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The Best Hanukkah Pajamas

For eight nights of cozy.

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During the eight nights of Hanukkah, a candle gets lit on the menorah. And since the lighting of each candle is significant, it makes sense that you might want to take a photo of your fam as you commemorate this miracle. But what will you all wear? Well, since it’s going to be nighttime, PJs seem like a pretty good idea. So if you’re looking for the very best Hanukkah pajamas, you’re going to have a latke fun choosing from the ones below. You might even turn it into an annual part of your Hanukkah celebrations — perhaps a gift of Hanukkah pajamas for one and all on the first night of Hanukkah, so that the family can wear them for all of the subsequent nights?

You’ll find that Hanukkah pajamas really run the gamut from simple and obvious (think dreidels all over the PJs) to intricate, wintery designs that almost look like you could wear them outside. What they all pretty much have in common are the color schemes: You’ll find lots of blues, whites, and silver color schemes in each of these Hanukkah PJ sets. Many of the jammies are gender-neutral and more often than not, there will be matching sets so that everyone can get in on the action and be able to wear the best Hanukkah pajamas out there for those eight crazy (but utterly miraculous) candle-lit nights.


Kids Hanukkah pajamas that look like a book

If someone could take children’s author Richard Scarry’s book, What Do People Do All Day? and convert them into Hanukkah pajamas, this would be it. The Hanukkah Lions Print Matching Family Pajama Set is made from 100% breathable soft cotton that will keep your kid cozy while they sleep. The PJs are covered with cute sense of lions doing traditional Hanukkah activities such as lighting the menorah and, of course, eating jelly doughnuts. And if you get jelly yourself that you want a pair in your size, well, you’re in luck because these Hanukkah PJs are part of a matching family set.


Adult flannel Hanukkah pajamas that are super cozy

Those cold nights of Hanukkah mean that you’ll want something warm to sleep and lounge in. Enter these flannel pajamas from Gap, which you’ll love all winter long. They have a notch lapel collar and long sleeves. There’s a drawcord at the waist, which you can, ahem, expand if you’ve been lovin’ the latkes a little too much. You can score family PJs in the same style, too, so you’ll all be matching whether you’re noshing or snoozing.


Matching menorah PJs

These sweet, simple menorah PJs from Hanna Andersson come in all sorts of sizes and shapes — from cozy button-up flannels for the grown-ups, to a zip-up onesie for the littlest family members. Festive and basic in the best way, these lovely Hanukkah pajamas will keep your whole family cozy for years to come.


Dreidel Hanukkah pajamas for the whole fam

When your partner makes you spin like a top, give them these Hanukkah pajamas from Carters. The family matching PJs have a snug fit for safety, but if your child doesn’t like too tight jammies, just give them a good stretch for a little more wiggle room. The pajamas feature dreidels in varying shades of blue, and with its white background, they truly look festive for the holiday of lights. They’re made from 100% cotton and are machine washable, ideal if you accidentally spill some jelly down the front of your PJ pants.


Hanukkah pajamas for women

You’ll be more than ready for those eight crazy nights when you don these flannel PJs from Old Navy. With a dark blue background, the pajamas are covered in brightly light menorahs, stars, and the words “Happy Hanukkah” written all over them. The PJs have BodEquality sizing, which means that from their size to the price to even the style, they’re designed for all women. And if all of that weren’t awesome enough, you’ll glow, girl, when you wear these PJs because they glow in the dark, too.


Cute Hanukkah pajamas for kids

Who says that Hanukkah pajamas have to be super serious? Obviously, not these cute dreidel-covered ones from Children’s Place. The PJs look like they’re made for kids because, well, they are. There are spinning dreidels with sweet faces, golden gelt, menorahs, and lots of presents. The star of David is also on full display as well as The Scroll of Antiochus, too. The pajamas, which are made from 100% rib-knit cotton, have a snug fit, and have banded leg cuffs and a tagless shirt label so that the pajamas feel perfect, and not scratchy.


Dreidel covered Hanukkah pajamas for kids

When you want your Hanukkah pajamas to be simple and straightforward, the ones from Carter’s could be a good fit. The 2-piece set is made from 100% cotton and has a blue crew neck and banded cuffs. The pajamas are also gender-neutral, so you can buy multiple pairs for siblings to wear for that perfect first night of Hanukkah photo. And of course, if your child’s pajamas are covered in dreidels, they’re going to want some to play with during Hanukkah, since dreidels are a traditional game that can be played during any night of the holiday.


Matching Hanukkah family pajamas

Sure, it’s sweet to see your kids dressed in their Hanukkah jammies, but you might find yourself wanting to fit in with the rest of your fam, too. These matching family pajamas for Hanukkah are gender-neutral and so cute. The raglan-sleeved shirt gives the shirt some serious baseball vibes, but it’s the blue plaid pants for us that transform this from pajamas to something you could potentially wear outside (you know, on a quick supermarket run or to grab something quick to eat, like a drive to your local bakery to stock up on some more jelly doughnuts).


Polar bear Hanukkah pajamas

Everyone is excited to start celebrating Hanukkah — even the polar bears depicted on the Kids’ Hanukkah Pajama Set from Target. The 2-piece set features Hanukkah polar bears in a variety of scenes, from lighting the menorah, to spinning the dreidel to see which of the Hebrew letters (Nun, Gimel, Hey or Chai, and Shin) will come out. Even one adult polar bear (wearing a stellar star-studded sweater and a yarmulke) is giving a gift to a younger bear. The ribbed cotton PJs offer a snug, yet soft fit for your own cute little cubs.

Whether they’re spinning a dreidel, getting down with some gelt, or helping fry some sufganiyot, your kid will look so cute in their Hanukkah jammies. And if they actually go to bed after opening their present, that will be a miracle, too.

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