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20 Kindle Fire Apps For Toddlers That Will Actually Hold Their Attention

These apps are fun & (mostly) educational.

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Raise your hand if you've ever handed over your phone or tablet to your toddler, then realized that meant that you couldn't use your own device. After all, what's the point of giving your child screen time if you can't use the 20 minutes of quiet to answer emails and scroll through Instagram? This is why Kindle apps designed for toddlers are so key — there's a myriad of age-appropriate programs and most are ad-free, so you don't have to worry about your child winding up on something unsettling or just plain weird (my nephew, for example, refuses to watch anything other than a hamster riding a LEGO train after stumbling upon it on YouTube).

Kindle apps for kids are typically under $5 (and some are free), and you can set parental controls or make it so that your toddler can't make any surprise in-app purchases. You can download straight from the Kindle Fire home screen, or on your Amazon account. Whether your toddler loves PBS shows, vehicles, building, Baby Shark (sorry) or coloring, there's an app for that.

Just note that while there is a great Kindle Kids E-Reader, it's actually designed for distraction-free reading and doesn't support apps, so you're better off with a regular Kindle if games are what you're after. Read on for 15 of the best Kindle apps for toddlers that are sure to get you at least a few minutes to yourself.

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Teach Your Monster To Read

This fun kids reading app, Teach Your Monster To Read for the Kindle Fire turns the traditional model on its head and lets kids step into the role of teacher (of course while learning themselves). Designed for ages 3-6, kids will take their monster on an adventure to identify letters, sound out words, and more.


DragonBox Numbers

DragonBox Numbers, a fun Kindle Fire app for toddlers sets the foundation for early math in an engaging way that feels like playing, not learning. They’ll interact with cute cartoon characters (called Nooms) who will teach them about numbers and how they function and relate to each other. You won’t find any quizzes or mindless repetition, just a fun math-oriented game that builds on core concepts.


Dr. Panda’s Airport

I’m not saying this app is going to make flying with kids easier per se, but it may make the airport experience a bit more seamless (plus toddlers love the app). In Dr. Panda’s Airport, kids will help animals go through security (so the process feels more familiar) stamp their passports, find their luggage and more. It’s fun for toddlers of all ages.


The Sandra Boynton Collection

Chances are you have at least one Sandra Boynton book on your child’s bookshelf, and this Sandra Boynton app makes four of her stories come to life. Featuring Moo, Baa, La La La!, The Going To Bed Book, Blue Hat, Green Hat, and Barnyard Dance! each story can be read aloud and is truly interactive to keep kids engaged. Press anywhere on the page and a new animation will pop up, plus you can choose whether your child reads or is read to.


Breathe, Think, Do With Sesame

Breathe, Think, Do with Sesame is further proof that the folks of Sesame Street can do no wrong. Kids will help the monster slow down, breathe deeply, and think of a plan for how to tackle everyday problems. The app encourages mindfulness and being solution-oriented (as opposed to melting down), plus it will teach kids encouraging phrases to remember when they’re in a tough situation.


Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: Play at Home with Daniel

Little kids can learn more about their own world while helping Daniel Tiger with his everyday activities. They'll help Daniel get ready for bed, feed his fish, use the potty, and go to the doctor. The Daniel Fire Kindle app for toddlers also includes a fun virtual sticker book where kids can create their own story about Daniel and his pals.


Nick Jr. Draw & Play

Toddlers can draw or paint with eight different brush sizes, plus there's zero mess when the art is virtual. The Nick Jr. Draw and Play app is perfect for when artistes need to go on a long car ride without their supplies. If your child says they don't know what to draw, there are picture ideas to spur their imagination (so you don't have to).


Monkey Preschool Lunchbox

The name of this app may sound random, but it's a great app to keep toddlers focused and entertained. The Monkey Preschool Lunchbox download gives you access to a bevy of short educational games for kids age 2-5, plus a monkey guide who provides positive feedback and encouragement as toddlers learn about colors, letters, counting, shapes, and matching.


Gro Garden

Whether or not you have a real garden of your own, it's never too early to start cultivating your child's green thumb using the Gro Garden app. Connie the Compost and her friends the Micro Organisms (you can't make this up) teach kids about sustainability, patience, and the importance of caring for the Earth.


Trains, Planes & Sea Vehicles

If you find yourself shouting, "bus!" or "dump truck!" every time you see one, then it's safe to assume your child is a major vehicle fan. They'll love Trains, Planes, Sea Vehicles, which gives them a chance to play matching games and solve vehicle-themed puzzles. The app is free to download and you'll get the first four puzzles for free.


Hot Donut

Sometimes a good, old-fashioned game that's not strictly educational (and in this case, features a superhero donut) is exactly what your toddler needs. Hot Donut is a free download that is non-violent, and uses simple controls (just tap the screen) so your older toddler should be able to play independently. Older siblings who are craving some friend-time can play live with up to three other buddies.


Word-A-Licious Toddler

Toddlers can build-up their vocabulary with the Word-A-Licious Kindle app that makes learning fun. The app features real pictures of animals, food, household items, colors, shapes, plants, and body parts and asks kids to tap the correct image; so when the narrator says, "find the pig," click the right picture and hear a sound of encouragement for getting it right.



If your older toddler is a fan of Captain Barnacles Bear and the rest of the Octonauts crew, they may be willing to take a break from watching the show to play with the Octonauts Kindle app. Using their favorite GUP vehicle, children can explore a 3D underwater world while searching for friendly sea creatures and learning facts about aquatic animals.


Kidlo Coloring Games & Drawing Book

The Kidlo Coloring app is basically a huge, mess-free coloring book that requires nothing more than a Kindle. The free download includes 600 simply drawn pictures that toddlers can color, plus coloring games (14 of which are free, and many others can be purchased in-app).


Pinkalicious Party

Fans of the Pinkalicious (or Petterific) books by Victoria Kann will love this Kindle app where they can help Pinkalicious plan a great party by choosing its location, sending invites, icing cupcakes, decorating a pinata, and more. The Pinkalicious app is a fun creative outlet and it lends little ones a sense of control and artistic expression.



The iStoryBook Kindle app is great for the child who wants to be read to all the time (and the parent who has to get things done). There are tons of free interactive books to choose from, suitable for ages 2 to 8. The books read themselves, and there are new ones published every two weeks which keeps the app fresh and exciting for little ones.


Wheels On The Bus

If you're tired of belting out The Wheels On The Bus, let the free Duck Duck Moose app do the singing for you. Your toddler can listen to the song in English, Spanish, French, German, and Italian, plus there's an option to record your children’s singing or hear the music played on a violin, cello, piano, and kazoo.



I would be doing a disservice to toddlers everywhere if I left PINKFONG Baby Shark app off the list. In addition to watching a video of the song, your little one can try out instruments, do a coloring activity, and play matching games.


Daniel Tiger's Grr-ific Feelings

Toddlers are known for having some big feelings, and making those feelings known (hello boneless child crying on the floor). The Daniel Tiger's Grr-ific Feelings app Gently teaches little ones how to calm down, and as your child may already know from watching the show, "if you feel so mad that you want to roar, take a deep breath and count to four." Honestly, solid advice from Daniel.


LEGO Duplo Train

If you've stepped on one too many Duplos, you may be ready to take the building fun into the virtual realm, and fortunately, you can with the free LEGO Duplo Train Kindle app. The bright, toddler-friendly animations allow your little one to help the driver complete seven digital activities, and you can even steer a real Duplo train using the app.

These Kindle Fire apps for Toddlers will be your go-to on long car or plane rides, or when school is cancelled and you need some time for yourself (or to work). Rest assured that they’re age-appropriate, and your kid will probably even learn something while they play.

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