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These 13 Care Packages Are Just For New Moms, Because Babies Get Enough Gifts

After a new baby is born comes the rush of welcome gifts for the newest addition, and with good reason: It's hard to resist those tiny hats, soft blankets, plush animals, and sweet board books. But parents deserve gifts too, especially birthing parents who just did the grueling work of, you know, bringing the baby into the world. These 13 care packages for new moms will show mama that you haven’t forgotten about her and you’re here to make her life easier in very tangible ways.

If you’ve given birth, you already have a pretty clear idea about what products were helpful to you as a sleep-deprived, sore-all-over person, so you'll know what makes a great gift for new moms. But the perk of buying a care package or a gift set is that you don't have to browse around for a bunch of different items; they already come beautifully packaged together.

On this list, you’ll find care packages that include postpartum essentials like nipple shields, perineal sprays, those strange but very helpful donut pillows, and pads (yes, pads can be a true gift). There's the always-appreciated gift of food (bonus points if it’s already portioned out to make for easy eating while nursing), plus some more “fun” things like calming candles, buttery robes, or luxe bath products (in the event that she finds 15 free minutes to soak in the tub).

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Bath Time For Moms

Founded by Jessica Alba, The Honest Company is known for their affordable, organic baby skincare products, but they make a great box of bath products for mothers too. This set includes a luxe body oil, a relaxing mineral bath salt that can be used during pregnancy or after, a very moisturizing body oil, and perhaps the most heroic of them all — an organic nipple balm that's safe for babies too.


A Birth & Beyond Box

This makes a great gift, especially for parents of early babies who may not have had the time to pack their hospital bags they way they imagined. This includes an inflatable donut cushion, a stool softener (glamorous), plus five breastfeeding support products like nipple shields and cream, and more. This one is designed for mothers who had vaginal births, but there's also a care package for mothers who have had cesareans.


A Box Full Of Breastfeeding Necessities

Everything a new parent could need to ease the transition into breastfeeding. This box includes a breastfeeding tea, a cute cover up for feeding on-the-go, nipple shields, breast wipes, and a water bottle with a straw (in case they can no longer stand looking at their birthing bottle). This company also offers boxes for each trimester, and a "dad" box, plus there's a subscription service if you want to support someone throughout their whole pregnancy.


Grab & Go Snacks

New parents need snacks at the ready. This care package from Harry & David offers a ton of food that doesn't need a lot of prep; they can grab an apple, a pear, or a handful of nuts while nursing in the middle of the night, or pop Moose Munch milk chocolate popcorn when they need a quick sugary boost.


Postpartum Support

Admittedly, this gift is less for an acquaintance and more for someone you know well, like a BFF or sister. Whoever gets this gift will be grateful as it contains pads, liners, feminine wipes, water wipes, and even a collagen sheet mask for their faces when they need a moment of self-care.


A Monthly Milestone Box

A sweet idea for parents who like the idea of taking monthly milestone pictures of their new baby but may not have a ton of time to execute the photo shoots (say if they have a toddler, too). The set includes a cloth balloons that can be personalized with baby's name, weight, and birth date, plus balloons for each month that goes by in a flash.


A Spa Care Pack

When there's no time for the spa, at least new moms can bring the spa to their bathroom. This set includes a coconut milk bath soap and a charcoal cleansing bar from botanical brand, Herbivore, plus a travel candle and matches, a pretty jar for holding odd-and-ends, and a face towel. Knack Shops is great because you shop for pre-curated care package, or create one yourself specifically with the giftee in mind.


For The Wellness Lovers

This care package includes three "turmeric tonics" which are a blend of superfoods like MCT oil, ginger, matcha, chlorophyll, cardamom and more. They're great for moms who want a pick-me-up without a ton of caffeine, plus the kit also includes an exfoliating face mask and a clarifying face mask which can help address those annoying hormonal skin changes.


A Package Full Of Comfort Food

Everyone loves the gift of food, especially when it includes cookies, rolls, and enough soup for six generous serving. You can choose from five different types of soup including tomato basic, clam chowder, and chicken noodle, and this gift set also includes a ladle and a handmade card.


A Tension Relieving Set

While new parenthood is an amazing time, no one ever said it was particularly relaxing. For the friend who may have had a rough birth or who's feeling a little more anxious than usual (postpartum anxiety is normal but not fun) this care package may help them relax and take a few minutes for self-care. It contains all organic goodies including a salt soak, herbal tea blend, tension relief roller, a lip balm, a magnetic frame, and even a little teether for baby.


A Robe & Swaddle Set

New moms and newborns both just want to be comfy and this robe and swaddle gift set gets the job done. It's made of soft and breathable blend of polyester and spandex, so they won't wrinkle and can be machine-washed (though hanging dry is still best). The swaddles comes with a matching beanie or headband (or both) and the set comes in tons of colors and prints.


A Set Of Leak-Proof Essentials

This is one of those gifts that a new mom may not think to ask for, but it will definitely come in handy. It includes a swimsuit, swim bottoms, boy shorts, leak-proof undies, reusable pads, and a surprise gift. It's not uncommon to experience vaginal discharge known as lochia after giving birth, and all designs from Ruby are made to be absorbent enough for most discharge and lighter periods (so she can use these again once her period starts up).


Postpartum Essentials

This box contains a bunch of products moms will rely on in the first few weeks post-birth, and every product is full-size so it will be actually last. Inside she'll find mesh underwear, sitz bath pads, perineal heat or cool pack, witch hazel pads, perineal cleansing bottle, a candle, an affirmation cards, and tips from a mother for how to get the most out of each product. This is a gift you may want to give yourself if you're expecting.