woman and toddler wearing matching clothes from senna case
Senna Case

Meet Senna Case, Chantelle Paige-Mulligan's New Gender Neutral Clothing Line

Here’s the scoop on the adorable new line.

Gender neutral clothes are cute and practical, but they have a tendency to be so, well, neutral, when it comes to their colorways. And while gray and tan have their place, sometimes kids (and adults) want to wear something fun and vivid. New gender-neutral clothing line, Senna Case, which launched Oct. 6, is here to put the color into cozy. Founded by Chantelle Paige-Mulligan, a Bay Area-based singer/songwriter (who happens to have nearly 3.5 million followers on TikTok and Instagram combined), the line features unisex apparel sets (hoodies and joggers) for kids and adults, plus a reversible set for kids.

The oversized silhouettes are designed so that the pieces can be worn for awhile then handed down to a younger sibling or friend’s kid, and because they’re made from high quality, sustainable fabric (which is woven in Los Angeles and ethically produced in the Bay Area) the clothes will still look and feel good for their second act.

“As a content creator, I absolutely love fashion. I see so many amazing brands that inspire me, and I have always had a desire to start my own line. When I was pregnant with my second child, I was shopping for gender-neutral pieces for my older daughter that I could eventually pass down to my son, and most available options were neutral colors,” Chantelle said in a press release for the brand. “I realized that gender-neutral shouldn’t mean colorless, and I was inspired to create a brand that offered cozy, soft, sustainably-made pieces that are gender-neutral in design and available in vivid colors.”

The line currency features a lilac purple pullover sweatshirt and rusty orange pocket pullover with matching joggers for kids and adults, plus a reversible set for kids that’s a solid green one side and striped on the other (the Ever reversible set is made from deadstock fabric which would have otherwise likely ended up in a landfill).

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Kids sizing begins at 0-3 months and goes up to 3-4 years; adult unisex sizing is a little less straightforward; the sizes are names named after some of Chantelle’s favorite places, and range from Tivoli, which is women’s XS/S or men’s XXS/XS, up to McKean, which is around a women’s 3XL or men’s 2XL (the standard sizes are written in parentheses after the place names so you don’t need to memorize the new system).

Pricing starts at $36 for kids and $66 for adults.