The best stocking stuffers for kids will make them light up on Christmas morning.
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These Are The 15 Best Stocking Stuffers For Kids Of All Ages

Make your list and check it twice.

Between making lists, shopping, ordering gifts, and wrapping them, holiday shopping can be a long, drawn out process. When it comes to filling the stockings that are hung by your chimney with care, the best stocking stuffers for kids are gifts that are small enough to fit inside, but still exciting to discover the morning after Santa stops by. It takes time and effort to make Christmas magic happen, but this list can help make the process just a little easier.

Candy and socks are easy, but sometimes can border on boring if you don’t pick the right ones, so sometimes parents need a bit of inspiration to make it fun. For parents with multiple kids, there are a few package deals on this list that are great for divvying up between a few stockings. Even if your children span a relatively wide age gap, things like lip balm, hot cocoa bombs, and kid-friendly bath bombs work well for kids from preschool age through teenagers.

If you have a temper tantrum-prone toddler or a sulky preteen, you might be tempted to fill your kiddo’s stocking with nothing but coal this holiday season. The struggle is real and I get it, but perhaps picking just the right small gifts and trinkets to fill their stocking will make their Christmas morning so magical that they’ll turn that frown upside down — at least for one day.

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Personalized Crayons

From The Cray Co shop on Etsy, a store run by two little girls and their mom, your kids will love these personalized name crayons in bright, vivid colors that are perfect for little hands to hold and use. Each colorful set is made from brand new Crayola crayons, which are broken up by the two girls running this shop with a little help from Mommy. You can personalize the letters in each order to spell your child’s name or nickname, and each set comes packaged in a gift box tied with a ribbon that you can put right into your child’s stocking. The reviews also are glowing, with many saying they asked for custom items that the shop had no problem including.


Kid-Friendly Nail Polish

Add a little glam to your child’s stocking this holiday season with a Piggy Paint gift set. Made from all-natural ingredients, Piggy Paint is a non-toxic, odorless, water-based, vegan nail polish that’s totally safe to use, even for very young kids. There are all different kinds of colors and styles to choose from, packaged individually or as a set, but this Santa-themed set is just an adorable choice for a stocking stuffer. The set comes with three colors — Sometimes Sweet, Ice Cream Dream, and Glitterbug — as well as a sheet of Christmas-themed nail art stickers so your little one can create adorable works of art right on their fingers and toes.


Small Squishmallows

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you know just how popular Squishmallows are with kids and adults alike. These adorable little creatures come in all shapes and sizes, but the 5-inch versions fit nicely in most standard stockings. Though certain styles are sometimes hard to come by, you can order this fun Caticorn Squishmallow exclusively from Claire’s and have it shipped straight to your door in time for the holidays. There’s no denying how excited your kiddo will be to see this bashful kitten with its super colorful unicorn horn in their stocking on Christmas morning.


A Pop-It Sensory Toy

No matter what your kids call them — pop-its, poppers, bubble poppers, or fidget pops — these sensory toys are super popular right now. My own kids have several versions already, but have asked for even more on their wish lists for Santa. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, and the larger character ones can cost a pretty penny. But, if you’re just looking for a fun stocking stuffer to fill some space and make your kid smile, there are nine different shapes and styles of bubble poppers available for just $5 at Five Below that you can order for the holidays.


A Jelly Bean Game

Candy is a go-to stocking stuffer at my house. Everyone enjoys it, and because it gets eaten so fast, it's not something that I have to make space for during our post-holiday organizing spree. Part treat, part game, this Jelly Belly Bean Boozled Naughty or Nice gift box makes a great stocking stuffer for elementary school aged kids through teens. If you've never played a game of Bean Boozled, it's actually a lot of fun, but just be aware that you might find flavors like ear wax or vomit (I know, so gross) hidden among the flurry of green apple and peppermint jelly beans.


New Bath Toys

Even the youngest kids get a thrill from dumping out a stocking full of treats all over the living room floor on Christmas morning. For babies and toddlers, bath toys are a fun way to fill a stocking with something they'll use every day. Plus, bath toys can get icky quick, so it makes sense to stock up when you can. This Ocean Squirts bath toy set from Munchkin includes eight different sea creatures that your little one can use to splash and squirt water in the tub. You could split them up between multiple kids or take them all out of the package and use them to make one stocking look really full.


Bath Bombs For Kids

A few years ago, I stumbled across a pack of bath bombs for kids that had tiny toys inside and bought them on a whim. I had no idea that my preschool-aged kids would enjoy them so much. Watching the bombs fizz and change the color of the water was so exciting for them and they absolutely flipped for the little surprise toys inside. Now, I add a few bath bombs to their stockings each Christmas and it’s become one of their favorite traditions. These adorable dinosaur egg bath bombs from Etsy come with a plastic toy dino inside each one, so they're the perfect stocking stuffer if you want to jazz up your little one's bath time routine.


Lip Balm In Fun Flavors

Sometimes the best stocking stuffers for kids are throwbacks to your own childhood. That being said, I may or may not already have this eight-pack of soda-flavored Lip Smackers hidden under my bed, waiting for me to divvy it up between my four kids’ stockings on Christmas Eve. When your oldest is 15 and your youngest is 7, you have to get creative if you want to bulk purchase stocking stuffers that everyone will enjoy. Lip Smackers flavored like their favorite soft drinks absolutely fit the bill. The only problem that I foresee is a Christmas morning argument over why I picked certain flavors for one kid over another.


Hot Cocoa Bombs

Another stocking stuffer idea that's consumable and pretty easy to come by are hot cocoa bombs. BJ's wholesale has a 16-pack of Frankford Hot Chocolate Bombs for less than $20 that includes four delightful flavors — milk chocolate, peppermint, double chocolate, and salted caramel — each filled with miniature marshmallows that bloom and dissolve when put in hot water or milk. The package comes with 16 individual cocoa bombs in colorful foil wrappers, so you can stick a few in everybody's stockings, gift one in a holiday mug to your child's teacher, give one to grandma, or just enjoy the extras yourself on a cold night.


Fun Socks For Kids

Regardless of your child’s age, a plain pair of socks might seem like a less-than-fun thing to open on Christmas morning — no matter how much they need them. However, you can actually fill this need and meet their requirement for an enjoyable surprise on the holiday by sticking a few pairs of socks with their favorite characters on them in their stocking. Bombas has several adorable, high-quality sock styles for kids, including this four pack of Sesame Street gripper socks for toddlers. They’re just socks, but because they're fun and colorful, they're sure to bring a smile to your kiddo’s face.


Kid-Friendly Ear Buds

For some reason, my kids burn through headphones like nobody’s business. They’re also always leaving one set at school, another in the car, yet another buried underneath their bed, or the speakers just break a month into using a new pair. A set of fun, inexpensive ear buds makes a great stocking stuffer if your kids could use a spare pair. They’ll be excited to pull these cool space-themed ear buds with a rocket ship on the carrying case out of their stocking, and you’ll be excited not to have to rush out and replace the next lost or broken pair when the inevitable happens.


A Fluffy Animal Keychain

Do your kids like to hang keychains on their backpacks or overnight bags? My kids basically collect them to decorate anywhere they can think of — bedposts and drawer handles included — so adding a cute keychain or two to their stocking at Christmastime just makes sense. These fluffy animal keychains are just adorable and kids love to play with the fuzzy pom poms. This particular pack comes with six different animals to choose from, so if you have multiple kids you can pick and choose which ones they’ll enjoy most, or gift extras to friends, teachers, or other kids in your family.


A Tin Of Putty

If you usually grab a few tubs of Play-Doh to stick in your child’s stocking each year, a great alternative to switch it up with this holiday season is a tin of putty. Crazy Aaron’s Liquid Glass Thinking Putty is fun for kids of all ages. The putty comes in a small metal tin that’s perfect to slip in a stocking, and you can buy it in different colors or textures if you have multiple kids and don’t want to get the same kind for each one. Your kids can stretch, bounce, mold, and squish this putty over and over again for a really enjoyable sensory experience.


A Pair Of Winter Mittens

How adorable are these fox mittens from the Etsy shop I Like Making Stuff? Made from premium acrylic yarn, these soft mittens will keep your child’s hands nice and warm all winter long, and they’ll be so fun to pull out of their stocking on Christmas morning. The set is available in sizes for kids ages 2 to 4, 4 to 6, and 6 to 8, and can be easily washed in cold water and left to air dry if they get grimy. If your child isn’t too keen on foxes, there are also two other animal options to choose from from this Etsy seller — wolf mittens and bear mittens — and they’re all available with matching hats to complete the sets.


An LED Watch

If a smart watch is at the top of your kid’s list this year, but just isn’t in the cards for whatever reason, perhaps you can smooth things over with a cool digital watch instead. Five Below has a selection of LED watches for kids that keep the time on a light-up screen attached to a band in the theme of fun characters, shows, and movies like The Mandalorian, LOL Surprise, Frozen, Sonic the Hedgehog, Disney Princesses, and Spider-Man. The best part? These watches are just $5 each, so they’re the perfect starter watch for young kids and an ideal stocking stuffer.