Meg St-Esprit

Meg St-Esprit, M. Ed. is a freelance writer based in Pittsburgh, PA. She’s a mom to four kids via adoption as well as a twin mom. She loves to write about parenting, education, trends, and the general hilarity of raising little people. Find more of Meg's work at

Meg St-Esprit


It’s Time to Cancel “Take Your Kid to Work” Day

Haven’t we had enough togetherness?

Earth Day

10 Earth Day Poems That Will Inspire Your Kids To Love & Respect Nature

These sweet sonnets and haikus are the perfect odes to nature.


10 Earth Day Songs To Sing With Your Little Climate Activists

Every good deed deserves the perfect playlist.


You’re Not Imagining It: Pregnancy Can Make You Feel Kinkier Than Usual

When your hormones soar, so does your appetite for adventure.


24 Sweet Instagram Captions to Announce Your Baby Girl

Whether you find out on the ultrasound table or in the delivery room, that first announcement deserves the perfect caption.


Can You Have Postpartum Depression After A Miscarriage?

The answer is complicated.


When Does Childhood Asthma Start?

Here’s what a diagnosis of pediatric asthma means for your child.

Baby Sleep

Why Does My Baby Fight Sleep?

Even when you know they’re exhausted.


How To Babyproof A Fireplace

What you need to know to keep your family safe.


25 Sunny Springtime Riddles

These clever riddles will make your kids smile as much as sunnier, warmer days do.

Mental Health

Moms Are Burned Out

These tips and tricks can help you cope when you feel like you’re drowning.


Are We Really Supposed To Try To Isolate Our Covid-Positive Children?

The guidance around isolation when it comes to families is, like so much to do with Covid, complex and nuanced.

Baby Names

These 20 Names Are Just Right For Your Taurus Baby Girl

If you’re looking for an astrologically appropriate name.

Real Talk

A Matter Of Life Or Death: Doctors On The Grim Reality Of Treating Pregnant Covid Patients

“Talk to us. Ask us about what you hear. Please don’t Google. Don’t listen to social media warriors.”


Modern & Festive Holiday Card Holders

To display all the words and faces of your close friends, adorable nieces and nephews, and colleagues you barely know.


Tell Me No One Is Actually Paying To Retouch Their Kid’s School Pictures

I want to remember my kids exactly as they are at this stage of life.


Did The COVID Baby Bust And Telehealth Change Reproductive Care For Good?

For some families, the restrictions of COVID threw a wrench into their plans. For others, it solidified their family structure.


Navigating Childcare During Childbirth, In A Pandemic

How COVID protocols and older siblings affected 3 families' birth plans


What It's Like To Battle COVID-19 While Still, Somehow, Caring For Your Kids

How four families — including my own — survived parenting through COVID-19.


Why Did It Take A Pandemic For America To Make Halloween Accessible?

Keep the candy chutes!