modes, a toddler can choose to play the animal’s names and sounds, learn fun facts, or sing along to songs in both English and Spanish.


Some cute sunglasses with a convenient strap

Pros: Polarized, built-in UV protection, flexible design with an adjustable strap.

Cons: Flexible silicone frames can be stretched to the point that the sides of the glasses won’t “snap back” in place.

You don’t have to worry about your toddler losing this pair of RIVBOS kids sunglasses thanks to the adjustable strap that’s affixed to the frames. Not only are these sunglasses super cute and affordable, but they also provide protection from harmful UV rays and block blue light. Made from soft silicone, they’re flexible and shouldn’t break, but if they do get damaged, they’re backed by a lifetime breakage warranty. The purple and pink frames with a polka-dot bow and black lenses are just adorable, but these sunglasses are also available with mirrored lenses and an assortment of frame colors to choose from.

Review: “Bought these as part of a summer gift basket for my nieces. They love them and they have held up well to the wear and tear of active toddlers.”


A drawing tablet with two different surfaces

Pros: Portable, double-sided, and virtually mess-free.

Cons: The drawing surface is small.

Emerging artists will adore this double-sided drawing tablet. The My First Crayola Double Doodle Board has 2 distinct areas to draw in using different methods. On one side is a dark blue surface made with gel inside of a sealed area where children can use their fingers to press and doodle in a mess-free way. Flip the board over, and on the other side is a white reusable drawing surface where they can use the included blue, red, and green Washable Crayola Crayons to draw and color. To reuse the white surface, simply wipe the crayon marks away with a damp cloth or wipe.

Review: “Fun for kids in the car while traveling. My 15 year old and 2 year old fight over it lol. Crayola crayons come off easily with a baby wipe.”


A CoComelon musical microphone

Pros: Plays CoComelon songs on-demand.

Cons: Plays CoComelon songs on-demand.

It’s no secret that Cocomelon is incredibly popular with toddlers; an important factor to consider when shopping for gifts for 2-year-olds. The eKids CoComelon Toy Microphone lets toddlers share their fandom loud and proud for the whole family to hear, complete with built-in songs from the show. With just the press of a button, toddlers can use the microphone to amplify their voice while performing their favorite tunes. The microphone is decorated with cute CoComelon graphics and also illuminates with flashing lights when in use.

Review: “My daughter saw this on the Walmart ad (she’s 2) and she kept pointing at it. Checked Walmart they were sold out but Amazon had it, ordered it and had it the next day. My daughter is very happy and I now, no longer can get “the wheels on the bus” out of my head. But like I said my daughter is happy so that’s all that matters. Good buy, I recommend.”


A hedgehog toy to encourage fine motor skill development

Pros: Promotes color and number recognition, as well as fine motor skill practice.

Cons: Additional quill pegs cannot be purchased separately.

From Learning Resources, Spike The Fine Motor Hedgehog is a cute and fun gift for a 2-year-old to help encourage fine motor skill development. The 2-piece hedgehog base measures about 6-inches in diameter and has 12 small, numbered holes to guide colorful quills into. Each quill is a different color to help promote color recognition and is designed to improve hand strength as toddlers grab and grasp the quills to add to the hedgehog base. After use, the quills can be put away inside of the base’s interior compartment for easy storage.

Review: “This toys was recommended by my Occupational Therapist and it has been a great help for my daughter who a little behind on her motor skills. At first she just pulled them out, but over time she worked to put them back in. She is really good at it now. We have to watch the quills though, they try to disappear under everything.”


A set of soft rolling vehicles

Pros: Made from soft and flexible material; sized for toddler hands.

Cons: Pull-back mechanism doesn’t let cars travel very far on carpet.

When it’s time to choose a gift for a 2-year-old who loves to play with things that move or roll, 3-pack of classic car toys is hard to beat. The B. Toys Mini Pull-Back Vehicles Set includes a police car, school bus, and a racecar, each thoughtfully designed with a cute face on the front. Made from plastic material that’s soft and flexible, they’re safe for toddlers to get a little rough with, but the working wheels still really move when pulled back and let go.

Review: “Our two-year-old grandson loves these vehicles! They have been the birthday present that he plays with constantly. They are cute, colorful, and they fit his little hands perfectly. He mainly pushes them, but he loves it when we pull them back and send them over to him. They go in the barn, through the Duplo carwash and down the carwash ramp. The cars make a ratcheting sound when they roll, and I think that is part of their attraction for him. Could not be happier with this purchase and I expect to buy another set for our other grandson when he turns two.”


A soft throw blanket with a cute pattern

Pros: Soft and fluffy feel; perfectly-sized for toddlers.

Cons: Not thick enough to use alone when it’s particularly cold out.

This TILLYOU Microfleece throw blanket is a great gift for a 2-year-old who loves to snuggle. Made from 100% premium microfleece, it has a soft and fuzzy feel that provides warmth without being too heavy or thick, so it’s great for year-round use. The blanket measures 40 by 50 inches, so it’s larger than a baby blanket, but still small enough to use as a stroller blanket or in a toddler bed. It’s also machine washable and can be put in the dryer on low heat. The pink cloud motif is adorable for toddlers, but it’s available in a variety of other colors and patterns including dinosaurs, chevron stripes, and multiple solid colors.

Review: “I love the color, it matches the color scheme of my daughter's room. It's the perfect size for crib as the baby blankets are now a bit small. It's super soft, so could make a good throw for the little one, but it is very thin, so not a winter blanket, but maybe as second bedding layer under a comforter if you get really cold winters or don't want to crank up the heat.”


An interactive piggy bank to practice counting

Pros: Develops counting skills, encourages fine motor development, and plays music.

Cons: Sounds are not all that loud.

With 40 fun sing-along songs, musical tunes, and phrases, the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Piggy is a toddler-worthy introduction to the benefits of saving wisely. Two levels of play are designed to keep little ones entertained and learning as they grow. The 10 colorful coins that are included with the set can be put into the top of the piggy bank and counted in one mode, but the numbered coins can also be removed from the pig’s belly to count manually as well. I remember my own kids playing with this exact piggy bank when they were toddlers close to a decade ago, but it is still an incredibly popular choice and well-received gift for 2-year-olds today.

Review: “This is a must buy in my opinion. It helps with fine motor skills and it’s not too loud or annoying. The coins will get everywhere, but other than that, it’s really a solid toy. My baby loves playing with it. Great toy to play with together.”


A giant bag of big building blocks

Pros: Encourages imagination and creativity.

Cons: Little fingers can sometimes get pinched between blocks.

Ask any parent of older kids and they will tell you that in the years before LEGO bricks litter your home’s floor, huge, colorful, MEGA BLOKS are perfect practice for toddler builders. Inside the MEGA BLOKS Big Building Bag are 80 plastic building blocks in numerous shapes and colors that fit together easily. For 2-year-olds who love to create, they can build over and over again with this set of blocks and even use them in conjunction with other MEGA BLOKS sets.

Review: “My toddler loves these building blocks and will spend so much time building and taking apart and rebuilding. Great way to help your child build up their ability to manipulate different shapes while also using their imagination. I also like to sit with her and go over the colors of the different blocks and she has learned several colors while playing with these.”


A toddler umbrella that’s shaped like a shark

Pros: Lightweight, built-in UV-protection, and a 3-D design that’s fun for kids.

Cons: There’s no latch to prevent the umbrella from opening when turned upside down.

The 2-foot-wide canopy on the Stephen Joseph Pop Up Umbrella is the perfect size to keep little ones completely covered when out in the rain. The 3D fins at the top of the shark umbrella are so cute, but these umbrellas also come in a variety of other animal shapes with 3D features like a frog, a bear, and even a unicorn. These umbrellas are lightweight, wind-resistant, and have built-in UV protection if you want to use them for sun protection. They also have an easy-open design that is safe and easy for little fingers to operate, a curved handle to make carrying it easier, and a hook-and-loop closure to wrap the entire thing up when not in use.

Review: “All of the designs are adorable and the colors are bright. The kids love them. They are very sturdy and very easy for the kids to open on their own. Everyone loves the pop up designs and we always get compliments. When you pull the umbrella out of the plastic packing they come in, there is a small smell of plastic. But if you air them out in the garage or another room, the smell quickly goes away. We've had our umbrella for 2 years now and it has held up wonderfully even though the rough play and constant opening and closing.”


Simple, wooden puzzles to play with

Pros: Designed to hold up through toddlerhood and beyond.

Cons: Puzzle boards are small; approximately 6 square inches.

Some of the best gifts for 2-year-olds are classic toys that encourage learning, but keep them engaged with bright colors and fun designs. This pack of Hrayipt Wooden Puzzles checks every box. Each of the 6 wooden jigsaw puzzles has a different theme — a turtle, a teddy bear, a butterfly, a crab, an owl, and an airplane — and includes 4 to 6 ergonomically-designed, smooth wooden pieces perfectly-sized for a toddler’s hand to grasp.

Review: “Wanted some puzzles like my sons had growing up! Heavy duty ones that held up to a toddler learning new things. These puzzles hit the mark. Wonderful construction, colors, durability!!!”


A tunnel to crawl through

Pros: Easy to collapse and store flat in the included storage bag.

Cons: Some reviewers noted wire poking through the tunnel in spots after a fair amount of use.

A colorful crawling tunnel that assembles in seconds and packs away flat tops the list of fun gifts for active 2-year-olds. The SweHouse Kids Play Tunnel has an opening on each end that is approximately 18-inches in diameter with a full 68 inches of length for toddlers to crawl through and play in. The sides have alternating panels of lightweight materials in bright colors with mesh sides for breathability and endless games of peek-a-boo. When playtime is through, simply gather from end to end, twist the tube into the locked position, and zip it away in the included carrying bag.

Review: “I bought this for my granddaughter and she loved it! We rolled balls back and forth through it along with other toys we could toss in. I was able to get in part of the way. It’s nice because you can see through the netting. I did read negative reviews about wire poking through so I keep and eye on it when bringing it out to play. So far, it has been good. Easy to collapse into the zippered bag.”


An interactive alphabet wall chart

Pros: Engaging, colorful, and stimulating way to learn letters and numbers.

Cons: Sounds can be too soft or muffled.

The Narrio Interactive Alphabet Wall Chart gives toddlers the opportunity to learn letters, sounds, and numbers. Each square features a different letter or number paired with a colorful illustration of a familiar object that begins with that letter or the amount represented by the number shown. When pressed, the chart makes an array of sounds including pronunciation of the letter or number, the sound a letter makes, a song to sing along with, or a question to answer. Between the sensory stimulation, auditory experience, and learning reinforcement, this fun chart is an excellent teaching tool and gift all in one.

Review: “Wow! This wall chart is so good. It has letters and words, numbers, and you can spell it! I really love it, good quality, not easy to scratch, waterproof coating not to get wet, easy to clean, adjustable sound and clear spelling! Oh, and it turns off automatically.”


A set of fun dinosaur t-shirts

Pros: Tagless shirts with double-stitched hem for durability.

Cons: Some reviewers claim that the sizing runs a bit small.

For the 2-year-old in your life who loves dinosaurs, this set of MSSMART dinosaur t-shirts will make them roar with delight. Your purchase includes three short-sleeved tees made from soft and lightweight 100% cotton material. The dinosaur pack has red, yellow, and white shirts included, each with a different type of dinosaur graphic with a fun saying on the front. If dinos aren’t their thing, there are a variety of other shirt styles available to choose from with different themes including space, sports, cars, construction, and more. The shirts come in sizes from 2T-3T through 5-6 youth, but several reviewers on Amazon mention that the sizing runs small, so it’s best to size up.

Review: “The quality is great for the price. Love these tees, but not as much as that little one!”


A STEM peg board toy that teaches colors and shapes

Pros: A drawstring carrying bag keeps the pieces of this set together when not in use.

Cons: The foam board can get dented and marked up easily.

This Montessori-style toy may look deceptively simple, but it can provide more than enough STEM enrichment and entertainment for 2-year-olds. The Skoolzy Peg Board is an 8-inch square board made from sturdy foam that comes with 36 pegs in various colors with different shapes on the top. The oversized pegs are easy for toddler hands to manipulate, helping them practice fine motor skills as they insert and remove pegs into different positions, stack pegs, and balance them on top of one another. Using this set, toddlers can practice counting, color and shape recognition, sorting skills, and more.

Review: “Kids really enjoyed this toy, both my 3 year old son and my 2 year old daughter. The board the pegs go into is kind of a foam like substance. Sturdy though not rippable foam. At first I was disappointed that it was soft foam but really that’s for the best. Nobody will get hurt in case a fight breaks out between the two kids. Lol at least not from the board. The best part is it all fits in the drawstring bag that comes with it. So easy cleanup and storage. And way more pegs came with it that I thought there would be. Arrived on time. No issues.”


A toddler-sized set of plastic tools

Pros: Encourages pretend play and imagination.

Cons: Made from plastic, the tools don’t rotate or operate in a realistic way.

Some of the best gifts for 2-year-olds are toys that mimic items they see adults using every day. The Learning Resources New Sprouts Fix It! My Very Own Tool Set includes a variety of plastic tools in bright colors that are designed to fit comfortably in a toddler’s hands. The 6-piece set comes complete with a screwdriver, wrench, hammer, saw, drill, and a toolbox with a handle to carry everything in. Though none of the tools have moving parts, the drill does make a realistic drilling sound when the button is pressed.

Review: “This toolbox & tool set are perfect for the toddlers & twos in your life who want to be like Mom or Dad & help fix things. The set is sturdy & a good size for small hands; not too big but not tiny either. Everything is safe. With a new baby coming into the family, I wanted tools that would be safe in the hands of a two year old with an infant in the home. No batteries are needed. The drill makes a clicking sound. The rubber is soft but sturdy on all the pieces. The tools & toolbox are durable & not easily broken. I highly recommend this toolset.”


A toddler-sized golf set

Pros: Promotes physical and mental development.

Cons: Made from plastic.

One gift for a 2-year-old that they won’t soon outgrow is this Toyvelt Toddler Golf Set. An ideal first set to encourage their physical and mental growth, each set includes 6 soft golf balls, 4 lightweight toddler-sized clubs with different club heads, a putting mat, 2 practice holes, and a convenient carrying case to store the clubs and balls. The cute design with bright colors is a fun way to introduce little ones to the game of golf before they’re big enough to hit a real course.

Review: “This was a great gift for my son. It was easy to assemble and seems sturdy so far. The gold balls are light weight and fun to play with or without the clubs. So far he finds time to play with it daily.”


A magnetic drawing board table

Pros: Tabletop design with 4 removable legs, bright colors, includes magnetic stamps.

Cons: The drawing space is small at approximately 7 by 5 inches.

For budding artists, the Bablocvid Magnetic Drawing Board is a fun way to create colorful works of art over and over again. Unlike some magnetic drawing boards that only offer black and white designs, this one has four color areas; red, blue, green, and yellow. When drawing in each area with the attached stylus, one of the four colors will appear. It also comes with two geometric stampers to create fun shapes. To erase, simply pull the bottom slide back and forth to wipe clean and start drawing all over again. The board’s tabletop design is just right for 2-year-olds, as it can be propped up on 4 legs that stand approximately 6.5-inches tall. The legs can also be removed for drawing on the go. This doodle board is available in pink, blue, and green.

Review: “Perfect gift for little ones just learning to draw! Stamps are so cute and can be used to “color” in the board! Easy to slide eraser. We got this for a two year old and she loves it! She is just learning to scribble- but the stamps are fun and bring out the bright colors of the board! Great purchase!”


A squishy night light that’s shaped like a puppy

Pros: Remote-operated, 9 colors to choose from, soft and huggable.

Cons: Touch controls on the light are sometimes too sensitive.

The LumiPets Puppy Dog Night Light is a fun and functional gift for a 2-year-old who is scared of the dark. This puppy-shaped night light stands approximately 7.5-inches tall, glows in 9 different colors, and is a cute decoration for a 2-year-old’s room. It’s made from a kid-safe silicone material that is soft to the touch, and it also doesn’t heat up like other night lights, so toddlers can safely touch and hug their cuddly friend if they want. Use plugged into a USB charger or unplugged for up to 12 hours of continuous light. You can use the included remote control to change the night light’s color, set a timer for the light to turn off, or adjust the brightness, but can also make the same adjustments manually on the light itself with touch controls that work with just a light tap.

Review: “Great night light for my daughters room. So many colors and brightness levels to choose from. The timer option is nice to ensure the light does not stay in all night long. Suggest leaving the remote close by in case your child wakes in the middle of the night. Remote is easy to learn.”


A classic wooden farm set for pretend play

Pros: No-tech toy, made from durable wood.

Cons: Each piece can be put inside the barn through any hole, negating the shape-sorting aspect of this toy.

Each piece of this Melissa & Doug Wooden Take-Along Sorting Barn Toy is thoughtfully designed to encourage hours of pretend play for 2-year-olds. Included with the set is an 8-inch-tall barn with a flip-top roof and carrying handle, and 10 smaller pieces including various farm animals, a farmer, and a tractor. The wooden pieces are chunky and smooth, so that toddlers can easily grasp them, and they all fit snugly inside of the red barn via sorting holes for easy storage.

Review: “I was a little unsure about this toy because it’s pretty plain (no lights, sounds, buttons etc) but my little one loves Old Macdonald so I figured we’d give it a shot. She loves it SO SO much! We have had it for about 3 months now and she still plays with it every day!! Great purchase!”


A wooden fishing game that teaches colors & letters

Pros: Promotes letter and color recognition.

Cons: The magnets are small, so the hold isn’t always strong.

A variation of the classic kid’s toy, the Coogan Wooden Magnet Fishing Game is a beautiful set to give as a gift for a 2-year-old. The 26 wooden fish included each have a letter of the alphabet printed on them and a magnetic area on one end. To play, find the fish that matches the color and letter shown in a space on the board and transfer it there using one of the 2 included wooden magnetic fishing poles. Not only is this a fun game to play together with a toddler, but it can help them with color and letter recognition as well.

Review: “Very nicely made! My 2 yr old grandson loves this. It teaches him colors and introduces the alphabet also. He loves ‘fishing’ for the wooden fish by color. The inside of the hole is marked with the color and letter of each fish so putting away is fun also. Would highly recommend.”


A bubble-blowing lawn mower toy

Pros: Makes real lawnmower sounds, is lightweight, and produces plenty of bubbles.

Cons: Bubbles will spill out if the toy is tipped over.

The Lydaz Bubble Lawn Mower is an iconic toddler toy and a great gift for outdoor play. Simply pour bubble solution into the front well, give it a push, and watch the bubbles fly. It even makes realistic engine and gear sounds like a real lawnmower. At just under 18-inches tall and with a lightweight, plastic design, the handle of this bubble mower is the ideal height for 2-year-olds. It can also be easily disassembled for cleaning and storage when not in use. This mower toy comes with 3 bottles of bubble solution, but does require 3 AA batteries, not included with this purchase.

Review: “Seriously, one of the best toy purchases we’ve made. If your kid loves bubbles, or if they love pushing things it’s obviously a win. You really can’t go wrong with this. Our kid has played with it nonstop since we bought it. Worth every penny.”


An interactive pet carrier with a stuffed pet to care for inside

Pros: Interactive, sturdy, and ideally-sized for toddlers.

Cons: Packaging can be difficult to open.

Draw on a 2-year-old’s empathetic and nurturing nature when you gift them this VTech Care For Me Learning Carrier set. The cute pet carrier has interactive features like buttons that light up and make sounds, a sing-a-long mode, phrases that introduce pet care topics, shapes, colors, and more. Included with this toy is everything your toddler needs to care for their new soft and plush animal friend including a bowl, ball, comb, and bottle, perfect for imaginative play.

Review: “This little dog and crate are adorable! My daughter bought it for her niece. She loves it! The dog is small and just the right size for a toddler to carry around. The different buttons and sounds on the crate make it an educational experience. She also loves the bottle and dog food that came with it - so cute!”


A foam bowling set with numbered pins

Pros: Promotes number recognition, hand-eye coordination, and gross motor skills.

Cons: Made from soft foam that toddlers may try to bite into.

The iPlay, iLearn Kids Bowling Set comes with 10 foam pins and 2 small foam balls that are perfectly-sized for little hands. An ideal gift for 2-year-olds, each bowling pin features a bright and colorful design with a number 1-10 printed on the front to help toddlers learn number recognition. Lightweight and easy to set up indoors or out, this bowling game is a fun way for toddlers to practice hand-eye coordination and use their gross motor skills.

Review: “My toddlers 2 and 4 loved this game and even had fun setting it up. I say soft because being toddlers they started hitting each other and had more fun with that. My 2 year old took a pin and knocked the others down instead of using the ball. Very entertaining.”


Basic remote control cars

Pros: The easy-to-operate remotes are an ideal choice for a first remote controlled toy.

Cons: Cars may not roll well on carpeted floors.

For toddlers who love to play with toys that are more akin to what they see the “big kids” in their lives playing with, this set of Pretex Remote Control Cars is the perfect gift. The set comes complete with 2 cars, 2 removable action figures, and 2 remote controls that are designed for little hands to easily operate. Controlled by a battery-powered remote that’s shaped like a steering wheel in a matching color, the cars make realistic sounds and have flashing headlights. Each vehicle requires 3 AAA batteries and each remote control requires 2 AA batteries, not included.

Review: “This was one of the best purchases I've made for my grandson. He was 2 when I bought it and now 3 1/2 and still loves to play with it. We both do!”


A unicorn to ride & bounce on

Pros: White and pink fuzzy unicorn cover is fully machine washable.

Cons: Can be slow to inflate.

Toddlers can hop, bounce, and ride on the iPlay, iLearn Bouncy Pals Unicorn Bouncy Horse. Made from a flexible rubber material inside with a soft and fluffy exterior cover, this bouncing toy is an ideal gift for active 2-year-olds. It inflates using an included hand pump, can be used indoors or out, and then deflated to store when not in use. From the tip of its rainbow horn to the end of the fuzzy tail, the exterior white and pink unicorn cover is fully machine washable.

Review: “I was on the fence with this item when I got it for my two year old at Christmas. But it was super easy to fill up, and it is very cute. My daughter can bounce on it all she wants and it does an amazing job of dulling any noise that would be associated, it's quiet even when she bounces hard. It is a good size for her, and she is slightly big for her age, so I would probably use up to maybe 4 years old and then I think she will be too large for it. I believe it would probably hold the weight of a child slightly bigger, but it is low to the ground so probably not good for bouncing at that point. Good product though, and glad I bought it.”


A rotating shape-sorter truck

Pros: Promotes fine motor skills, shape, and color recognition.

Cons: If lost, replacement blocks are not available for purchase.

Many shape-sorting toys are intended for babies and young toddlers, but with a rotating design, the Top Bright Wooden Shape Sorter Truck is a step up from the traditional toy and a top choice for 2-year-olds. The truck comes with 7 wooden blocks in various shapes and colors, each intended to fit through a different hole in the truck’s mixer well. After all of the shapes are inside, the well can be tipped back to dump the blocks out and start all over again. It even comes with a cute little driver and a pull string to transport the truck toy from place to place.

Review: “Wow. My 1.5 year old and 2.5 year old both love this toy!! Very very very well made! The little wood blocks fit easily into their spaces. The back circle opens so you can dump the blocks out, again, easily. There’s a compartment under the cement mixer where you can store the blocks, they fit nicely. The man is cute and fits in his little place at the front! Extremely durable! Highly recommend gifting this and then buying one for your own child. All the parts are EASY to move and work with!”


An open-ended building toy set for the bathtub

Pros: An open-ended bath toy set that won’t soon be outgrown.

Cons: Some toddlers may be easily frustrated if they cannot connect the pieces correctly.

For 2-year-olds who have outgrown many of their baby bath toys, the Boon BUNDLE Building Toddler Bath Toy Set is a great gift to upgrade their bathroom toy collection. Each of the 13 piece of this set have suction cups on the back to stick on the wall or the side of the tub. The 5 pipes, 5 cogs, and 3 tubes included can be arranged in various ways so that the cogs spin and water flows through the pipes. The set is intended for kids from ages 12 months and up, but based on comments from reviewers, kids in the 2-year-old to 4-year-old age range tend to enjoy the challenge of fitting together the parts of this set and using it as designed.

Review: “What brilliant bath toys! They all do something slightly different and both my kids (3 and 1 years old) have enjoyed exploring them. The pipes and tubes we fill with a bath jug and watch rotate or drip water. I saw a previous comment stating that the cogs we're useless as they don't turn with the water out of the pipes and tubes! So we never expected them to rotate based on water flow as they're quite chunky. However the kids probably love these more than the pipes. You can link them up in any order/angle which is fun to experiment with. The kids turn them themselves either under water or on side of bath! So very open ended.”


A toddler-sized cleaning set

Pros: Mimics real-life tasks and promotes independence.

Cons: You may not end up using the stand.

Whether the 2-year-old in your life is interested in copying your every move or you want to get a jump-start on teaching them necessary life skills, this Melissa & Doug Let’s Play House Set is absolutely adorable. It includes a toddler-sized mop, broom, duster, brush, and dustpan that hang on an organizing stand. Designed to look just like real cleaning tools, they’re not only great for pretend play, but they can motivate toddlers to actually learn how to tidy up and promote independence.

Review: “My boys always like the ‘help’ when I'm cleaning but being so small they clunk themselves in the head with the broom and mop. Since buying this as a Christmas gift they take initiative to clean their room or sweep up their messes. I always want them to join in on whatever I'm doing and now I don't have to tell them ‘no you're too small’”


A percussion set with shakers and drums

Pros: The entire set fits inside of the largest drum.

Cons: Things are going to get noisy.

With 7 fun musical instruments included, most 2-year-olds will have a hard time staying quiet with the B. toys Drumroll Please toy set. To foster their love of music, this set is thoughtfully designed with engaging colors and textures to keep toddlers tuned in. Whether they want to blow a slide whistle, shake a tambourine, rattle an egg, or beat a drum, they can do it all. When your eardrums can’t take it anymore, simply pack everything inside of the toy drum and set it aside for your toddler’s next jam session.

Review: “We purchased this music set and another one at Christmas time and I was very impressed with the overall quality of this set, especially for the price. When searching for a music set that mixed ages could use, including teething toddlers, I decided to forgo my previous choice of wooden musical instruments; and I'm so glad I did. This set is made of heavy plastic that is both vibrantly colored and seemingly sturdy, there are no small parts that could break and become a choking hazard, and the drum itself is large enough to store the instruments included and then some. The drum also has a strap that can be worn to aid a child in walking and playing simultaneously; a huge plus for our kids who love marching bands. All in all, I have no negatives about this purchase or the product and I could definitely see myself recommending or purchasing this set again in the future.”


A water table to splash in

Pros: Easy to put together and sturdy once assembled.

Cons: Fishing pole line does not actually reel in.

Is there anything a toddler loves more than playing in water? Watch the 2-year-old in your light light up as they splash the day away at the Little Tikes Fish ’N Splash Water Table. Made from sturdy and durable plastic, this water table stands approximately 29 inches tall and holds approximately 2 gallons of water. It comes with 10 fun accessories including a fishing pole with 5 floating critters, a water cup for scooping and pouring, as well as a fishing net.

Review: “I purchased this item for our grandson who is 20 months old. He absolutely loves playing with this water table. It is very sturdy, I know this because he insists on climbing in it and sitting to play with the toys. He gets cracked up with the little part that pushes down, loves to see the flush fly. Definitely a good investment for a little one”


A sit-to-stand scooter

Pros: Can be used multiple ways, so it grows with your child.

Cons: Assembly is required and some adjustments may be necessary to ensure a smooth ride.

One of the best toddler scooters to give as a gift to a 2-year-old is the Radio Flyer Scoot 2 Scooter. In one mode, the 4-wheeled scooter’s deck position allows toddlers to sit comfortably while holding the handles and propel the scooter with their feet from a seated position with storage for toys underneath. Flip the deck over and toddlers can stand up to ride while holding onto the adjustable handle bar and balancing on the deck with this beginner scooter. Though initial assembly is required, switching the deck back and forth between rides can be done without the use of tools. Intended for kids ages 1 to 4, the scooter’s maximum weight capacity is 44.1-pounds.

Review: “My 2 yr old daughter loves it. It’s a 1 inch higher than her little people scooter, which she ran the wheels off of. Would definitely buy this for my son who is 2 months old when he gets her age. Who knows it still my be around! The hardest part of assembly was opening the box it’s a breeze to put together and the instructions were very clear. Very happy we decided to get the Radio Flyer instead of the other ones we looked at.”


A balance bike that’s lightweight and easy to use

Pros: Ergonomic design, lightweight, exercises gross motor skills.

Cons: Maximum rider weight limit is 55 pounds.

One gift for a 2-year-old that can bring joy for years to come is a balance bike. On the Chillafish Charlie Lightweight Toddler Balance Bike, they’ll learn many of the skills needed to master riding a bicycle, but on 10-inch wheels and a pedal-less frame. Ideal for kids from ages 18 to 48 months, the lightweight metal frame weighs approximately 5.5 pounds, so it’s easy for toddlers to handle. The handlebar and seat are both fully adjustable and there’s an integrated handle at the bike’s center for adults to transport it from place to place. It’s available in multiple colors and, much to a toddler’s delight, can also be outfitted with glow wheels for an additional fee.

Review: “This bike is absolutely perfect for my 2 year old. He has gained so much confidence on this bike and it is small enough for him to feel safe but has also adjusted well as he gets taller. I definitely recommend for an emerging toddler balance bike rider!!”


A slide to play on inside or out

Pros: A fun way to exercise and develop gross motor skills.

Cons: Can be difficult to set up.

The iconic design of the Little Tikes Junior Play Slide makes it a must for any household with a 2-year-old. They can climb up the 2-step ladder with ease and slide down the front to the wide, sturdy base with ease. Though no tools are required to set up the slide, some reviewers note that it is difficult to collapse and re-open the slide when you want to break it down for storage purposes.The slide itself only weighs about 9 pounds, so it’s easy to move indoors and out, depending on where your toddler wants to play that day.

Review: “We bought this slide to give our 2 year old ... He slid for 45 minutes straight the first day. We've gotten additional entertainment value by holding "races" to see whose truck/car/bus could slide then roll the farthest across the floor, who could get their ball into the goal across the room, etc (desperate times, desperate measures). We've also used it as a slide into the kiddie pool. Yes, this was hard to set up. I followed the advice of another reviewer who turned the slide over, stood on the slide part, pushed on the ladder with one hand, and clicked the bar into place with the other. And it was still hard for me. I gave it one star for easy to fold because I have absolutely no intention of wrestling with that bar again. Also, the slide *will* deposit your child on the floor at the bottom until he/she learns to stop with his feet, but this seemed to add to the entertainment value. All in all, totally worth it!”

Shopping for the best gift for a 2-year-old can be fun, but it can also be a challenge. Accomplish the task with this list of the top gifts for 2-year-olds in hand and you really can’t go wrong.

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