illustration of bluey, cartoon dog

Your Whole Family Can Dress Up In These Bluey Halloween Costumes

Bluey and the gang are all here.

To know Bluey is to love it. The Australian cartoon series has somehow found a way to capture the magic of pretend through a family of dogs: mom Chilli, dad Bandit, and their two daughters, Bingo and Bluey. And it’s as sweet and funny for parents as it is for kids. Naturally, that means this runaway hit will be the go-to costume come All Hallow’s Eve. And you can score a Bluey Halloween costume in advance on these sites.

What you’ll find here are various riffs on jumpsuits with matching masks. Some are super oversized head coverings, others just go over the eyes, so you can pick and choose what your child will tolerate while racing through the neighborhood trick-or-treating.

Not surprisingly, smart makers over on Etsy have also jumped on the Bluey bandwagon and applied their crafting prowess to a variety of riffs on the cute pups. For instance, one Etsy vendor has made a Bluey newborn bonnet that’s so sweet you’ll wish your own imaginative kids were babies again so they could wear it.

To really embody the right Bluey attitude, grab one of these costumes and help your child work on their Aussie accent.

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A Bluey Jumpsuit Set

Complicated Halloween costumes are no fun. That’s why this Bluey jumpsuit is such a smart choice. It easily zips up the back, comes with matching gloves, and is topped off with an easy-to-wear mask. Done and done.


Two-Pack Bluey and Bingo Set

The show might be called Bluey, but Bingo is a star too. If your kids want to play both, then this two-pack, featuring Bingo and Bluey masks and capes, is perfect.


A Bluey Costume With A Real Tail

Your little Bluey can shake their tail feathers with this costume that comes with a tail and hat that doubles as Bluey’s face, a nice alternative to a mask.


Four-Piece Bluey Costume

A onesie is fine until you’re half way through trick-or-treating and your little Bluey has to use the potty. Skip that hassle with this four-piece costume set with pants and a top rather than a zip-up jumpsuit.


A Bluey Cape Costume

Whether or not Bluey and Bingo regularly wear capes is not the point. A Halloween costume is always 100 percent better when it includes one, so naturally Bluey should have one too.


A Bluey Family Costume Set

Get the whole family in on the Halloween Bluey fun with this set of 8 felt masks for everyone to wear.


A Bingo Tutu Set

You have to appreciate creative license when it comes to cartoon characters. Why not put Bingo in a tutu with a matching t-shirt? Note, this is also available in a blue Bluey tutu set as well.


A Marine Vinyl Bingo Mask

If you want a mask that no one else on Halloween will have, check out Etsy vendor pinkiepetunia’s Bingo mask made from marine vinyl. Designed to be sturdy and comfortable, your child won’t complain wearing this cute mask.


Newborn Bingo Hat

Can you say crazy cute? This knit hat captures Bingo perfectly while giving your infant (or parent — sizes go all the way up to adult) a cozy toque.

With costumes in hand, you can now breath a sigh of relief knowing your fam is covered for Halloween 2021.