If your kid loves horses, these 19 holiday gifts are sure to impress.
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The Perfect Gifts For Every Horse-Loving Kid You Know

When you can't get an actual pony, these gifts are the next best thing.

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Holiday shopping can be tricky when the sole thing on your child's wish list is a live animal. Maybe you can't get your kid the actual pony they're dreaming of this holiday season, but you can still make their heart go giddy-up with these holiday gifts for kids who love horses.

At the top of my Christmas list nearly every year of my childhood: a horse. A white one with brown spots, to be exact. Despite growing up in Texas, we never had the space or the money for my parents to make my mustang-loving dreams come true. But, they absolutely did fill my gift requests for every horse-themed toy and T-shirt under the sun. For kids who just can't get enough of the galloping giants, having a room filled with all things horse-related is the next best thing. (If you can swing it, throwing in a riding lesson or two also won't hurt.)

From horse figurines and toys to hoof-themed clothing and memorabilia, there are gifts for horse lovers of all ages on this list. Whether they're a professional rider-in-the-making or simply have a sweet spot for stallions, these holiday gifts are perfect for the little equine aficionado in your life.

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A Big Barn Play Set

If you have a horse-loving kid who doesn’t yet have their own horse stable filled with little figurines, start there when thinking about the best gift to give this year. This stable and house is perfect for imagining they’re off at boarding school for riding, sleeping above the barn and taking care of their favorite horse in the stables.

The brand Schleich makes tons of horse figurines in all breeds and colors, and lots of add-on sets, like a team roping set or this wash rack and accessories, so your child can add on to their collection depending on which parts of the horse world interest them most.


Galloping Horse Stud Earrings

Measuring approximately 12 by 8 millimeters, these galloping horse stud earrings are perfect for little horse lovers. The earrings include a butterfly back closure and are made from solid sterling silver and plated with rhodium, so they're both hypoallergenic and anti-tarnish. Thanks to their price point, if your little rough rider loses one earring, they won’t be costly to replace. They also come in a velvet bag, so you don’t even have to wrap them before gifting them.

Dress them up or down — these tiny stallions go with pretty much everything. And be sure to tell a, “Hi ho, Silver, away!” joke when you hand them over.


Horse Night Light

This horse night light can be personalized to feature your child's name or a custom message engraved underneath the horse graphic. It also comes with a remote control that allows you to choose between 16 colors and four different light settings for the LED light display with the push of a button.

As one review from earlier this year says, “I purchased this as a gift for my mom and she loved it! She was impressed by the acrylic piece showing the horse even before she found out that it could light up at the press of a button! Wonderful product, well-made, absolutely worth getting!”


Horse Stable Stamp Set

For kids who are passionate about horses and love to create masterful works of art, this wooden stamp set from Melissa and Doug is a perfect holiday gift choice. Ideal for kids ages 4 and up, it features 10 stamps, two washable ink pads, and five colored pencils in a wooden storage box. Throw in a sketch pad so the wee equestrian artist always has a blank canvas to work with, too.

Once they’ve torn the wrapping paper off, help them stamp on the perfect barn and pasture setup, an exciting jumping course, and whatever else they can dream up.


Radio Flyer Ride-On Horse

Have you seen the viral TikTok of the mom talking about her daughter’s vision while said daughter rides her toy horse like she’s leading the cavalry in the background? Well, you could have your very own live reenactment at home with this little pony. In fact, from what you can see in the video, this looks to be the very same steed!

Put this big-ticket horse toy under your tree and watch your little horse lover go absolutely crazy with excitement on Christmas morning. Intended for ages 2 to 6, this spring-action ride-on horse can walk, trot, or gallop based on your kid's motion, and it makes real horse sounds for a completely interactive experience.


Horse Necklace

There is no better way for your little one to show their love of horses than by wearing a horse necklace like this one day in and day out. Made from sterling silver, this necklace features a horse charm that measures approximately 28 by 16 millimeters. The chain itself is available to order in various lengths so that you can pick the perfect one for your kiddo, and you can opt to add an extender if they like to wear pendants on the long side. You can also choose to buy just the charm if they already have a chain they would rather use.


Veterinarian Horse Activity Set

If your little one dreams of becoming a vet so that they can work with horses one day, all day, every day, give them a head start with this equine vet activity set. Designed for ages 6 and up, the set includes a plush horse, brush, a working stethoscope, and horse assessment guides that walks kids through different types of equine check-ups. This is a super fun way for them to learn about all the care that goes into having a horse without actually having one, and chances are they already have plenty of other horse stuffed animals they can use the new vet equipment to treat.


Paint Your Own Horse Kit

Maybe you can’t afford to buy your aspiring cowboy or cowgirl their dream horse, but you can let them design their perfect pony with a paint-your-own-horse play set like this one from Breyer, the most well-known horse figurine makers. This set comes with two horses in two different body types and poses, three paint brushes, and six paint colors. Your child can choose any color combo, coat pattern, and face markings, and who says you can’t add your own craft paints from home, too? If you want to take this crafting process a step further, the Eyewitness kit from Target lets you cast the figurines themselves and then paint them.


Horse Dreams Backpack

Your horse-loving kid can flaunt their affection for the animal by sporting a backpack covered in horses, like this one from Wildkin. Perfect for holding all their essential school supplies, it can also be used to haul clothes and accessories to and from riding lessons. Don't forget to add a matching horse-themed lunchbox and pencil bag to complete the set.

If your kiddo carries a laptop or tablet to and from school, consider sizing up to this 17-inch version with a computer sleeve to keep their tech gear secure while they’re on the move. This pattern is also available on a weekender duffel bag.


Horse Print Sheet Set

Unicorn bedding is everywhere todays (just like unicorn everything), but a cowpoke kid wants the real deal in their room. Your kiddo can dream sweet dreams of the Wild West when you gift them this horse print sheet set by Sweet Jojo Designs from Target. Complete with picturesque depictions of roping and riding on a cream-colored background, this bedding set is just too precious for horse-loving mini cowboys and cowgirls.

There are lots of great colors in this sheet set so you can pull out a palette for the rest of their room decor, an accent wall, or just the rest of their bedding. Personally, I think a denim-looking comforter would be the perfect finishing touch.


Horse Pajamas

If you’re going to deck out your kiddo’s room in all things equestrian, make sure they crawl into bed looking and feeling the part, too. These cotton horse pajamas from Leveret are available in styles for both boys and girls with blue and pink backgrounds and various horse-themed designs. With sizing options for toddlers through teens, horse-loving kids of all ages can dream sweet equine dreams all night long. Made from 100% cotton, these PJs are machine washable and super soft. Bonus points: these pajamas are tagless, so they’re ideal for kids with sensory concerns who also happen to love them some horses.


Horse Hoodie

You really can't go wrong when you gift your child a cool hoodie with a horse graphic on the back. Best of all, it's completely customizable. The hoodie comes in multiple colors, from your traditional black and navy blue to mint blue, purple, and two different pink options. You can also choose from a variety of vinyl color options (both sparkly and plain) for the horse and name graphic. These sweatshirts run all the way up to adult sizes so you can choose the size that will be a perfect fit now, or something they’ll grow into with time (instead of grow right out of in a few months).


Wooden Horse Name Sign

For kids who just can't get enough of all things horse-related, hanging a personalized wooden name sign shaped like a pony in their room is the epitome of cool. Pricing will vary based on the size of the sign ordered, but each sign is 1/4" thick maple wood that can be left blank or painted any color. This is an especially cool gift if your child’s name isn’t commonly found on things like this in the store.

As one reviewer said, “I'm happy with this purchase! It was a gift for my daughter with an unusual name; I'm always nervous to get custom items for her in case it ends up misspelled. Easy transaction and no problems throughout the process, though!”


Horse Figurines

Playing with miniature horse figurines like the ones in the Pasture Pals set from Melissa and Doug is just one way that little kids can get their horse fix. Their face is sure to light up opening this set of 12 different horses with varying colors, velvety textures, and realistic tails and manes. Having a play set like this is also a great way to get them learning and researching. Why does this one have a short tail? And why does this one have spots and patches? You may have to make a few trips to the library or teach them how to use Google, but they’re sure to learn and play with this set for quite some time.


The Horse Encyclopedia

When I was a horse-obsessed little kid, I also happened to be a total bookworm, so one of the best gifts I ever received was a giant horsey informational book like this one. I read it cover to cover who knows how many times, and I still use it today to reference things when I have questions about horses I’m riding.

This book includes beautiful photos of every breed of horse under the sun and lots of great facts about them, and dives deep into horses’ evolution, anatomy, and care. Who knows, maybe they’ll still have it years from now, too.


A Horse With Plenty Of Mane To Braid

Half the fun of having a horse when you’re little is brushing them and braiding all their hair, which, fortunately for parents, is something you can give your kids without buying a whole dang horse. This Breyer Mane Beauty horse head is reminiscent of those Barbie busts whose hair you can style, but instead, it’s a horse, of course. It comes with a comb and lots of its own hair accessories, but your child can add their own from home as they wash, trim, style, and get their horse ready for a big show. Bonus points: this will prove they know how to brush hair, including their own.


Horse Sewing Kit

Crafty kiddos will love having the opportunity to create their very own plush horse with this horse sewing kit from Wildflower Toys on Etsy. Recommended for ages 7 and up, the kit contains the felt, stuffing, thread, and needles needed to make two horses (one grey and one chestnut) measuring approximately 6 by 7 inches.

“I am DELIGHTED with this sewing kit,” says Etsy reviewer Mary Swenson. “It is beautifully packaged and perfect for gift-giving. Love that it is made in the USA! Shipping was FAST. Item was well-packaged. I can hardly wait to give it to my daughter for her birthday. Everything in the kit looks to be of excellent quality. I am so very pleased. I look forward to doing business with this shop again. I HIGHLY recommend this shop!”


A Wooden Barn & Corral

As the Fat Brain Toys website says, this barn has “sliding doors, a ladder for reaching the loft, all kinds of realistic details, plus a foldable corral that can be arranged any way you want. Young imaginations can't help but gallop into hours of pretend-play!” Since this toy is made of solid wood, it should last through just about anything.

Horses that fit the barn are also available on their website, and the website specifies that Breyer and Blue Ribbon brand horse toys are the perfect dimensions as well. Chances are some of your kiddo’s other figurines will look right at home in here, too.


Horse-Opoly Board Game

Kids ages 8 and up can enjoy playing the Horse-Opoly board game. Similar to classic Monopoly, two to six players compete to collect cash, buy, trade, and sell properties, all while engaging in plenty of "horse" play. This gift is sure to make your next family game night a galloping good time. Here’s how one Amazon reviewer describes the game:

“I bought this game for my horse-crazy 9-year-old. If you like regular Monopoly, you'll like this game. Instead of buying streets and building houses and hotels, you buy different horse breeds and build barns and stables. My daughter and I both adore Arabians, so it's a race to see who gets to buy it first! This game takes a lot of time to play, just like Monopoly, but we've enjoyed playing it.”

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