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The Coziest Pajamas For All 8 Nights Of Hanukkah

Don't worry, the pants are stretchy enough if you overindulge on jelly donuts.

This year, Hanukkah celebrations are going to be a little bit more intimate, so why not make them a pajama party? Casual clothing for a super casual holiday sounds about perfect to me. Also, if I spill sour cream and applesauce all over them, I won't feel so bad. Hanukkah pajamas aren't as abundant in stores as Christmas jammies, but that doesn't mean they're not out there — and don't worry, I found the best sets.

Of course, the pajamas are also going to be the first gift of Hanukkah. It only makes sense to do it that way. Granted, socks and trinkets are traditional in many families, but this has the same "don't try to make it Christmas" vibe to it, am I right? And don't worry, I'm not going to feature anything with the wrong number of candles on the Hanukkiah, or something that feels like something goyish made for Jews as a bone to throw to the consumers. (Though there is plenty of that.) I'm also making sure that they're all machine washable, durable, and super soft and stretchy. You'll be able to kick back in these, have a glass of wine, play for a little gelt, and get pretty snackish on all the delightful foods you have leftover from dinner.

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Long John Style

I love that these are designed to be extra soft, and that they're made with high quality organic cotton. The pattern of menorahs and dreidels is sweet and a bit silly, which is exactly what holiday jams should be. Bonus: they come in sizes for the whole family.


Fancy Jammies

OK, fair warning, this one isn't correct on the dreidel front, but it's not offensively bad, either. And the "You had me at Shalom" is pretty cute. (Yes, "shalom" means peace, but it's used idiomatically as both hello and goodbye.)


Family Butt Flap Pajamas

These are purely ridiculous and I am here for it. I would probably size up for the adults so you don't end up with an uncomfortable front wedgie, and for a little extra space.


Oh Look, It's Historically Accurate

Wow, "light up the night" is an incredibly accurate part of the holiday, and we love to see it. Plus, the printed bottoms are adorable.


Latkes, Yes.

These are so sweet, and your kids will love the simple fit and lovely message. The material is soft and stretchy, so it won't inhibit play at all.


Who Isn't Lit For Hanukkah?

OK, I don't love the reindeer styling of these shirts, but the menorah is correct, and the shirts are fairly adorable. Plus, they're customizable for pictures.


These Are Funny

These are funny and a bit secular, and I love them. It might be just because I love llamas. But really, who doesn't?


Flannel Coziness

I'll admit, I am not against ordering oversized men's pajamas for myself. They're comfortable and if they shrink a little bit, it's no worse for wear.