creative and stylish diy and storebought ideas to display holiday cards this season
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Modern & Festive Holiday Card Holders

To display all the words and faces of your close friends, adorable nieces and nephews, and colleagues you barely know.

It’s holiday card season, and if your loved ones took the time to actually make a card, print a card, find your current address, and send it to you, it deserves to be noted. (Seriously, how are some people so organized? Goals.) What do you do with them once they arrive, though? Don’t just toss those cards in your mail basket to linger until February when you rage clean your entryway on a cold boring day. There’s a myriad of creative ways to display these holiday cards in your home. From festive garlands around doorways to tabletop tree-shaped holders, there are so many lovely methods to showcase the gap-toothed smiles of your nieces or the new puppy your college roommate got mid-pandemic. Here’s a roundup of Christmas card holders you can create yourself or have shipped to your door.

If you’re looking for something simple, there are great options you can do with things you might already have around your home like ribbon and clothespins. There’s also holiday card displays that require a bit more of a crafty thumb, and even more that you can have shipped right to your front door without ever having to wade through the madness of December shopping season. Take advantage of this wonderful time of year when your mailbox contains more than bills and display those holiday cards in style.

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Christmas Tree Pinboard

While you could easily use any cork board you have in your house to display holiday cards, why not create a special one for the season? Cork is affordable, readily available, and can be reused for multiple holiday seasons. Simply get a roll of cork at your local craft store such as Michaels, and cut it to the shape you desire. Our example uses a Christmas tree, but you could make a star, bulb, wreath, etc. Cut a piece of sturdy cardboard or plywood to match the shape, and stick the cork to it for support. Colorful push pins add extra flair. Total cost is less than $20.


Festive Clothespin Wreath With Truck

Clothespins are a common item in holiday card displays, because, well, they hold things in place so very effectively. These wreaths are a perfect example. The 3M hooks used for the string art Christmas tree also work great for hanging temporary decor such as a wreath anywhere in your home. Yes, you can DIY these clothespin wreaths, but with so many amazing options on Etsy, why not support an artisan instead? The creator behind SunshineHomeDesignWI has a variety of clothespin wreaths ranging from Christmas to Hanukkah to Kwanzaa, all for less than $25.


Gold Wire Photo Clip Wall Frame: World Market

This matte gold photo card wall frame blends perfectly with your other holiday decor, and includes metal clips for seven cards, though more can be easily obtained here. The simple geometric design goes well with most decorating styles and doesn’t overshadow the precious faces you are trying to display. This frame works well year-round, too, and would be great for displaying birthday cards or displaying pieces by your tiny artists. It’s available both in-store and online for $19.99.


DIY Wire Coat Hanger Card Display

Here’s a shabby chic display that is also a great way to use up all those metal hangers that have been annoying you in your closet for years. There’s step-by-step instructions on the craft blog Made in a Day on how to create your own wire coat hanger card display, and it’s very simple to do. Simply use some festive washi tape to secure the hangers together in a tree shape and add a bow to the top. Lay the design out on a table, and if your hangers aren’t a similar color you can spray paint them first. Once you have a tree shape, simply add mini clothespins (yes, again) to secure the cards and hang it on the wall. The cost is less than $10 for tape, ribbon, and clothespins.


DIY String Art Christmas Tree and Card Display

This simple DIY card display is easy to create from items you have lying around the house. It literally uses nothing more than string and clear 3M hooks. This project is also great for those who rent or otherwise do not want to damage walls for a seasonal display, as the hooks remove cleanly. Simply outline the shape you want on your wall, stick the hooks, and string your tree between them. Use clothespins to display cards on the string. Alternatively, any shape can be made to celebrate different holidays. Cost: around $15


Non-Christmas Themed Photo Tree Holder From Amazon

The beauty of this simple tree-shaped photo stand is that it works for all seasons. While it’s the perfect minimalist addition to your holiday decor for holding photo cards, it can be used year round to display snapshots of your kids, important notes for your family to grab as they run out the door, or seating arrangement cards for your first post-pandemic dinner party. The weighted base means it won’t tip over easily, and cards can be viewed from any angle, which makes it a great centerpiece for your holiday table. At only $19.99, if you need to display more than twelve cards, you can purchase several photo trees.


Target’s LED Fairy Lights with Metallic Photo Clips

These fairy light strings are perfect for displaying holiday cards in any room of your house. The twinkling lights add a bit of festivity to a simple string clip display. The strands can be strung across a doorway, wrapped around a staircase bannister, or placed on your Christmas tree itself. These are battery-operated, so they can be used anywhere in your home for maximum decorating flexibility. Since they are LED, the batteries won’t drain quickly and should easily last through the entire holiday season. At only $10 per strand, they’re a steal.


Buy or DIY a Simple Ribbon Card Display

A simple ribbon card display is one of the most classic ways to display cards for a reason: it looks lovely while also being very easy to do. Choose a sturdy ribbon that matches your holiday decor, tie a bow at the top, and leave a long trail of ribbon below for attaching cards. This is another display that uses those trusty clothespins, or you can just staple cards to the ribbon in an overlapping pattern as the mail rolls in. There’s dozens of examples on the blogs of crafty mamas, such as this one from Happy Mom Hacks. The cost is $0 to $10, depending on if you already have some ribbon laying around or not. You can also buy them premade such as these magnetic versions on Etsy for $40.


Happy Holidays Display Board from Walmart

This wooden display board is perfect for leaning against your mantle, sideboard, or entryway table. Alternatively, you can remove a piece of artwork from your wall for the holiday season and replace it with this card display during the festive season. While it comes with some clothespins (yes, more clothespins), you can add more mini ones here so that you can fit all your loved ones on — as well as the random photo card of your dentist and his cat. Available for $14.48, online only.


Hearth and Hand Doorway Garland Card Display

These Joanna Gaines-approved photo clip chains are easy to work into garland around any doorway or along a bannister. Whether you are a showoff who uses actual live greenery or rely on artificial boughs, weaving this photo chain through the decor creates a perfect backdrop to display your cards securely. Loops on each end of the chain make it easy to secure, and you could also stick ornaments through the chain links to liven up the garland display even further. Each section of the chain holds twelve cards.


White Christmas Tree Card Display

Kirkland’s is known for their affordable decor (and their plentiful coupons), and this tree is no exception. The simple Christmas tree silhouette on weathered white wood with twine strung across means that your cards are front-and-center on the design. The tree can be leaned against a wall or mantle, or can be hung on a wall. At $49.99 it’s a pricier option than some of the DIY card displays, but it can be shipped right to your door during the busy holiday season with little effort — a plus for busy parents.

From pricey potential heirlooms to free DIY displays, it’s clear there’s so many ways to display your holiday cards. With all these options, there’s no excuse to leave them to languish in your junk mail bin. Hang them up and enjoy those smiling faces of loved ones all year long.