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20 Stocking Stuffers For Kids Under $20

Make your list and check it twice.

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Just like Santa, when you make your list and check it twice, you’ll know exactly how many gifts you need to shop for this Christmas. (Spoiler alert: it’s a lot!) Because you work so hard to come up with the perfect present for each and every person, way down at the bottom of that list, you probably just have a line that reads “stocking stuffers for kids” and no real ideas to speak of. If you need inspiration beyond what you can grab by the register while you wait to check out at Target, you’ve come to the right place. This list of stocking stuffer ideas for kids has something for everyone. Plus, all of these stocking stuffers are under $20. From little kids who love dinosaurs and LEGO to preteens who are notoriously hard to shop for, there’s something here to fill their stocking.

If you have more than one stocking to fill, there are several ideas here including hot cocoa bombs, edible bubbles (yes, really), and sheet masks, that come in multipacks. There are also a couple of ideas like new card games and super cute cereal box puzzles that the entire family can enjoy together. Whether you’re the type of parent who fills stockings with things your kids need like socks, toothbrushes, and mittens, or the type who goes all-out with miniature toys, candy, and every type of trinket you can possibly get your hands on, this list has plenty of stocking stuffer ideas to inspire you.


The best stocking stuffer for kids who like art

For budding artists, this set of 12 Prismacolor Premier colored pencils is a stocking stuffer for kids that will help bring their artwork to life. If your child loves to draw or color, think of this stocking stuffer as the next step in their artistic journey. The pencils come in a small, liftable tin that fits perfectly in their Christmas stocking.


The best stocking stuffer for kids who like music

With a cute and protective case that’s shaped like a donut, this stocking stuffer idea for kids is not only fun, but super functional. This set of QearFun earbuds for kids is lightweight, has adjustable volume controls, a built-in microphone, and a flat, tangle-free cord. Choose from 6 different colors in the donut design or opt for a fun animal-themed set like a cat, pig, or unicorn.


The best stocking stuffer for kids who like to bake

Kids who love to bake will appreciate this stocking stuffer kitchen utensil set that’s just the right size for them to use. From Cook With Color, this set of 5 mini utensils comes with tongs, a slotted spatula, a flat spatula, a spoonula, and a whisk, each measuring about 8 inches long. Made from silicone and heat resistant up to 400 degrees, kids can actually use this stocking stuffer to whip up a tasty meal.


The best stocking stuffer for kids who like dinosaurs

If you’re looking for a unique stocking stuffer for kids, this 3D dinosaur night light by LJOYKID is a fun choice. The small, round base projects the illusion of a different dinosaur depending on which acrylic sheet you pair it with and the color can be customized with the included remote control. Simply attach an acrylic dino-shaped sheet (3 are included) to the rechargeable base to illuminate the prehistoric decor that will delight your little one.


The best stocking stuffer for kids who like soccer

This may be the most practical stocking stuffer for kids on this list, but it’s also one that sporty kids truly need. If your kids are always running around a soccer field, you know how sweaty and stinky their shoes can get. Drop a pack of these Sof Sol Sneaker Balls into their stocking and then make sure they wind up with one in each of their cleats after their next game to help keep offers and bacteria at bay. There are also basketball, baseball, football, and other colorfully designed deodorizer balls for kids who play different sports or teens who just need a little help with their stinky feet in the form of a stocking stuffer.


The best stocking stuffer for kids who love crafts

Crafty kids can build this putty snowman stocking stuffer over and over again. Kangaroo’s Do You Want To Build A Snowman kit comes with everything they need to build a snowman from pliable craft putty. The white putty comes in a tub with press-in craft eyes and a mouth, a carrot nose, and two stick arms to complete their snowman. If you are purchasing stocking stuffers for multiple kids, this particular set comes with 3 snowman-building kits.


The best stocking stuffer for kids who don’t like candy

Candy may be a go-to kids stocking stuffer, but one consumable stocking stuffer idea for kids who don’t like candy (or even those who do) is a hot cocoa bomb. With miniature marshmallows and rich Belgian cocoa inside, this 2-pack of Frankfort hot chocolate bombs is a fantastic stocking stuffer for kids that they can enjoy sipping this holiday season.


The best stocking stuffer for kids who like makeup

Sometimes the best stocking stuffers for kids are things you know they will use or that they need, but with a fun design to set them apart as a gift instead of a necessity. This 6-piece mermaid makeup brush set by LQHao is a great stocking stuffer for kids who love playing with makeup or preteens who are working their way up to wearing makeup regularly and need a great set of beginner brushes. You could even pair it with other kid-safe beauty products or a gift card to buy new makeup to fill their stocking.


The best stocking stuffer for kids who love plushies

If your little one loves to carry a stuffed animal with them everywhere they go, a cup holder companion stuffed animal is the perfect toy to stick in their stocking. Perfectly-sized to sit in most cup holders, Tyler the Tiger by Riderz is just one of 8 adorable animals to choose from as a stocking stuffer. Also available is an elephant, bunny, giraffe, lion, teddy bear, dolphin, and firehouse Dalmatian, each designed with a weighted filling that lets them ride in the cup holder of just about any car seat, stroller, backpack, or anywhere else cup holders are found.


The best stocking stuffer for kids who like puzzles (or cereal)

How adorable are these cereal box puzzles? From Spin Master Games, this set of Kellog’s fun pack puzzles comes with 6 puzzles that are packaged to look just like individual cereal boxes of Apple Jacks, Froot Loops, Frosted Flakes, Corn Pops, Honey Smacks, and Rice Krispies. Instead of cereal, each box contains a 100-piece puzzle to put together. Divvy them up between your kids for a fun stocking stuffer that works for all ages.


The best stocking stuffer for kids who like books

A board book is a great stocking stuffer idea for little kids. Small enough to fit inside of their stocking, but packed with larger-than-life role models, Think Big, Little One by Vashti Harrison is a beautiful gift to introduce trailblazing women to young kids. For older kids, add the more detailed version of this book that’s not a board book, Little Dreamers: Visionary Women Around The World to their stocking or wrap it up to give as a gift that goes under the tree.


The best stocking stuffer for kids who love LEGO

When you’ve already got big LEGO sets wrapped and ready to go under the tree, but still need a stocking stuffer for the LEGO lover in your life, this is the perfect little something to add to their stocking. The LEGO Creator Santa Claus set at Target includes just 69 pieces for kids ages 6 and up to create a miniature version of St. Nick and his sack of toys on a pair of skis, ready to hit the slopes after his gift-giving journey.


The best stocking stuffer for kids who love games

The Hasbro Guess Who? card game is just like the classic board game, but shrunk down to stocking stuffer size. When you stuff your kid’s stocking with a fun game like this one that anyone in the family can play with them, you’re not just filling their stocking, you’re also giving them the gift of time spent together.


The best stocking stuffer for kids who love to relax

This Christmas, give your kids the gift of spa-style relaxation right in their stocking. With 6 fun characters to choose from including a cheetah, unicorn, mermaid, llama, otter, and panda, this set of sheet masks by Epielle is a great stocking stuffer idea for kids who love grown-up style things like spa days, but are still young enough to think it’s fun to put a panda on their face.


The best stocking stuffer for kids who like to be cozy

Christmas is the ideal time to stock up on things growing kids will need in the year ahead like new mittens, underwear, and of course, socks. This 2-pack of toddler socks from The Children’s Place comes with two different designs; one set with multi-colored stripes and the other with trains. This is one cozy stocking stuffer for kids that’s fun, fuzzy, and will also keep their feet nice and warm all winter long.


The best stocking stuffer for kids who like fidget toys

For kids who love fidget toys, this is one stocking stuffer that they won’t be able to put down. Made by PILPOC, theFube is a dodecagon-shaped fidget toy with 12 sides, each with a different type of interactive fidget to play with. Kids can press the rubber buttons, rotate the joystick, or click the knobs to help them focus, ease anxiety, or just keep them occupied.


The best stocking stuffer for kids who love animals

If your little one loves animals, the Skip Hop Zoo Crew Figure toy set is a cute stocking stuffer idea for ages 2 and up. Included in this set are 4 figures including a koala, puppy, dinosaur, and fox, each with posable bodies so they can can stand up or sit on their own. At just under 3 inches tall, these animal toys are perfectly-sized for little hands and great to drop inside of a Christmas stocking.


The best stocking stuffer for kids who love cars

Add this Hot Wheels Color Reveal Vehicles set to your kids’ stocking and it’s like they’re getting 4 cars instead of just 2 thanks to their ability to change colors in water. The package itself doubles as a dunk tank, so when you add warm water, each car reveals a colorful design. Then, swap the warm water for ice cold water and an entirely new design appears.


The best stocking stuffer for kids who like Harry Potter

Your kid probably already has a drawer full of fidget poppers, but they really love them, so why not add one more to their collection this Christmas? Especially for older kids who love Harry Potter, this keychain fidget popper from Claire’s is an ideal stocking stuffer.


The best stocking stuffer for kids who love bubbles

Kids love bubbles. There’s just something so magical about blowing a bunch of bubbles and they usually aren’t expensive, so they make great stocking stuffers for kids. Instead of getting any old bottle of bubbles to stick in their stocking, BubbleLick Cotton Candy Edible Bubbles are flavored bubbles made with food-safe ingredients that your kids will absolutely get a kick out of.

The best stocking stuffers for kids are gifts that are small enough to fit inside their stocking, but still exciting for them to discover when they dump everything out on Christmas morning. Most kids just can’t wait to rip open the biggest gift under the tree, but these stocking stuffer ideas for kids will be a welcomed surprise.

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