Turkey In The Oven Thanksgiving Maternity Graphic T-Shirt

15 Cute Thanksgiving Maternity Shirts To Announce & Embrace Your Pregnancy

Because it’s not just a turkey that’s in the oven this year.

It’s the time of year for gratitude and gravy. For eating turkey and talking with loved ones around a bountiful table. Other holidays might feel chaotic, but there’s something about Thanksgiving that forces you to slow down. Maybe it’s because the food takes hours to cook, so there’s plenty of time to reflect on all the reasons there are to celebrate this season. And if you’re expecting, you’ll need to dress the part by wearing these cute Thanksgiving maternity shirts that you can use to embrace your pregnancy — even if no one knows yet.

And that’s the beauty of this holiday. If you’re ready to reveal why you’ve been wearing bulky sweaters and napping a lot more lately, Thanksgiving is the perfect time to announce your pregnancy. Think about it: a large portion (if not all) of your family will be gathered around, everyone will already be in a happy mood (because that’s just what Thanksgiving does to people), you’ll all be eating (which also puts everyone in a good mood), and you’re bound to get lots of screaming and tears of joy when you let everyone know that you’re expecting.

So celebrate what you’re most thankful for (your pregnancy and your baby) with these Thanksgiving maternity shirts that are as adorable as that bun you’ve got in the oven.

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Turkey In The Oven Thanksgiving Maternity Graphic T-Shirt

Looking for an easy breezy way to show off your bump on Thanksgiving? This maternity shirt from Motherhood has all the fall feels: from the burnt orange color that just screams Thanksgiving, to the “turkey in the oven” screen print. And since it can get hot in the house on the big day, having a short sleeve shirt to wear will make you feel more comfortable as you sit down to eat. But what you might be most thankful for is the side ruching on this shirt, which shows off your bump without looking boxy.


Thankful Maternity Thanksgiving Shirt

Sometimes you just want a simple shirt that doesn’t have cartoon characters on it. To express your attitude of gratitude, you can wear this Old Navy Thanksgiving shirt. The rib-knit crew neck shirt has plenty of stretch so asking for seconds won’t feel constricting. In fact, everything about this shirt is designed with comfort in mind, from the tag-free label to the side shirring to give extra space and style. And it might remind you to be thankful not just on Thanksgiving, but every day as well.


Peeking Baby Thanksgiving Maternity Shirt

Do you ever wonder what Baby is doing in there to entertain themselves? Well, maybe your baby wants to peek out and take a look-see at all of the yummy food that’s coming down the pike, so to speak. And of course, your little one wants to be dressed for the occasion, and what better way than to wear a pilgrim’s hat? The 100% cotton short sleeve maternity shirt is comfy and so cute. It can also spark some conversation about how the Pilgrims forged a friendship with the Wampanoag Indians (and in particular, Squanto and Samoset), who helped them learn how to grow corn, beans, and pumpkins when they made landfall in Plymouth.


Pumpkin Pie For Two Thanksgiving Maternity Shirt

Dutch apple. Cranberry orange. Pecan. There are so many pies that are synonymous with Thanksgiving, and pumpkin pie ranks right at the very top. So is it any wonder that Baby might be asking for an extra slice, too? This maternity pumpkin pie shirt from Etsy seller MilitaryHeartTees comes in a slew of styles (think baseball tee, crewneck, and ladies’ V-neck), and it also is available in a bunch of colors, too. But the white one pictured will go with any outfit you have; just add on some autumnal accents to feel even more festive.


Gobblin’ Wobblin’ Thanksgiving Maternity Shirt

Hey, if you already have the waddle down pat, might as well indulge deeply in the foods that you love. For the times when you want to gobble down everything in sight, this sweatshirt comes in an assortment of colors, but if you want to keep it Thanksgiving-themed, you’ll probably be best off choosing orange or forest green (pictured). It’ll keep you cozy if you decide to head out onto the porch after the mega meal or if your family has a campfire or if you decide to hit those Black Friday sales early.


Growing A Little Pumpkin Thanksgiving Maternity Shirt

Although it might not be until week 40 that your bump is the size of a small pumpkin, that shouldn’t stop you from wearing this Thanksgiving maternity shirt at any stage of pregnancy. From Etsy seller EarthCustom, the shirt comes in tons of colors and styles to choose from (think unisex to tank top), but you might appreciate some sleeves, especially if Turkey Day tends to get cold where you live. It’s one of those shirts that you can wear again and again (especially since it’s not so Thanksgiving-centric), or even sleep in, since it’s made from super soft cotton.


Pumpkin Spice Season Thanksgiving Maternity Shirt

The temps might barely dip down into the 70s before you start sipping pumpkin spice lattes, light pumpkin spice candles, and color coordinate your wardrobe so that there’s a hint of burnt orange in everything you wear. So while pumpkin spice season might be fully underway by the time Thanksgiving rolls around, you can still celebrate your bump’s first official introduction to it all with this cute Thanksgiving maternity shirt from Etsy seller astrongconfidentYOU. Two baby feet are sweetly inside a tiny pumpkin, which will perfectly adorn your belly. The shirt also has plus size options, too, so you can wear it comfortably under additional layers of clothing post-holiday.


Thanksgiving Maternity Shirt Pregnancy Announcement

In life (or on a tee shirt), it’s always a good idea to read the fine print. That’s how unsuspecting friends and family will be delighted that your shirt is wishing them a happy thanksgiving — and then freak the eff out when they read what’s written underneath. It’s a cute way to announce your pregnancy to your loved ones (be sure to have your phone ready to capture the moment!), but it will probably work best if you’re not quite showing just yet. Etsy seller LylaJClothingCo is offering two versions of the shirt: a crew neck and a v neck. Best part: you can add a glitter font, too!


Pumpkin Spice & Baby Kicks Thanksgiving Maternity Shirt

You might not want to make a big statement at dinner that you’re expecting. If you’re looking to go the more subtle route, you could wear this Thanksgiving pregnancy announcement shirt at dinner, and see if anyone notices what’s written on it. Thing is, people might be in such a food coma that they might not get it right away, which will make the official confirmation even cuter. And while you can definitely wear this as a Thanksgiving pregnancy shirt, you can get more mileage out of it after the holidays, too. Well, at least until you need to swap it out for something more holiday-inspired.


Thanksgiving Maternity Shirt

They say go big or go home, right? Well, now you can do both with this there’s-no-getting-around-the-fact-that-you’re-pregnant Thanksgiving maternity shirt. One Amazon buyer said that it “fits right at the belly” and that it’s “very comfortable.” It allows ample room for your bump, which will feature a petite poult (that’s a baby turkey to you and me), holding a sign that reads: “Who you calling a turkey?” We guess that your bun in the oven better make way for this too cute turkey, or else there might be some trouble at the dining room table. Another reviewer said to size down, so be sure to order either your size or size smaller, since this shirt offers extra stretch.


Baby’s First Turkey Day

Once baby is born, you might buy lots of “Baby’s First” shirts. You know the kind: “Baby’s First Halloween,” or “Baby’s First July 4th.” (Or even “Baby’s First Columbus Day,”) But what about your bump? It shouldn’t be left out, after all. So celebrate the fact that this is Bump’s first turkey day with, what else, this Amazon pregnancy shirt that basically says the same thing. A baby’s itty bitty feet are stamped on top of the turkey design, and the shirt can be used as a Thanksgiving pregnancy announcement, too. Just be sure to clarify that your bump isn’t a food baby, but rather, a real one, so that there’s no confusion while Grandma Barbara is passing the cornbread stuffing.


Don’t Eat The Pumpkin Seeds Thanksgiving Maternity Shirt

Sure, you can go to the most sincere pumpkin patch and pick out a pumpkin to carve into a jack-o-lantern. But unless you’re doing something with the pumpkin guts, you’re really missing out on a savory snack, guys. That’s why you might want to roast pumpkin seeds (it’s super easy to do!), and eat them. But be careful, because as this Thanksgiving pregnancy shirt warns, a lil’ pumpkin might start to grow in your belly after eating them. Encourage your kiddo to eat them, too, since pumpkin seeds are a good source of magnesium, iron, zinc, copper, and other minerals, according to Health. And then you can, ahem, explain to your kiddo that eating pumpkin seeds won’t make them grow a baby in their belly.


Stuffed With Turkey, Pumpkin Pie, And A Baby Thanksgiving Maternity Shirt

Between the turkey, the stuffing, and the sides, it’s no wonder that you feel stuffed after a Thanksgiving meal. But if you’re expecting around the holidays, you might have another box to check off, and that’s being stuffed with a baby. Aww. And that’s why this Thanksgiving pregnancy announcement shirt checks all the boxes — literally. It’s from Etsy seller signatureshirts, which has over 222,000 sales so far, and comes in sizes ranging from XS -3XL. You can pick practically any color you want, but the maroon one (which is pictured) is perfect, especially if some cranberry sauce accidentally falls on your shirt.

Whether you’re wearing a turkey, a pumpkin, or a pilgrim on the front of your shirt, these Thanksgiving maternity shirts are a whimsical and wonderful way to share your good news — and your gratitude for all the good things that are to come.