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These Books About Dad Are Perfect For Father's Day Storytime

Bad jokes, adventures, and big hugs await.

If you take a look at your kid’s bookshelf, you’ll probably find stories about princesses, pirates, talking animals, and kid-size adventures. Since they could always use an extra book in their library, why not add some children’s books about dads to the mix. After all, what’s more entertaining and endearing than a fun-loving dad?

When I was a kid, there was nothing I loved more than snuggling up with my dad as he read me my favorite bedtime story. Even now, as an adult, I can vividly remember the joy I felt with every turn of the page. I see that same joy in my own daughters’ faces whenever they settle into bed and give all of their attention to their dad and he reads them their bedtime books. So it only seems appropriate that they have a few books that put a spotlight on the sweet bond they have with their dear old dad.

There is no shortage of great kids books about dads out there. In fact, the hardest part is trying to narrow down your options. Do you want something silly? Sweet? Thoughtful? Whatever it is you’re looking for, there is a book for it. Here are just some of the many options to choose from.

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One Amazing Dad

You know who is amazing? Dad. This book is a quick list of all the things he is, like “cooler than a million popsicles” and “tougher than a rhino wrestler.”


All The Love

The Very Hungry Caterpillar is here to help kids tell their dads how loved they are. Each page of the book lists out something they love about dad.


Going Above & Beyond

When a little girl needs her hair done, and mom isn’t around to help, this dad steps up to the challenge while also reminding his daughter how much he loves her gorgeous locks, and her (of course).


Love From Day One

This sweet book is basically a love letter from dad to his baby, telling the story of how he’s loved them from the moment he laid eyes on them.


The Once-Cool Dad

In this book, a dad recalls his past life of playing in a rock band, riding motorcycles, and just being generally cool. While he may not feel so cool anymore, his kiddo still thinks he’s the coolest guy in the world.


Finger Puppet Fun

For the little kids, this is a sweet board book with some extra fun. As you read along, you can make the daddy lion finger puppet move around which is sure to make your tot giggle with joy.


One Extra Daddy-Daughter Duo

Well Ella comes home after her first day of school feeling defeated because the other kids weren’t fans of her sparkly, sprinkled, shiny way of life, her dad puts on a feather boa and teaches her to stay true to her glamorous self.


A Perfect Pair

In this book, a dad and his son take a stroll around the city and discover all of the ways they are perfectly designed for each other.


Unbreakable Bond

With My Daddy is a story told from a little girl’s point of view about all the wonderful things she does with her dad, and how much she loves him.


Memorable Adventures

A little girl spends an afternoon riding on the back of her dad’s motorcycle, taking in the community around her and reflecting on how much she loves her Papi.


The ‘Why’

In this book, dad tells his child all of the things he hopes and dreams for them, and the reason behind them all: “Because I’m your dad.”


Sticking Together

Kids can accomplish anything with their dads by their sides. This book looks at all the ways a dad helps his kiddo, like fighting monsters under the bed and spending the day playing pretend.


Unconditional Love

A kiddo admits, though his dad isn’t a superhero, he’s still the best daddy in the whole world. This story is a list of all of the mundane things a child and his dad do that are way more fun because they’re doing them together.


Everyday Magic

Another sweet story about the everyday adventures of a dad and his kid, but with fun illustrations that put a spotlight on “daddy’s arms” throughout the pages.


Just Hanging Out

You probably read Little Critter books when you were a kid (you may have even read this one). In this story, Little Critter finds joy in everything he does with his dad during their outdoor adventures.


The Best Day

A little cub tells a story of an ordinary day with her dad, who snuggles her, protects her, and loves her. By the end of the story, she realizes that even an ordinary day with her dad is the best day.


All The Love

Perfect for babies and toddlers, this board book is a simple story that lists out all of the ways dads show their love like through hugs, kisses, and snuggles.


Long Distance Love

When a little boy’s dad is stationed overseas, they make use of the North Star to play a sweet game of catch from across the world. It’s a perfect book for any kid whose dad is far away.


Silly Surprises

To appropriately surprise your dear old dad, you’ll need lots of things. Thankfully, this book lists them all out and gives tips for planning a perfect (silly) surprise.


Every Dad Is Special

With bright illustrations and simple sentences, this sweet book highlights how special a dad is, no matter who he is or what he does.


Celebrating Two Dads

This story is told from the perspective of Rumi, who has two dads: Daddy and Dada. She tells the ways they are different, but are the same in one important way: she loves them both equally.


Classic Story With A Dad Twist

You and your kids have probably read Goodnight Moon once or twice (or a million times), and this story is a fun twist on the beloved classic. The kids say goodnight to the day they spent with their dad cooking, playing, shopping, and just being together.


Two Peas In A Pod

Another Little Critter book, this one is all about how Little Critter wants to be like his dad. So, naturally, he follows him around doing the exact same thing he’s doing all day long.


Father’s Day Prep

In order to have everything ready for their Father’s Day surprise, these kids have to do a lot of prepping the night before. They put in all kinds of work so that they can spend the next day cruising around with their dad.

Every dad is unique in his own way, but they’re all very loved. Help your kids remind their dad of this by adding a few of these sweet books to their bookshelves and making storytime all the sweeter.