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Your Horse-Obsessed Kid Will Love These 21 Books

Warning: These books may result in your child begging you for a pony of their own.

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There is just something about a pony that kids seem to be innately drawn to. So, it's no wonder there are so many fantastic kids' books about horses and their adventures. Filling your child's library up with books about their favorite animal will not only encourage their love for reading but could also potentially keep them satisfied enough to go a day without asking you to buy them a pony of their own.

To be totally fair, ponies are really cute. Plus, horses are featured in just about every Disney movie, so even if you were to strategically plan a route to school that avoids driving past any homes with horses, your kid would probably still get exposed to them soon enough. Trying to fight a child's love of horses is a losing game, so you might as well lean into it. Even better, you can immerse yourself in it just as much by reading them horse-centered bedtime stories at night.

There is no shortage of fantastic kids' books that feature horses. Whether you're looking for a fairy tale, a simple board book, something with gorgeous illustrations, or a story that is downright hilarious, there is a horse book for you. Here are some fantastic options to help you build your library.

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A Sweet Story Of Friendship

If A Horse Had Words is the story of a pony named Red Badger whose first life experience is slipping and getting stuck in a muddy hole. Thankfully, a boy shows up to help her. As she grows up and faces other scary situations, she thinks back to the moment with the boy and it gives her the courage to keep going.


A Pony, A Dog & A Cat

Little ones will love having you read this rhyming board book to them at night before bedtime. It follows Noni the pony and her days of playing, relaxing, and having fun with her best friends Dave Dog and Coco the Cat. Who can resist a fun story like this?


The ABC's With A Famous Friend

Get ready to play "Old Town Road" on your phone for a dance party after you read through this amazing kids' book featuring Lil Nas X and his horse, Panini the pony. The pair walk you through the alphabet, connecting every letter to something country-inspired before they ride off into the sunset together at the end of the book.


A Little Boy's First Horse Ride

Let's face it, horses are big and can be kind of scary, and that's exactly how a little boy feels before his friend Catherine introduces him to her horse, Shannon. Throughout the book, Catherine teaches the little boy actual facts about horses, shows him how to interact with the horse, and eventually helps him muster up the courage to hop on for a ride.


'The Ugly Ducking,' But With A Pony

You probably read The Ugly Duckling when you were a kid, right? Well, that storyline has been slightly changed to center around Bella, a pony who looks a little different from the others. Bella has to get ready for "showing season" to compete against the other, "beautiful," horses, but she has to find her confidence to do it. At the end of the original tale, the ugly little duck turns into a swan, so what could Bella turn into?


A Seventh Grader’s Journey Into #HorseGirl World

Perfect for a kid who loves horses and who is in the midst of navigating the world of cliques. Horse Girl is about Wills, a seventh grader who gets the opportunity to train at a prestigious riding academy. There are only two problems: she has to deal with Amara, a classic mean-girl, and there is no shortage of cute “horse boys” there to distract her.


Four Stories In One Set

What's better than one horse story? Four horse stories. This little box set comes complete with four board books featuring two horses, a unicorn, and a Pegasus. Each story is five pages long (perfect for a toddler with a short attention span) and the book is shaped like a horse so little kids can play with them when they're not reading.


A Horse Living In A Unicorn's Shadow

It's hard to take your eyes off of a rainbow-colored unicorn, even when there's another horse right next to it. That's what leads Horse to resent Unicorn in this story. So when Unicorn is kidnapped and taken to the circus, Horse is faced with a bit of a problem. Will he save the show-stealing unicorn or take the opportunity to get the spotlight to himself for once?


A Funny Story Of Mistaken Identity

Grown-ups will find themselves chuckling along as they read this book about friends who see each other's differences... but also don't. Horse thinks Dog is just a small, baby horse with an unusual tail. Dog thinks Horse is a big dog with different paws. It doesn't really matter, either way, because they're friends regardless of their species.


A Little Girl Dreaming Up A Horse

What makes If I Had A Horse stand out so much is its illustrations. They're absolutely breathtaking, but still whimsical enough for a little kid to appreciate and love. As for the story itself, it's full of imagery as a little girl dreams up what it would be like if she had a horse of her own.


A New Take On 'Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs'

An equestrian version of the classic fairy tale, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, this book follows Snow Pony who is beautiful and majestic and loved by children everywhere. This makes Queenie pretty jealous, so she lures Snow Pony into the forest with a trail of apples where she gets lost and finds her way into a cabin where seven little ponies live.


A Girl Who Loves To Care For Her Tribe's Horses

This award-winning book is about a Native American girl who has a natural way with her tribe's horses. It's like she can speak to them, and she uses the gift to help her take care of them.


A Horse With A Rose Allergy

Robert is a police horse whose job is to protect the citizens. The only problem is that he's allergic to roses and his wild sneezes seem to make him do more harm than good. Eventually, Robert starts feeling pretty bad about himself, so it's a huge shock when one of his sneezes actually ends up saving the day.


A Silly Tale Of Self-Confidence

Randy has the confidence of the most beautiful horse in the whole world. He truly thinks his coat is the silkiest, his smile is the brightest, and his name is the very best there is. However, Randy has never actually seen himself before. Will his reflection ruin the beautiful image he has in his head?


The Unlikely Friendship Of A Pig & Horse

Clarence is a city pig who goes on a vacation to a ranch, where he quickly feels out of place with no friends. Eventually, he meets Smoky, a purple horse at the ranch, and the pair become the best of friends. Unfortunately, there is no longer a need for Smoky at the ranch, so the pair do whatever it takes to stay together.


A Unicorn Who Wants To Be A Horse

Philomena is in a class full of beautiful horses, but she stands out from all of them because she's actually a unicorn with a rainbow mane and, well, a horn on her head. She's tired of standing out, though, so she goes to great lengths to blend in with the crowd. In the end, she learns that being special is actually pretty great.


A Museum Of Dr. Seuss's Horse Sketches

In 2013, an unfinished manuscript with sketches of horses was found, and it had been created by none other than Dr. Seuss. The manuscript was put together into this book, which includes sketches of horses by Dr. Seuss as well as famed artists from throughout the centuries. While this book doesn't have that Dr. Seuss classic rhyming, it does feature some beloved characters like The Grinch and The Cat in the Hat.


A Pony That Can Be Pet

Little ones will love this sensory-exploration board book which features five different textured pieces that complement the book's story. Even better, pieces can be pulled out entirely so kids can play with them throughout storytime before stowing them away until next time.


Cat In The Hat's Intro To Horses

In this book, Cat in the Hat brings Sally and Nick along to the horse stables to teach them all things horse. It's full of true facts about the history of horse-human relationships, horse species, anatomy, and more. Thanks to the whimsical Dr. Seuss drawings and characters, this educational book is still playful enough that kids will love it.


Real-Life Facts With Gorgeous Artwork

This book is full of horse facts like how they need to be taken care of, the kinds of things they can do, how they help humans, what they can look like, and so much more. Along with the kid-friendly facts are gorgeous watercolor illustrations that are sure to capture your child's attention.


Pony Basics Through Sensory Play

Throughout this book are pictures of real horses with different sensory activities on each page. Little ones can stroke a horse's soft, smooth nose, find out what a down blanket might feel like, and even pet a pony. It's a great interactive book that will teach young kids the basics of the animal through story and sensory play.

With so many fantastic stories to choose from, you can easily fill a kid's personal library up with horse books in no time. However, if your child is truly passionate about their love of horses, be prepared... because it's unlikely that any amount of books will distract them enough to stop asking for a pony of their own.

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