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The Best Halloween Craft Kits For Kids & Adults

From painting pumpkins to complicated cross stitch, there’s a spooky craft kit for everyone.

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There is nothing quite like a good craft kit. Everyone gets all excited about cooking kits with everything already chopped and ready to go, but that’s how I feel about crafts — especially seasonal craft kits. The amount of Halloween craft kits available to choose from is almost overwhelming, but they are all so good. From creating full-on Halloween decor you can put out every year to making things that will probably only last a season, there is the perfect Halloween craft kit out there waiting for you and your kids.

Most of the items on this list are geared towards children, but some are obviously best for older kids (like the cross stitch and embroidery kits) or crafty adults. Even the littlest Halloween fan can get in on some of these though, especially the Halloween craft kits that just need a hand willing to wave a paint brush or decorate a pumpkin. So pick your favorite, break out of all your favorite Halloween snacks, and make a family night out of crafting, painting, and decorating together. These Halloween craft kits come with everything you need (and some just require the items I know you already have in your art supply bin, like paint) to have a spooky and creative time.


Decorate Your Own Pumpkin Stack

OK, so this is the only one on this list that doesn’t come with the paint or decorations you may want to use, but the LED stacked ceramic jack-o-lanterns are absolutely perfect for even the smallest members of the family to craft. Paint the pumpkins, cover them in gems and stickers, have some fun by using painter’s tape to make patterns — just let your imagination go wild. And then you can light it up afterwards for a Halloween decoration that will last years and hold so many memories.


Halloween Wreaths For A Crowd

This Halloween wreath kit is perfect if you need a craft kit for several kiddos. It comes in a pack of 12 with tons of decorations and even hanging hooks, so this works out really well for a party craft or a crowd of people. I especially love the hanging decoration in the center of each wreath, and the little characters are so bright and fun.


Pumpkin Painting Kit

Carving pumpkins can be a lot, and if you have a kid like mine who loves painting more than anything, this Crayola pumpkin painting kit is perfection. It actually comes with paint sticks, which are way less messy than traditional paint and water, and the paint works on both real pumpkins and fake ones. There are also a few sheets of glow-in-the-dark stickers to really set the spooky tone. Kids will spend all day with this craft.


Classic Paper Chains

I love classic decorations and classic crafts, and this one combines both of those things. From eeBoo, this Halloween chain decoration kit includes 120 sheets to make an epic 24-foot long paper chain with incredible vintage and fun Halloween designs. Seriously, the paper in this is so pretty, and it’s also pretty sturdy, so it should last for a few seasons if you pack it up nicely. It’s a nice, mess-free craft that you can do in front of Hocus Pocus one night as a family activity. (And it’s perfect for parties or bedroom decorating.)


All-In-One Halloween Craft Kit

Kid Made Modern is one of my favorite craft brands, and this Halloween craft kit is one of their best. It comes with a wide assortment of crafty things, from spooky shapes and pom poms to felt, you and your kids can make all kinds of fun Halloween things. This is one of those craft kits that is best for those who really just want to glue and make something, but older kids will love making the classic creepy characters and Halloween items.


Halloween Snow Globe Kit

Who says snow globes are just for Christmas? This Halloween glitter snow globe craft kit from Oriental Trading has everything you need to make 12 creepy snow globes. This is another kit that’s great if you have a crowd to entertain, and you could even pull it out for a little crafting contest where your family votes on the best one.


Halloween Bead Kit

A big box of beads are a must for any crafting family, and I’m obsessed with this candy corn bead kit in a ghost box from Creatology. The colors are perfect for Halloween and it also includes candy corn-themed beads and strings to make spooky bracelets, keychains, and other fun little accessories.


Make Your Own Trick-Or-Treat Bag

For older kids or adults who just want to get crafty, Shabby Fabrics has this super fun trick-or-treat tote pattern to make the perfect Halloween bag for collecting all the candy. This definitely isn’t an easy craft to do when you’re just zoning out to Nightmare Before Christmas on TV, but it’s a great way to work on big kids’ crafting skills.


Paint Your Own Ghosts & Bats

Every few months, I wander down the craft aisle at Target and get a few of these Mondo Llama kits. They never disappoint, and I love pulling out my kids’ creations for each season as decoration. The Mondo Llama ghosts and bats kit comes with paint and three different wooden Halloween shapes for kids to paint and decorate. These hold up really well and will mostly stand on their own, so feel free to get several and let your kids paint a whole little world of ghosts and bats as decor.


A Spooky Melty Bead Graveyard

Is there anything better than a melty bead craft kit? This Halloween spooky melty bead bulk kit may be my new favorite, as it comes with everything your family needs to make a whole little graveyard set. The decorations are just as easy as you remember from when you were a kid, and your family will love setting it up afterwards and playing with all of the individual pieces. It’s a great spooky little decoration.


Make A Spooky Halloween Cat Decoration

Another easy craft that can become fun, memorable decor, there is this Halloween cat collage kit. It comes with everything your kids need to decorate their own spooky little Halloween friend, and it’ll be so fun to pull out year after year. Make sure to write your child’s name and the year on the bottom so you can save it forever.


Make Your Own Halloween Garland

OK, I’m obsessed with this one. Depending on your kid’s crafting skills (and/or your willingness to help), this make-your-own Halloween garland is a must. It comes with all the felt pieces you need to create this incredible decoration that is both spooky and adorable. Individual items could also be little toys for even the youngest Halloween fans if you don’t want to display them on the garland. This might take them all October to do, but what a great way to spend time together and make some fun Halloween memories.


A Spooky Sweet Embroidery Kit

Another craft kit that needs a lot of skill, but I’m absolutely obsessed with this ghosts in the garden embroidery kit. It’s absolutely darling, spooky, and such a perfect way to craft with a movie. This might be the best one for mom to do herself when all her little goblins and ghouls are asleep in bed.


A Spooky Pom-Pom Craft

If you want a really fun Halloween party decoration or just a dose of spookiness in your house, you need this spider tissue pom-pom craft kit. It’s literally so easy to whip together, and you can hang them all over the place for a really fun, creepy effect.


A Spooky Paint-By-Numbers Kit

OK, so the littlest ones can’t really do this craft, but big kids and adults will love this paint-by-numbers Halloween kit. It becomes a creepy haunted house with a full moon and a path of jack-o-lanterns, and is cute enough to display in your house every year for Halloween.


Halloween Cross Stitch

I love a good cross stitch kit, and this Happy Halloween cross stitch set from The Stitchery is just so cute. It’s a great size, and has so many fun details to work through as you craft. It might take you all of October to finish, but that’s what makes it such a great Halloween craft.


Light-Up Witch Lantern

For kiddos who love to craft and make a very specific thing, this adorable little witch lantern kit comes with everything they need. The end result is a little lantern decorated as a witch that glows, and they’ll love carrying it all over the house and moving it from place to place like a real lantern.

There’s such a huge variety of Halloween craft kits to choose from, and hopefully at least one on this list has inspired you to get spooky and crafty.