Check Out These 36 Adorable Dinosaur Backpacks For Toddlers & Kids

Is there anything kids love more than dinosaurs?

Dinosaurs haven’t walked the Earth for some 65 million years, but you wouldn’t know it by the Cretaceous swag bursting from retail stores. Twenty-eight years after the blockbuster movie Jurassic Park debuted, dino fever is still going strong, especially amongst the elementary school set. If your little one has a Allosaurus or Velociraptor fixation, then you probably want to pick up one of these dinosaur backpacks for them.

Whether it’s a creepy T-Rex bag with the carnivore bursting from the fabric in all his ghastly glory, or a cutesy interpretation of a prehistoric pet, online vendors have you covered. There are quite literally hundreds of options (you never dino-saw such a thing). And, because kids start attending school as early as a few weeks old, backpacks now come in a lot more shapes and sizes for even the littlest learners. Toddlers need not be burdened by a giant backpack that’s bigger than they are. Instead, you can find mini satchels designed for little shoulders with cute Triassic motifs. Some are especially creative and come with little built-in dinosaur stuffed animals, some have tails, and even the all important spikes that made so many of these extinct animals so fascinating. With one of these backpacks on, your child will be roar-ing to go.

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Dinosaur Backpacks for Kids

Your standard kids dino backpack comes in all manner of patterns. But cartoon depictions of the beasts seems to be the go-to in variety.

Toddler Dinosaur Backpacks

For small dino aficionados, there are toddler dinosaur backpacks. These are typically 10-15 inches tall to accommodate smaller students.

Spiky Dinosaur Backpacks for Children

A backpack with real dinosaur characteristics? Now there’s something to behold. These backpacks feature spikes, just like real dinos had.

Now all you need is a few Diplodocus Trapper Keepers and your kiddo will be ready to head off to school.