Camp Romper

Camp Romper 2021 is now bringing the Paw Patrol with us.
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Camp Romper 2021 & Paw Patrol Are Ready To Go! Go! Go!

Seriously, you won’t want to miss the interactive movie scene.

Your local store aisles may be full of school supplies and teacher-sized tubs of disinfectant wipes, but summer isn’t over yet. Camp Romper is still happening, and with Paramount+ helping to kick off the festivities, there’s plenty of excitement to be had, including your kids’ favorite buddies from Adventure Bay.

Yep, if you’re now singing “Paw Patrolllll, go! go! go!” in your head, you aren’t alone. At Industry City, Brooklyn on Saturday, August 21 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., Paramount+ will be giving a huge dose of Paw Patrol fun and activities for your family to celebrate PAW Patrol: The Movie, in theaters and available to stream from Paramount+ on Aug. 20.

There will be two custom activities at this fun event, including Badge of Honor, which will give your kids a chance to create a one-of-a-kind Paw Patrol badge. They’ll review the new Paw Patrol movie characters, learning about their different skill sets and personalities, and then choose a favorite to make their own Paw Patrol badge. The badge is a cute, fun keepsake for your kids to wear throughout the day and then take home with them — after a selfie in front of the perfect photo backdrop of course.

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Which leads right into the second activity at the Camp Romper event. To gear kids up for the new PAW Patrol: The Movie premiere, they can be put into a scene from the movie. There will be an immersive scenic backdrop from the film with themed props like hats, badges, and fire hydrants, so they can take the perfect photo.

In addition to all the fun Paw Patrol activities, H&M is partnering with Camp Romper to bring some dollops of sunshine in the form of crafts, bubbles, and ice cream. The Neon Tea Party will be there, showing families how to make their own custom keychain for their very own H&M backpack with fabric, yarn, and trims. (And to make things even easier, all of the materials will be pre-cut, and there will also be wooden beads for customizing.)

After you make your backpack tassel, be sure to grab a custom H&M ice cream flavor — cookies and cream — from Blue Marble Ice Cream. Everyone will get a free mini scoop! And then you can find bubbles throughout the space. These will be handed out, as well as found in additional buckets throughout the space so you and your family can grab and go. Is there anything more “we love you summer” than a craft, an ice cream, and bubbles?

Whether your family is ready to head back to school or wants to soak up a little more summer, Camp Romper’s here with the perfect family activity. Every parent has had the Paw Patrol theme song stuck in their head, and now they can bring Sky, Chase, Marshall, and the rest of the team to life with Camp Romper, just a day after seeing PAW Patrol: The Movie. Will you be there on the double?