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25 Of The Best Paw Patrol Toys And Gifts

Gifts for big kids and small, at every price point.

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As nearly every parent knows, the Canadian CGI–animated children's television series Paw Patrol is a mega hit with the under 10 set. And the merchandise that goes with it is equally coveted, like these 25 best Paw Patrol gifts. Paw Patrol has taken its seven original stars (think Ryder, Chase, Zuma, etc.), added in supporting players such as Everest, Robo-Dog, and Rex, and turned them all into a license to print money. We’re talking vehicle toys, lookout kits, stuffed animals, books, sheets, face masks, pajamas, sticker packs, you name it. If there’s an item that can be turned into a Paw Patrol product, they’ve done it. Which is really good news for family and friends of Paw Patrol fans. Gift giving is so much easier when there’s a plethora of items to choose from. And with Paw Patrol, it’s truly an embarrassment of riches.

A kid can eat dinner on Paw Patrol plates then cuddle up in Paw Patrol pajamas cuddled under a Paw Patrol blanket while reading multiple Paw Patrol books before drifting off to the land of nod where they’ll, naturally, dream about, you guessed it, Paw Patrol!

Just have a look at some of these great Paw Patrol toys and gifts to see for yourself.

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A Kitten-Saving Kit

Ryder and the gang are often called upon to rescue kitty. Let your little one create their own daring rescue scenario with this set.


A Paw Patrol Dinner Setting

What’s better than watching Paw Patrol? Eating out of a Paw Patrol bowl, of course. Top rack dishwasher safe, these will become your child’s go to place setting.


A Table for Paw Patrol Play

You’ve seen train play tables, but have you seen one entirely dedicated to Paw Patrol. Now your kiddo can really explore their imagination with all their favorite characters at their level.


The Paw Patrol Book Set

Extend the joy of watching the TV show to reading about the TV show with this cute collection of books based on Paw Patrol. Its the same fun illustrations your kids love, but in book format.


A Tackle Box for Paw Patrol Fans

Gone fishing has gone to the dogs with this kid size tackle box adorned in Paw Patrol paraphernalia. If you’re angling to win best gift, consider this.


The Ultimate Paw Patrol Squirt Gun

Better than a Super Soaker but compact enough for even the littlest rescue pup, this water rescue backpack is the ultimate in summer fun.


A Paw Patrol Watch

Learn to tell time and play games all from this watch. Better yet? Kids get to hear Ryder’s voice from Paw Patrol too.


Paw Patrol Throw Blanket

This gift is a next level two-in-one: a Chase stuffed animal and chenille throw. Let’s unpack that. You can buy your child the equivalent of an animal skin rug, but in cartoon form. What time to be alive.


Paw Patrol Shoes

You know what looks fantastic on the playground? Light up sneakers. You know what will blow the kids in the sandbox minds? Paw Patrol light up sneakers.


A Paw Patrol Megaphone

This toy dubs itself as a mission voice changer. That means that your Paw Patrol fan can call the gang to go save Chickaletta using low-pitch, high-pitch, robot, and even echo sounds.


A Toy Lookout Tower

Short of building a backyard reconstruction of the Paw Patrol Lookout tower (which would be epic and more power to you), this miniature version is a great alternative. This mimics the show’s tower with a rotating periscope, lights and sounds, and the all important slide for vehicles to glide down.


Paw Patrol Walkie Talkies

This two walkie talkie pack allows kids to create their own missions with their pals. And silly sound effects only add to the fun.


Paw Patrol Luggage

Travel in style with Pottery Barn’s Paw Patrol luggage. Kid size, children can easily take agency for their own belongings on a trip while showing off their favorite TV show.


A Sound-Making Paw Patrol Book

Kids love interactive books where they get to push buttons to make sounds to match the storyline. With this one, there are 39 buttons to press!


A Rescue Tool Pack

What does a hero need to do their job? A megaphone, net shooter, and badge, naturally. All that comes in this little pack.


A Paw Patrol Board Game

New board games are a great way to teach kids all kinds of things from counting to logic, colors to healthy competition. And Paw Patrol has one. With simple rules preschoolers can follow, this makes a great gift.


Learn to Read Paw Patrol Book

Teach kids new words with this musical touch and learn book with fun colors and illustrations.


A Paw Patrol Boat

Ryder can get himself into sticky situations, the trickiest of which are often at sea. But with the pup’s sea patrol vehicle, they can save the day.


A Paw Patrol Potty Book

Should have seen this one coming. Paw Patrol has a book to help kids adjust to using the toilet. Go figure. Might be the perfect gift for a kiddo ready to wriggle out of their diaper.


A Paw Patrol Bookcase

Once you’ve established your Paw Patrol book collection, getting a Paw Patrol bookshelf is the natural progression. This one is perfect for a kid’s bedroom with four shelves and Chase peeking off the top.


A Paw Patrol Activity Mat

Sometimes the best imagination time happens lying on the stomach on the floor lost in play. To encourage your child to indulge this special pretend time with this jumbo activity mat.


A Paw Patrol Trike

Your child might not be ready to drive their own Marshall fire engine, but a Paw Patrol big wheel? Bring it on.


A Paw Patrol Electric Car

If your child is, in fact, ready hit the open road (and by that think: safe sidewalk), then this electric vehicle is for them. The push button drive feature makes it easy for kids to operate, but it’s the Paw Patrol look that they’ll love.


Paw Patrol Blanket

Dreaming of saving the day with Skye and Rubble can be even cozier with a Paw Patrol blanket. Snuggle your little rescuer down with Chase by their side.


A Marshal Hat

Costumes are a great way to get into character, so assist the kid you love by gifting them a Marshall hat complete with ears. They’ll look so cute racing around the house playing the hero in this little cap.

Is the theme song of Paw Patrol playing through your head yet? Just wait until you’ve purchased some of these great gifts. It will. Oh yes it will.

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