STEM kits are a great way to get kids building and creating.
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21 Of The Best STEM Kits For Kids

It’s more than staring through a telescope.

STEM kits for kids have become popular as an added learning resource for parents. And by including them as a part of your child’s playtime, they get an early start at developing their critical thinking abilities. (Plus when you find one that’s a subscription box, it becomes really convenient for parents.)

Whenever I heard the word “STEM,” I always thought it was for people who enjoyed math and science. And I have to admit that isn’t me. But after speaking with Brittany Rhodes, who created a math-centered subscription box for kids called Black Girl MATHgic, my entire perspective changed.

Rhodes has a degree in science and mathematics and worked over 10 years as a private tutor. But she wanted to figure out how she could help more kids and get her comprehensible lessons into the homes she would never physically enter. In 2019, she launched her STEM subscription box that helps kids’ math confidence grow by removing the anxiety and replacing it with fun, engagement, and a real-world view of how math applies to the simplest things, like cooking and time.

“It requires work, but math is also children’s introduction to problem-solving,” Rhodes says. She advises parents to “use the resources that are available to you.”

And math is just one part of STEM, which stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The activities that involve STEM are more than looking through a telescope or solving a tough equation. It can include gardening, baking, building a battery, assembling a toy car, and so much more, and exposing your kids to a variety of STEM projects early shapes their life skills.

These STEM kits (which include monthly subscription boxes and one-time purchases) give relatable tools to assist you in guiding your child’s curiosity.

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Black Girl MATHgic

This kit builds kids' confidence in learning math. Every month features a different theme, offers a hands-on experiment, activities, an interview from a female with a degree in mathematics, and an instruction form for parents. The monthly boxes are for grades third through eighth, but the company offers a one-time kit for kindergarten through second grade.


Garden Growing Kit

STEM isn’t just math and science on paper. It’s understanding how our earth functions and thrives. This garden kit has pots, biodegradable liners, soil pellets, vinyl saucers, seed packets, and even labels. They will have their own vegetable garden while learning life cycles, healthy foods, and cause and effect.


Little Passports - Science Junior Subscription

Little Passports offers a junior subscription box for kids 5 to 8 years old. Their first package includes a magazine, pen and paper activities, scientific fun fact trading cards, and more. They also offer the option to pay monthly, or for six or 12 months.


STEM for Ipad

If you want some screen time that stimulates your kid's development, this should be on your list. The game requires an iPad for use, and it comes with additional supplies. Your child will work on fine motor skills, problem-solving, physics, and more. It’s meaningful, engaging, and educational.


Foundation Chemistry Kit

This kit is tailored to 8 to 12-year-olds. They’ll learn chemical creations, molecular motion, and temperature, and don’t be surprised if they geek out over all the colors and experiments.


Shape Sorter House

Start STEM early! This Shape Sorter kit is for kids as young as 2 years old and helps develop their problem-solving skills. They will learn how to match the shapes with the holes they fit and get to use a key to unlock their sorter.


Smart Lab Toys

If your kids enjoy having their own fun secrets, then add some science. They get to create messages with invisible ink that only their friend can read, and they also learn what makes it invisible.


Paper Chromatography

This box caters to teaching 8 to 12-year-olds “the art and science of color.” Paper chromatography is a scientific technique that reveals beautiful colors. This project may become decor for your art wall.


Lab Kit

With this lab kit, your little scientist will have all the necessary supplies to start their own quest for discovery. And they have real tools like a beaker, goggles, eyedropper, flask, funnel, test tubes, and more.


Fairytale STEM

This kit takes problem-solving into all the stories and fairy tales. Using the parts, they will design a house for the three little pigs that can resist the wolf’s blowing and even a chair that doesn’t fold under Goldilock's weight. These stories will have an entirely different meaning now that your kids can use STEM to save the day. Where was this when we were kids?


Color Chemistry

Where’s your little artist? This color kit lets them learn the science of colors and experiment with 50 new science projects! And it leaves a little space for their imagination to run wild for their own creations.


Bread Making Kit

Kids get to measure, mix and knead the dough as they learn the science behind making bread and butter. After this, they may never let you cook alone again. You’ll have permanent kitchen helpers.


Snap Circuits Classic

This circuit may be a one-time purchase, but with over 300 projects to keep your kid learning and busy, it can last for a while. They will experiment with making an AM radio, lie detector, photosensitive electronic organ, and more!


Kiwi Monthly

KiwiCo offers monthly science STEM kits for ages 3 to 16 and up, but they call them “crates.” With eureka, chemistry, and electronics categories, these range from simple to intense so your kids can get as engineer-y as their little heart desires.


Lakeshore Kit

Every action has a reaction, and with this STEM kit, your kid understands the concept and enjoys being a part of the process. The colorful set includes hammers, balls, pendulums, and ramps.


Lakeshore Pipes

With these water pipes, your kids can control how they want to watch the water flow over and over. They’ll have fun reassembling their creation.


Potato Kit

Everything is produced from nature, even electricity. This hands-on experiment by Home Science Tools lets your kids see how they can use potatoes as batteries.


Crystal STEM

Let’s start with the best part of this kit... the crystals are edible! Your kids will create crystals and watch them grow. And whether or not they decide to eat their project, they’ve gained an awesome experience.


National Geographic Earth Kit

If your kid loves getting good and dirty, then here’s a kit they’ll love. This kit breaks up the ground so they can understand all things earth related like volcanoes, crystals, tornadoes, and more. They will enjoy the grit and the learning.


National Geographic Mega Series

Glow in the dark anything is already an attention grabber, but this kit gives your kid everything they need to create slime, putty, or crystals that light up when the lights are out. It’s a must-have STEM project.


MEL Science

MEL Science offers different categories of subscription boxes, chemistry, physics, and kids. This cutting edge science resource also offers VR and AR lessons catering to ages 5 to 16 and up.