here's how to use Chinese zodiac compatibility to determine how you and your partner fit
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These Are The Most & Least Compatible Chinese Zodiac Signs

Here’s a clue about who you’ll vibe with.

by Lauren Schumacker
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Compatibility has the potential to make or break a relationship, whether it's a romantic relationship or even just a friendship. Not all friends are the inseparable BFF types, and not all couples are super in love and overly affectionate with one another, but many of those friends or couples who aren't that way are still likely pretty compatible, overall. Sometimes, though, you decide you want to be friends with someone or develop a bit of a crush on them before knowing how compatible you might be — and that’s where astrology can come to your aid. Knowing Chinese zodiac compatibility, in particular, might give you a little hint as to whether or not the two of you might truly fit based on insights into each of your characters and personalities.

In general, the least compatible signs are said to be those that are directly opposite on the zodiac wheel (aka six years apart in the cycle). And the most likely to see eye-to-eye are those that are four years apart in either direction, clockwise or counterclockwise. Knowing which signs might not be the best together and which signs definitely vibe might give you more information not only about your relationship with your partner, but also about some of the potential reasons as to why past relationships may not have worked out or why some of your other relationships in your life might be the way that they are. For more on why some people are thought to work well (or not well) together in terms of Chinese zodiac compatibility, read on.


Least compatible: Rat and Horse

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These two signs are opposites, according to Laurent Langlais, an astrologer and Feng Shui master. Because of that, it can be difficult for them to decipher the other. "The Rat stands for the water element and the winter season," Langlais tells Romper. "The Horse is associated with the fire element and the summer season. Those two therefore don’t really understand how the other works; usually the Rat takes over and ends up telling the Horse what to do. The Rat can eventually tame the Horse for a while, but such union would not last long. The Horse then rebels against such domination and gives a good bucking to get away."

They just have different ways of looking at things and different ways of operating, and that doesn’t always bode well for compatibility. Sometimes things work out, but it can be dramatic between these two.


Most compatible: Ox and Snake

The Ox is very headstrong, meticulous, detail-oriented, and organized, according to Langlais. “In Chinese astrology, this is explained because the Ox contains a lot of metal,” he previously told Romper. Snakes, on the other hand, are extremely cunning and ambitious. “They can devise endless schemes and plots [for] months or even years to get where they want to be," Langlais said. "Those tendencies are due to the fact that the Snake sign works with the opposite energies of fire and metal: The fire feeds their ambition and the metal helps them to devise plans." For those reasons, the Ox and the Snake are both competent and driven in their own independent ways, making them a strong pair to pursue their dreams side by side with steadfast support from the other.


Least compatible: Snake and Pig

The Snake tends to be calculating, while the Pig is a more trusting sign, Langlais says. As such, it's easy for one to mistreat the other. "While neither sign is perfect, the Snake can certainly take advantage of the Pig, more so than the other way around," Langlais says. "The other problem is that neither really likes to communicate on their inner life, and miscommunication or plain lack of it is a real issue when they are together. They blame the other for not understanding who they are, not aware that they do exactly the same [thing]."


Most compatible: Dragon and Monkey

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Dragons have a lot of duality, according to Langlais. "Surprisingly, the Dragon is not associated with the fire element in Chinese astrology,” he says. “Rather, it contains earth and water: two elements that go against each other. One is about control and calm, the other about emotions free flowing." And Monkeys are known for their sense of fun and ability to entertain.

There will never be a dull moment between Dragons and Monkeys because they both want to enjoy their lives and everything in them, according to Lydia Nitya Griffith, a Feng Shui consultant and master Chinese astrologer. “They would be very social and very creative together,” Griffith tells Romper. “They'll be very active, full of charisma, very confident, [with] lots of social activity.” Though they may argue at times, they can move past it quickly and get back to the fun of being together.


Least compatible: Rabbit and Rooster

Langlais says the Rabbit and Rooster are also opposite zodiac signs within Chinese astrology, which, again, can make it difficult for them to get along.

"The Rabbit stands for springtime and the wood element, the Rooster for the fall and the metal element," Langlais explains. "They can’t really meet in the middle, and will remain opposites who don’t get each other. At heart, their main opposition is that the Rabbit is a full extrovert who doesn’t like limitations; while the Rooster is much more of an introvert who likes to define rules for everybody else."


Most compatible: Dog and Tiger

While the Tiger is driven and brave, although at times explosive, the Dog is friendly and extremely loyal in a way that balances the two out nicely, making for a very complimentary couple, according to Griffith. "The Tiger is a little bit of a rascal and can be a little mischievous," she says, but Dogs are known to be patient and understanding, making them the perfect pairing. "There's a lot of mutual respect for each other’s values and temperament," Griffith says.


Least compatible: Tiger and Monkey

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"The Tiger perceives the Monkey as cunning and manipulative and dislikes its sarcasm," Langlais says. "It sees the bad side of the qualities of the Monkey: being smart, cheerful, and always entertaining. To be fair, the Tiger can indeed bring out the cunning side of the Monkey." The Monkey, on the other hand, can be a bit controlling when it comes to the Tiger, which can make things tense.

"Both signs think the other is a bad reflection of who they are, and [think they] take things way too far," Langlais adds. It's difficult for them to get along and find common ground since they tend not to think very highly of each other.


Most compatible: Rabbit and Sheep

These two are born to be a couple, according to Griffith. "The Sheep is the peacemaker of the Chinese zodiac,” she says. “They’re very chilled out." And Rabbits are equally known for having good temperaments, especially when it comes to relationships. If anything, Rabbits hesitate when it comes to people who are too extroverted and enthusiastic, which is why Sheep fit the bill perfectly. “They’re this perfect, very quiet little couple,” but not in a boring way, says Griffith. "The sheep adds a little sensuality to spice things up, so it’s not too quiet.”

Though your Chinese zodiac sign, in similar ways to your Sun sign, doesn't give you the full picture on any individual, knowing which general characteristics are associated with each sign can tell you who you might get along best with and who you might not be all that compatible with — you’ll just have to know what year they were born!


Laurent Langlais, astrologer and Feng Shui master

Lydia Nitya Griffith, Feng Shui consultant and master Chinese astrologer

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