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20 Children's Books For Your Dino-Loving Kid

From facts to fun stories, these dinosaur-themed books are perfect for your prehistoric-loving kid.

Just about every kid I've ever known has gone through a dinosaur phase. The mystique of prehistoric creatures is just one of those things that kids latch onto and want to know everything about. Luckily, there is a wide berth of information, and these children's books about dinosaurs offer a variety of ways for your little one to get their fill of both fun facts and fantasy stories all about these magnificent beings.

There is almost nothing like watching your child flip through the pages of a book filled with something that they just can't get enough of. A good book can open up a world of possibilities for kids, so supplying them with a plethora of reads that offer both imaginative takes and historical data about dinosaurs can really help enrich their exploration of the subject.

Whether your kid is the type who will eat nothing but dino-shaped chicken nuggets and wear their two-sizes-too-small T-Rex tee, or they want to learn every single statistic about the Jurassic period, there's a book on this list that will help further fuel their love for dinosaurs. Whether or not they grow up to be a bonafide paleontologist or not may still be up for debate, but in the meantime, they can at least enjoy getting lost in these 20 books.

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A Lift-Flap Book Of Facts

This particular book actually sparked a love of dinos for my youngest son. Peek Inside Dinosaurs offers fun illustrations of different dinosaurs alongside flaps that kids can lift to learn more about each one. With easy-to-digest facts, this is the perfect starting point for young kids who want to learn more about dinosaurs.


Dr. Seuss, The Paleontologist

An oldie, but a goodie, Oh Say Can you Say Di-No-Saur? All About Dinosaurs is a Cat in the Hat Learning Library book that is great for introducing young readers to facts about their favorite Jurassic species. Beloved characters from The Cat in the Hat introduce concepts like how fossils are formed and why some dinos were able to fly.


The Dinosaur That Just Wants To Hug

How incredibly adorable is that little dino guy on the cover of Tiny T. Rex and the Impossible Hug? Not only is he a ferociously cute character, but your kids will just adore the story of how he tries to cheer up his friend despite not having arms long enough to hug him.


A Twist On Goldilocks

My kids can't get enough of Mo Willems' genius storytelling and illustration style. His creativity is as evident as ever in Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs, a tale that offers a twist on the classic story of Goldilocks, but replaces the three bears in the original with a hilarious trio of dinosaurs.


A Fun Story Meets Real Dino Facts

Hilarity ensues when a group of kids tries to catch a dinosaur for their science fair to prove that they still exist in How to Catch a Dinosaur. With a blend of both non-fiction facts and a fun cast of characters in a kid-friendly fiction story, this book is a great pick for little dino lovers.


A Dinosaur Encyclopedia

This Smithsonian book guides kids through an encyclopedia-style exploration of everything there is to know about dinosaurs. From where they lived and what they ate to what creatures preceded and how we learn about them today, The Dinosaur Book teaches kids all about their favorite subject through plenty of informative facts and gorgeous photographs.


A Touch & Explore Dino Book

Inside of Dinosaurs: Touch and Explore, little hands can feel what it might have been like to touch a dino's bumpy skin, their rough bones, and more. For the littlest dinosaur lovers, an introductory book with dino basics is a perfect way to help them learn more about their favorite creatures.


Kitties Plus Dinosaurs

This silly and sweet read is perfect for kids who love when dinosaurs take center stage in a story. In Kitties on Dinosaurs, a group of kittens who like to climb on things decide to try to scale the dinosaurs who live on an island nearby and chaos most certainly ensues.


Dancing Dinosaurs

Not only can dinosaurs roar, but they can dance too! This board book features dancing dinosaurs doing all sorts of moves and making plenty of fun noises that are super fun to read aloud together as they do so. Perfect for the littlest fans, Dinosaur Dance! is a fun way to get dino-loving kids dancing themselves as they read.


Ms. Frizzle Visits The Dinosaurs

Is there any topic that Ms. Frizzle and The Magic School Bus crew can't tackle? In The Magic School Bus: In The Time Of The Dinosaurs, kids can learn all about dinosaurs as they travel back in time millions of years with Ms. Frizzle and her class of adventure-loving kiddos.


A Sing-Along Dinosaur Book

If your kid is super into dinosaurs, it's likely that you've already heard the catchy tune by Laurie Berkner, the lyrics of which inspired her book We Are The Dinosaurs. Kids can sing along as they flip the pages of this beautifully illustrated and fun book all about dinosaurs marching around and doing what dinos do.


Breaking Down Dinosaur Myths

Aimed at teaching kids in their middle elementary school years how to separate the myths about dinosaurs they may have heard from a young age from reality, scientific, and historical fact, Dinosaurs: Fact And Fable is an informative picture book that explores the topic of paleontology from fossils to extinction and more.


Dinosaurs Showing Affection

This adorable story about all of the ways that dinosaurs can say "I love you" is a sweet way to talk with your kids about expressing emotions under the guise of their love for dinosaurs. Not only is How Do Dinosaurs Say I Love You perfect for dino-loving kids, but every kid can relate to the different ways of showing affection.


A Prehistoric Party

Saturday Night At The Dinosaur Stomp is a fiction picture book about a group of dinosaurs who let loose and has a giant prehistoric party. This story is a fun way for kids to celebrate a love of dinosaurs by reading about the characters having an absolute blast together dancing and singing.


When Dinosaurs Have To Go To Bed

Part of the Good Night Our World series, Good Night Dinosaur is a gorgeously illustrated board book that brings the world of the dinosaurs to life. On each page, dino-loving children can say good night to a different type of dinosaur as they too begin to wind down for a night of restful sleep.


The Book Of Dinosaur Roars

When my kids were in their toddler and preschool years, they absolutely loved books that made noise, and the Noisy Books series were definitely a favorite in our house. Noisy Dinosaurs includes six sounds meant to mimic prehistoric dinos and give kids a feel for what it might have been like to hear real dinosaurs roar.


A Big Book Of Dinosaur Facts

Filled to the brim with interesting and informative facts about dinosaurs, National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Dinosaurs is a wonderful first look inside the factual and scientific world of dinosaurs. Intended for kids from ages 4 to 8, these easily digestible facts are also fun to learn and read about.


Showing The Differences In Dinosaurs

Just like people, dinosaurs come in all kinds. From big dinosaurs to small ones, scared dinosaurs to fierce dinosaurs, meat-eaters, vegetarians, and more, dinosaurs are as diverse as we are, and Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs by Byron Barton showcases just how beautiful those differences are.


A Search & Find Dinosaur Book

Even if your kids love to read, sometimes a book that doesn't actually require processing actual words can be just as fun to explore when it features their favorite subject. This search and find book features page after page filled with dinosaurs that your kids can look for and enjoy.


A Wish For A Dinosaur

In The Girl and the Dinosaur, when a young girl finds a dinosaur skeleton while looking for buried treasure on the beach, she makes a wish for that dinosaur to come to life. The book follows the pair as they embark on an adventure of a lifetime that will certainly spark your child's dinosaur-loving imagination.