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20 Home Run Gifts For 5-Year-Olds

They're a surprisingly finicky bunch.

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Whether your little one is off to kindergarten or they still have another year of preschool, finding the right gift for that age group can be tough. 5 years old is a super sweet age, but it’s also in-between little kid and big kid; you don’t want to get them something that seems “babyish” but you also don’t want the gift to be so challenging that it’s frustrating. On this list you’ll find the best gifts for 5-year-olds because with so many options, it can be hard to get it right.

Whether they’re into playing pretend, world-building, making art and doing crafts, or reading, you’ll find something on this list that they’ll love. What you won’t find is a lot of stuff that’s tied to a certain character or TV show, because it seems like when you’re 5, your “favorite” things change as often as the weather. And even if your 5-year-old is all about dolls and dress-up, you may want to keep this list around for the inevitable last minute scramble to buy one of their classmates a birthday gift. From STEM toys to puzzles, paper dolls, crafts, and even a Barbie dream house, there’s something for all the 5-year-olds in your life.


Stand Up Mic

Kids can sing their hearts out with this rock n' roll microphone that has Bluetooth technology, five pre-recorded songs, and a voice changer. The mic beatboxes and comes with a stand that lights up, and batteries are included.


Garden Growing Kit

With this kit, kids get four planters, liners, and saucers, eight soil pellets, an assortment of seed packets (cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, and basil), and plant labels. It also comes with a strip of paint and a paintbrush so little ones can decorate the planters. All you need to supply is some water.


Walkie Talkies

What kid doesn't love walkie talkies? This set can transmit messages up to three miles in an open area and up to one mile in a residential area. They also have 22 different channels, making it difficult for someone else to pick up on their frequency, and they're available in five fun color options.


A Glowing Unicorn Head

Perfect for the kid that’s equally into making things and playing pretend, this kit includes everything they’ll need to make a glowing unicorn head and tail. They’ll learn how to work with felt and shiny sheets, as the kit teaches a bit about iridescence, plus this is a fun activity for kids and caregivers to do together.


'The Day The Crayons Quit'

This is not a baby book by any means — this one is great for older kids (and parents will love it, too). It's a story about a box of crayons who've left their box and gone on strike because they each have their own grievances over how they are (or aren't) used. Grey is tired of only coloring elephants, red feels overused, pink wants to remind you it's not just a girl color, and orange and yellow are dueling over which of them is the real color of the sun.


Art Set

Budding artists will have everything they need to create works of art with this kit. It comes with 115 pieces including 15 short colored pencils, 56 crayons, 14 big markers, 14 small markers, paper, rubbing plates, and more. Everything is tucked into a cute little carrying case to help kids keep track of everything.


Paper Dolls

Kids can use their imagination and easily change their dolls' clothes as much as they want with one of these gorgeous paper dolls. Each style was designed by artist Adrienne Brown David whose graphic pieces are inspired by the experiences of her own children. Each booklet comes with 6 different outfits that can be mixed and matched together.


Fun Headphones

If you're tired of hearing all the noise that comes from their tablet or laptop, some good kid-size headphones may be a good gift. Have some fun with this purchase by getting a more playful set like these unicorn headphones that come with a 48" auxiliary cord and are equipped with volume control and a microphone speaker.


Marble Run Set

With this set, you get 130 pieces (marbles included) that kids can put together to create all kinds of twisty tracks for their marbles to race down. The pieces come in a variety of colors and are made from high quality, durable plastic. One note, if there is a little sibling in the house, consider how they will handle the small marbles in this set before purchasing it.


A Mini Trampoline

The active 5-year-old (so, all of them) will love this mini trampoline they can use inside, and you’ll love that you don’t have to make a trip outside every time they need to burn some energy. Just note this is designed for a max weight of 55 pounds, so even when it looks super fun, it’s probably best for adults to sit this one out.


Barbie House

What Barbie-loving kid would say no to her Malibu home? Not only do they get the house, but they also get more than 25 accessories along with it like a sofa, dining set, bed, and more. Barbie is going to be living large in this beach house.


A Mermaid Costume

Who says mermaids don’t exist? This costume takes imaginative play to the next level, and the iridescent shimmer on the mermaid tail is irresistible. The skirt wraps


Paint Crafts

By 5 years old, kids can usually paint at the table without needing adult supervision to make sure they don't decide to paint all over the walls and furniture. So, get them some paint sets and figurines to make their own. This set by Melissa and Doug kit comes with two white dinosaurs, four paint colors, and a paintbrush.


MagnaTile Rocket Ship

This fun MagnaTile rocket ship set is truly out of this world. It comes with double-sided tiles that feature the ship on one side, and the sun, the moon, planets, and an astronaut on the other. These are compatible with all MagnaTiles, too, so the fun doesn’t have to end when there are no more pieces left.


Candy Bow Headband

Kids with a love of bows, candy, and accessories will get a kick out of this headband. It's one-size-fits-all and features a see-through oversized bow that's filled with colorful beads and poms that are meant to look like candy in a wrapper.


'I Can Read' Book Set

If they've started to work on their reading, the I Can Read! storybooks are designed to help them along in the process. Even if they aren't actively working on reading quite yet, adults can read these books to them and point out the simple words to get them started on the process. You can find these books with a variety of kid-favorite characters and they are available as single books or in box sets like this Pete the Cat set.


The Floor Is Lava Game

Surely you remember pretending the floor was lava when you were a kid. Today, kids can turn the game of pretend into a full-blown competition. This game comes with tiles to spread on the floor, a spinner, and playing cards. Players have to hop from tile to tile and do little physical activities (like bend over and touch their toes) while also making sure they never touch the lava.



If your LEGO lover is ready to move on from DUPLO blocks, there are tons of great sets that use standard LEGO bricks but are easier builds, like this Spider-Man kit. It comes with 163 pieces including Spider-Man, Ghost Spider, and Mysterio figurines. These smaller blocks will present them with some new challenges and give them plenty of time to also come up with brand new creations.


Coding Robot

Kids who are already showing an interest in coding can learn the basics with this little robot. You have the option of getting just the robot and controller or the 78-piece robot and activity set which includes equipment for even more interactions with the robot and courses and mazes for it to zoom through.


A Challenging Puzzle

You can't go wrong with puzzles, but at this age, it's important to find some that aren't too easy or too hard for 5 year olds (another tough line to walk). If they've been showing a growing interest in puzzles, then you can probably gauge the right number of pieces for them. As for the puzzle design, look for some that will speak to their interests like this one with cars and bikes.

At the age of 5, a kid may not be a baby, but they're still at an age when opening a gift, regardless of what it is, is a joy in and of itself. So, don't worry too much about finding a gift that's just right, because they're probably going to be happy no matter what. Unless you get them a toy for babies, of course.