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20 Wall Decals For Kids’ Rooms & Nurseries

Outfit your child’s room with colorful designs, fun characters, and more in an easy, non-permanent way.

Kids grow and change so fast, so it makes sense that their room decor will also change over the years. Especially if you don’t own your home and can’t re-paint or hang up wallpaper, using wall decals for kids’ rooms and nurseries is the perfect way to spruce up your space in a non-permanent way.

My two boys share a room, and as they’ve grown up, decorating has become a struggle. They certainly have different interests, and their two-year age gap means that while my 6-year-old is still very much into Paw Patrol, his big brother is “too cool” to have posters of Chase and Marshall plastered across his bedroom wall. Letting them each select a few different wall decals to hang above each of their beds has been a life-saver.

From using small geometric-shaped decals to create patterns or add a pop of color, to investing in larger mural-style decals that cover a vast majority of your child’s walls, there are plenty of wall decal options to choose from. Whether you’re outfitting your newborn’s nursery with nature scenes or making over your big kid’s room with a full space and stars motif, these wall decals are easy to apply and easy to change, so the possibilities are truly endless.

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Holographic Dots

Picky pre-teens are notoriously hard to please. They can’t help it, truly, but their ever-changing minds and bodies are in such a state of flux that you may be bombarded with constant calls for room decor changes. These holographic confetti dot wall decals are super sparkly and an easy way to appease your kiddo’s changing tastes.


Tree Wall Decal

This stunning large tree wall decal is just perfect for a nature-themed nursery. The white decal itself will stand out wonderfully on a dark wall, but you can also customize the trunk and leaf color choices depending on what color scheme you are working with, and choose which direction you want the leaves to be blowing as well.


Watercolor Stars

This set of peel and stick watercolor star decals includes 130 separate star cutouts ranging in size from one-half inch in diameter to nearly 6 inches across in a myriad of colors. You can arrange them in any way you want, use them in multiple rooms, or even let your older kids arrange the stars themselves in their rooms.


Inspiring Achievements

Perfect for a playroom or a bedroom, these inspirational wall decals depict different doctors that young kids may aspire to be one day. Having a reminder on your child’s own wall that someone who looks just like they do can grow up and achieve any of these notable career choices is absolutely inspiring.


Woodland Scene

What’s more charming than a nursery or child’s room decorated with an entire woodland forest scene plastered on the wall? Not much, actually. This wall decal set features tall birch trees, birds, squirrels, bears, deer, and more printed on removable vinyl in the color scheme of your choice using up to six different colors.


Watercolor Rainbows

These watercolor rainbow decals work for both nurseries and older kids’ rooms alike thanks to their pretty pastel color scheme and artistic flair.


Dino Decals

This set of dinosaur wall decals includes five prehistoric figures — a T-rex, pterodactyl, brontosaurus, triceratops, and a stegosaurus — each in a different color. Made from fabric, these decals won’t rip like some vinyl ones might, so they’re sure to last through whatever your little one might put them through as they grow.


Space Exploration

If you want your kid to dream big dreams, why not give them an entire galaxy-themed room to do so in? With this sun and planets decal set, you also have the option to add a space-themed growth chart to your set that adheres to the wall to measure your child’s growth through the years.


Gamer Wall Decals

For older kids who are super into playing their favorite video games, this set of gamer wall decals is a cute way to indulge their interests. Use the 26-sticker set to decorate different areas of their bedroom or game room with decals of various remote controls, phrases, headphones, and gaming icons.


Under The Sea

These fun and friendly sea creature wall decals are perfect for brightening up any water-loving child’s space. Between the bubbles, octopus, fish, and various tropical plant life, there are a total of 60 decal pieces in this set that you can mix and match. Use them to decorate one wall, or place them in various spots throughout your child’s room to make them feel like they’re really living under the sea.


Dumbo Nursery

Disney fans will love this enchanting nursery wall decal featuring the one and only Dumbo. You can choose from a variety of base colors for the words “dream big, little one” and the outline of Dumbo himself with white clouds and stars in the background, and customize the size of the entire decal.


Construction Trucks

If your kid is in that fun phase where they run to the window every morning to watch the garbage truck drive by, they’ll likely love these wall decals featuring a variety of bulldozers and dump trucks. The set includes 18 peel-and-stick decals in muted blues, yellows, and grays that will grow with your child.


Airplanes & Clouds

Customizable with your child’s name, this wall decal features airplanes and fluffy white clouds so that your little one can dream of flying high. It’s available in a variety of different colors and font choices for the name, and you can also adjust the sizing as well depending on where you want to stick the decal.


Sparkly Starbursts

These sparkly starburst wall decals will absolutely pop against dark-colored walls to look just like a starry night sky, but you can also order them in a variety of colors to decorate kids’ rooms and nurseries with different color schemes. Each starburst is its own decal, so you can group them together closely or spread them out depending on where you want to hang them.


Mountainscape Decal

Let your child know from the get-go that they can climb every mountain and face every obstacle life throws at them with this mountainscape wall decal. Perfect for nurseries or playrooms, you can order this decal in a variety of sizes and colors to fit your needs. Customize the decal by adding their name, some trees, or other accompanying decals to complete the look.


Unicorns & Stars

When it comes to kids’ rooms and nursery decor, it just doesn’t get much more whimsical than these vinyl unicorn wall decals. With rainbow colors, bashful, blinking eyelashes, and a plethora of stars surrounding the unicorn faces, your little one will love looking at these gorgeous, sparkling wall decals for years to come.


Ice Cream Cones

How adorable would your child’s playroom look covered in pastel-colored ice cream cones? Incredibly adorable. These ice cream cone wall decals come in sets of 10, with each ice cream cone measuring nearly 6 inches tall. Made from plastic-free matte paper, these peel and stick cones are a really “sweet” way to decorate.


Safari Animals

Go wild with your baby’s nursery decor using these safari animal decals. This precious vinyl decal set includes a giraffe, hippo, tiger, lion, elephant, and three monkeys swinging rambunctiously from tree vines. You can use them together to create a mural-like zoo scene or space them out throughout the room.


Star Wars Decals

May the force be with your kiddo as they grow. These Star Wars vinyl wall decals feature a variety of out-of-this-world characters from the beloved series that you can use for your child’s room. My own kids have a similar set plastered on their bathroom walls and it’s basically my favorite room in the house.


Personalized Name Decal

When you want to jazz up your little one’s room, but don’t want to just stick to one specific theme, using their name in a stylish print on a personalized wall decal is one way to do it. This specific decal allows parents to decorate with their child’s first and middle name (or, first and last) in the color scheme of your choice.