These Holiday Squishmallows Are So Elfin Adorable

Yule be sorry if you don’t get them.

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They’re cuddly. They’re cute. And (woot), they don’t make noise or require any AA batteries. Is it any wonder that both kids and parents everywhere can’t get enough of Squishmallows? The ultra-soft plush toys are equal parts adorable and fun to play with. (Plus, they make awesome pillows for kids who like to sleep with stuffed animals surrounding them.) But, just when you thought that your kid couldn’t possibly want another iteration of Cam the Cat or Stacy the Squid, along come Christmas Squishmallows that are so seasonal, sweet — and oh so snuggly. Well, what can we say? There’s always room for one more.

Where to buy Christmas Squishmallows in 2022

The interesting thing about Squishmallows is that they are both readily available to purchase and, at times, somewhat challenging to find, especially if you’re looking for a specific one to add to your kid’s collection. You’ll find Squishmallows in major retailers like Target and Walmart, as well as big box stores like Costco. And if your child is shopping with you, you’ll most likely find some in kid-friendly establishments like Claire’s, Toy City, and Party City, too. You can also find them online, on Amazon, and if all else fails, the Squishmallows site has a long list of retailers which might help you narrow down your shopping search.

So if you’re looking for a super-sized Squishmallow as a great gift for Hanukkah or a Squishmallow that you can squeeze inside a stocking, these Christmas Squishmallows will sleigh the holiday.


A cute cat wearing an ugly sweater

It’s almost inconceivable to think that a cute cat like Cam could not look sensational for the holiday season — even if she’s donning an ugly sweater. But the Cam the Cat Squishmallow is feeling pretty feline fine wearing the red, green, and white sweater adorned with cat silhouettes that look suspiciously like, well, her. The alternating white cat and green tree pattern (along with Cat’s signature smile) make this one of the cutest Christmas Squishmallows in 2022. Cam comes in an 8-inch, 10-inch, and 14-inch sizes which means she can serve as a stocking stuffer or a main event kind of present.


An adorable (and appropriately dressed) owl

Your child might already have a Winston the Owl Squishmallow, but do they have one that is wearing a holiday hat? Probably not. Winston will be ready for snowy days this year thanks to this updated design featuring the bright blue owl wearing a red and white Christmas hat, complete with a big ol’ white pom pom on top. One reviewer wrote: “Cute, cuddly, and will pair great with The Owl Diaries that my granddaughter is getting for Christmas!” And since Winston is already dressed for the great outdoors, your child can take him with them for any holiday adventures you go on. Heck, maybe it will encourage your kid to wear their own hat when they go outside.


A happy girl elf

One of Santa’s elves has made it from the North Pole straight to stores. Emani the Elf is taking a break from making toys and is ready to cozy up with your kid this holiday season. This festive Squishmallow has elf ears that help her look the part (but probably shouldn’t be played with too roughly). Emani comes in a 12-inch size, which might seem small, but isn’t, according to one reviewer who wrote: “The item is very bright, soft and cheery. Definitely putting me in the Christmas mood. And it is surprisingly bigger than I thought it would be.”


A happy boy elf

Snow-body compares to Ezrah the Elf when it comes to Christmas Squishmallows. The adorable boy elf measures 12” inches and would be a perfect partner if you’re already gifting Emani the Elf, too. But unlike Emani (who is winking), Ezrah’s eyes are wide open, probably because he’s looking at all the other Squishmallows your kid already has. One reviewer wrote, “So cute. Thanks 4 making elves with faces of color.” Your child can tote Ezrah the Elf when they go to visit Santa Claus, or even if your family plans to travel for the holidays and they need something to snuggle with.


A marvelously mallard Squishmallow

What is it about dressed up animals (in this case, a duck) that is just so darling? Well, Avery the Mallard is ready for some wintry weather since she’s dressed up with a too-cute trapper hat. Since she’s green, white, and brown, her red and white hat makes Avery one of the most Christmasy of Christmas Squishmallows in 2022. Although her hat is sewed to her head, your child might have fun playing with the flaps on her hat and hold her by her arms, er, wings. At 10 inches tall, Avery isn’t one of the biggest Squishmallows out there, but she’s definitely the duckiest.


Delicious drinks Squishmallows

There’s a latte to love with this set of two Christmas Squishmallows. After all, it features not one but two warm winter drinks in the form of Squishmallows Sivi Latte and Marshina Hot Chocolate. To be fair, Marshina is the new Christmas Squishmallow but she is very, very hard to find. So if it means that you’ll have to indulge in a latte and a hot chocolate, so be it. Because Sivi is so sweet with her peppermint straw and foam on top, while Marshina is marvelous with her whipped cream top, red and green sprinkles, and holiday candy cane, too.


A Hanukkah Squishmallow

The Christmas Squishmallows have barely hit store shelves and some, like Rafa the Hanukkah Boy, are already sold out. And with good reason, since Rafa is a really great gift for one of presents your child will be opening on Hanukkah. The 8” plush toy will light up (ha) your kid’s heart, because his shirt is sporting a menorah lit for all the nights of Hanukkah. He’s even wearing traditional blue colors that are synonymous with the Festival of Lights. Rafa is even wearing a yarmulke, so he can be a cool companion to sit with during synagogue services.


A snowy Squishmallow

Forget about Frosty. What would a Squishmallow holiday collection be without an adorable snowman? Well, Manny the Snowman is ready to run and have some fun — but at least he won’t melt away. In fact, this sweet snowman is ready for a fun snowball fight, since he’s wearing a plaid blue and white matching scarf and hat set. He has his silver buttons in place, and a cute carrot for a nose. Like some of the other Christmas Squishmallows, Manny is currently out of stock, but that shouldn’t stop you from checking back to see if this jolly happy soul gets restocked soon.

The Christmas Squishmallows this year are cute, cuddly, and sure to sell out (some already have). But don’t despair, because as one popular holiday song goes, “Don’t you cry, I’ll be back again someday!”