Gimme All The Skeleton Shapes

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The Best Halloween Snacks & Treats To Buy RN

Seriously, a bag of Cheetos shaped like bones? Sign me up.

Halloween is one of the best holidays for snacks and treats. For one thing, it’s pumpkin spice season, and for another, everything is shaped like something spooky. Which means the best Halloween snacks and treats to buy are often things you already love and enjoy — but they look creepy and sometimes kind of gross. Like slime frosting or snacks shaped like the human anatomy. Or even just your favorite food colored orange and black.

And don’t worry — if you’re not a fan of pumpkin flavors, you can still enjoy the treats on this list. Nothing has to be pumpkin-flavored or apple cinnamon or some other variation of fall taste for it to count as a Halloween snack and treat. This is just a list of Halloween-themed items you can run out and buy right now. Use them for a fun Halloween dinner or to serve at your Halloween party. Build a Halloween snack board with all of the ghost marshmallows and green Twix candy, or you can make a fun movie night spread with the bat-shaped chips and Reese’s skeletons.

Or, you could be like me, and just shove all of it into your mouth as you walk through the kitchen during your work day. It’s called being festive.


Reese’s Skeletons


You’ve had Reese’s pumpkins and you’ve had Reese’s bats, but now you need to try Reese’s skeletons. Will they taste any different? Well, kind of! I mean, the chocolate-peanut butter ratio is obviously different here than the bats and pumpkins, but no matter what: you just need to put them in your Halloween snack roundup. How cute would these look on a Halloween candy board? (Or hidden in the freezer to enjoy after bedtime.)


Funfetti Slime Cake Mix


Is there anything better than seasonal-themed cake mixes? I’m obsessed with this Funfetti Slime cake mix, which isn’t new this year, but is limited edition. You have to make sure to grab the slime frosting to go with it, but these make the coolest, creepiest looking little cupcakes. Perfect for a Halloween party or movie night (Might I suggest Ghostbusters II for the slime?).


Veggie Ghosts & Bats Sea Salt Chips

Look, everything just tastes better in Halloween shapes. It’s science. These Veggie Ghosts and Bats come in the classic sea salt flavor, and I’m obsessed with the eyes. Look at them!


Stuffed Puffs Monster Marsh Stuffed Marshmallows

Stuffed Puffs

When I tell you I ate roughly 800 of these the first time I saw them, I mean it. These Monster Marsh marshmallows from Stuffed Puffs are filled with chocolate and covered in Halloween-themed sprinkles for a delightful little gooey crunch. It’s like all the textures you wouldn’t expect happening at once, and they look adorable on a snack board or even floating in some hot chocolate.


Halloween Fruity Pebbles


Look, one year I was Pebbles for Halloween and my bestie next door was Bambam and that little snippet of my life alone makes me want to eat up all of these Halloween Fruity Pebbles. The flavor is still the classic cereal taste it’s always been, but the colors are purple and orange, and I can not with Pebbles and Bambam wearing Halloween costumes on the box. It’s just such a nostalgic little treat. (And I dare you to name something better than a bowl of cereal and a scary movie.)


Pumpkin & Bat Ravioli

Nuovo Pasta

Again, not really new to this year, but I’m still excited. The pumpkin and bat-shaped ravioli from Nuovo can be found at your local Costco, and it is just such a delightful little way to honor the season with dinner. If you’re not up for cutting food into witch shapes or making one of those truly grotesque pizza skull things that goes viral every year, then please just pop these into a pot of salted boiling water and enjoy.


Halloween Boo Box

Sugar Plum has great boxes of goodies to send people, but literally no one says I can’t send this one to myself. Their boo box features chocolate-covered pretzels, graham crackers, and sandwich cookies with sprinkles and drizzles of orange, along with chocolate-covered pretzels, sour spiders, and caramel corn. The ghost is even a white chocolate lollipop, and the whole thing is packaged together so perfectly. I’m dying to order this for a Halloween movie night.


Cheetos Bag Of Bones


I mean, this is basically science class. Cheetos Bag of Bones? Come on. These can be found in the far superior white cheddar flavor, and you can literally lay out an entire skeleton using each individual piece like some kind of creepy mad scientist.


Halloween Tortilla Chips


What did I say earlier about everything tasting better in seasonal shapes? OK, well everything also tastes better in seasonal colors. These are just white corn chips from Target, but they’re Halloween white corn chips and are orange and black. Pair these with a big bowl of guac and salsa and you’ve got your slime and blood ready for a spooky-themed snack board.


Ghost Peeps


Imagine a ghost melting into your hot chocolate for just one second. OK, now are you ready to buy these? I feel like there’s an abundance of Halloween-themed marshmallows out there and honestly, I’m here for every last one of them.


Halloween Fruit Snacks


Look, I’m sure these are meant to be the perfect little Halloween treat for trick-or-treaters, but why not just dump all of these Halloween-shaped fruit snacks in a bowl and eat them yourself? Again, seasonal shapes make everything taste just a little bit better. (Plus Welch’s is kind of the superior fruit snack brand.)


Green Halloween Twix


OK, I didn’t include a lot of snack-sized candy on this list because there are a million options and they all sound great, but this one? This Twix Ghoulish Green candy? It deserves a shout-out because the way I want to eat every last one of these with a green cookie inside is overwhelming.

Seriously, no matter what you’re doing with all these Halloween treats — whether you’re giving them out on Halloween night or eating them for dinner — just enjoy the season of skeleton-shaped goodies.