These children's books about weather are perfect for kids interested in the topic.
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Your Kids Will Learn So Much From These Cute Books About The Weather

From storms to snow, these books are perfect for budding meteorologists.

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Growing up on the Texas coast, I’ve experienced nearly every type of weather imaginable — sweltering summer heat, hurricanes, tornadoes, and even a few ice and snow storms. And now, so are my kids. Reading children’s books about weather helps my kids understand the fascinating phenomena that occur in our little corner of the world, as well what the climate looks like in other areas.

Especially when kids are frightened about certain types of severe weather, reading a book that describes exactly what happens when a hurricane is headed toward the coast or a tornado touches down nearby can help comfort them. Above and beyond the nuts and bolts of meteorology, reading books about weather with kids can also help introduce them to important issues surrounding climate change.

Many books about weather for kids are also fun fictional stories about jumping in puddles, soaking up the sun’s rays, or playing outside on a snowy day. Picture books about different types of weather are great for younger kids who are just learning about how the weather changes with the seasons, temperatures that rise and fall, and more.

From classic books you know and love from your own childhood to new stories that highlight weather from all around the globe, these children’s books are perfect for families who want to read all about weather.

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A Weather Explainer For Young Readers

In All About Weather, author Huda Harajli takes kids on a fun journey through the pages of this colorful picture book to learn about different types of weather and why it changes. Filled with simple, easy-to-understand facts and engaging illustrations, this book is perfect for preschool and early elementary school-aged kids.


Relief From A Heat Wave

When a summer heat wave envelops Tess’ neighborhood, she hopes and pleads for rain to nourish the drooping plants, cool off the cats seeking shade in an alleyway, and end the relentless heat she and her neighbors have endured. The charming story Come On, Rain ends with a collective celebration of the rain when it finally brings a bit of relief to Tess’ neighborhood.


A Fun, But Fact-Filled Kids Book

For young kids who want to learn more about meteorology, Fly Guy Presents: Weather is a great book to have on hand. Kids will learn about blizzards, tornadoes, and more when they join Fly Guy and Buzz on a field trip to a weather station. It’s a great non-fiction choice for beginning readers in kindergarten through 3rd grades.


Learn About Weather As A Career

Emmy-nominated TV meteorologist Brittney Shipp and illustrator Robin Boyer’s children’s picture book, The Meteorologist In Me is a fun introduction to the study of weather as a career choice. In this story about following your dreams, kids can learn how to channel their passion for weather into a job as a meteorologist who shares the forecast with viewers on TV.


A Friendly Story About Thunderstorms

May I Come In?, written by Marsha Diane-Arnold and illustrated by Jennie Poh, is a sweet picture book about a raccoon seeking shelter from a thunderstorm with his friends. Best-suited for kids ages 5 to 8, this rhyming story is perfect for young readers interested in weather, animals, and friendship.


Rebuilding After A Natural Disaster

When severe weather hits, kids may wonder how what happens in the aftermath. In Green City, author Allan Drummond details in a kid-friendly story how the community of Greensburg, Kansas recovered and rebuilt their town following a destructive tornado and made it a more sustainable place to live.


Severe Weather On A Farm

Otis And The Tornado is a charming story by author Loren Long about a tractor named Otis preparing a farm for a big storm. When a big storm heads toward their farm, Otis must take all of the farm animals to seek shelter in their barn. But when one bull is locked in his pen, Otis must work quickly to help save him from a tornado heading to the farm.


A Picture Book About Seasons

If your kids love the classic story Madeline, the picture book The Weather Girls by Aki is a story told in a similar way. The 16 girls in the book are ready for anything the changing on seasons bring — wind, snow, rain, and more. Read along with the lyrical texts as the girls explore all that the great outdoors has to offer all year long.


A Classic Snowy Favorite

One of the most enchanting children’s books about snow is Ezra Jack Keats’ 1962 classic The Snowy Day. When a little boy named Peter dons his snowsuit, he explores the snow-covered city where he lives. Thanks to the recent snowfall, Peter discovers a wonderfully whimsical world full of fluffy, white snow.


Preparing For Hurricane Season

Especially for families who live in areas that are likely to be impacted by a hurricane or tropical storm, having an informative, but kid-friendly way to learn about these storms can help kids feel prepared. Wow! Weather! Hurricanes by Paul Deanno teaches kids about these massive storms in a scientific way that is approachable and easy for young minds to digest.


A Picture Book About Precipitation

From snow and sleet to rain and hail, water can take on many forms during different weather events. Types of Precipitation by Nadia Higgins explores the different forms of precipitation with kid-friendly explanations, lively illustrations, and even catchy songs to sing along with on an accompanying CD, included with the book.


All About Tornados

If your child is fascinated by the swirling and whirling of a twister dipping down from a cloudy sky, Tornadoes! by Gail Gibbons is a fantastic picture book to help them learn all about the intense cyclones. Though first published in 2009, this picture book was updated in 2019 and includes safety tips for families, kid-friendly scientific explanations, and engaging artwork.


A Lyrical Tale About A Thunderstorm

For preschoolers who are curious about rain, thunder, and lightning, the lyrical rhyme-filled picture book Tap Tap Boom Boom by Elizabeth Bluemle is a delightful read about a group of people and the sounds they hear during a thunderstorm. The picture book is illustrated by G. Brian Karas and features beautiful illustrations of a diverse community experiencing the impacts of a rainstorm.


What Happens On A Windy Day

Part of the In The Weather series, In The Wind by Elizabeth Spurr and illustrated by Manelle Oliphant is a beautiful picture book about a young girl who makes, flies, and then loses her kite on a windy day. Available in board book form, this charming story is perfect for young readers and suitable for ages 2 to 6.


A Book Based On A Song About Rain

The classic show tune “Signing In The Rain” is brought to life in the lively children's book Singing In The Rain with illustrations by Tim Hopgood. Jumping in puddles, raising their umbrellas, singing and dancing through the raindrops, the kids pictured in this book are such relatable examples of just how much fun rain can be.


Connecting Weather & Nature

Different types of weather help nature flourish all around us. In Worm Weather, author Jean Taft showcases the connection between weather and nature with simple texts and cute illustrations showing kids playing in the rain as worms start to peek through the soil. It’s a fun weather-related read for todders and preschoolers.


How Rain Makes A Rainbow

Kids can read all about how a gloomy, rainy day can transform into a bright, colorful rainbow-filled sky in Raindrops To Rainbow by John Micklos, Jr. The gorgeous illustrations by Charlene Chua draw kids in with rich, bold colors while the rhyming text keeps them listening and learning as they read along.


How Animals Handle Snow

If your kids are curious how animals act when it’s cold and snowy out, this adorable picture book by Kate Messner is a charming tale to enjoy. In Over And Under The Snow, kids can see how different animals burrow underneath the snow, prowl around on top of snow drifts, and even play in the freshly fallen snow.


A Whimsical Weather Story

Can you imagine what might happen if meatballs started raining down from the sky? Or what it would be like if hamburgers blew around in the wind? You may already be familiar with the whimsical story Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs from the popular movies based on the book by the same name, but the weather-adjacent story is an absolute classic.


Learn About Clouds

Best suited for kids ages 4 to 9, Shapes In The Sky by Josepha Sherman details different types of clouds for kids who want to learn more about how weather works. From cumulonimbus to stratus and cirrus, kids can learn how to tell types of clouds apart and the type of weather patterns associated with each type.

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