Where To Find Some Of The Most Rare Squishmallows

They’re basically this generation’s Beanie Babies.

If someone had told me when Squishmallows first came out that they would become the Beanie Baby of this generation, I might’ve hung onto my son’s squishy little chocolate milk-stained frog a little longer. (I couldn’t toss it in the washing machine, so I just tossed it — it was really smelly.) The toy collection launched back in 2017, and since then, Squishmallows have become a viral sensation. Despite how much your kids beg for them, the most popular and rare Squishmallows are notoriously hard to find — and you may have to pay a pretty penny for them.

There are more than 800 types of Squishmallows. The huggable plushes come in sizes ranging from 2 to 24 inches, with new iterations released rather frequently. Honestly, it feels like every time I turn around, there’s a hot new Squishmallow to behold and my kids just have to have it. I swear they’ve made at least 10 versions of every animal imaginable, not to mention mythical creatures, food, and more.

The food-shaped ones — avocado toast, french fries, and tacos, to name a few — that are among the most popular choices. There are also a handful of Squishmallows released to mark every holiday from Halloween to Christmas to Valentine’s Day. They actually make really fun gifts for your kids, but I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if they make one for Arbor Day this year. (It will be a tree. With wings. And a crown, naturally.)

When it comes to rare Squishmallows, some of the most hard-to-find versions include Disney characters, Sanrio branded plushes, limited edition holiday choices, and some of the earliest releases. You can usually hunt down new releases at retailers like Walgreens, CVS, Target, and Five Below. But, the more rare a Squishmallow is, the more likely it is that it can only be found online through resellers on eBay, Amazon, and Mercari. Read on to see which Squishmallows are most coveted and where you might be able to find one.

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Jack & Sally Squishmallows

Fans of Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas will absolutely make a scene to get their hands on a set of Jack and Sally Squishmallows. As part of a Halloween holiday collection, not only did the film’s star couple get memorialized in squeezable form, but fans were also treated to a release of Zero and Oogie Boogie Squishmallows as well in the fall of 2021. The entire collection is hard to come by, but Jack and Sally garner the highest price tag of the set. This pair of 8-inch plushes is available on Amazon for just under $130, but you can also find each character sold separately and by other third party retailers.


Hocus Pocus Squishmallows

You may want to form a calming circle, because these Hocus Pocus Squishmallows are just too cute to handle. The 5-inch tall plush versions of Winnifred, Sarah, and Mary are so cute, it’s scary. Each little round blob is dressed just like the characters from the iconic film, so they’re perfect for fans of the movie. When these Squishmallows were released in 2021, you could find them in select stores as a trio and sold separately in various sizes, but today, your best bet of snagging these witchy squishes is on eBay for around $45.


Baby Yoda Squishmallow

Clearly Baby Yoda (also known as Grogu or The Child) has taken the world by storm since The Mandalorian first started streaming on Disney+ in 2019. From shoes, accessories, and clothes featuring The Child to a wide array of Baby Yoda toys, the little green guy is everywhere. He’s even been memorialized in Squishmallow form, and is one of the most popular characters available.

Grogu is sold at Costco, so not only do you have to be luck enough to stumble up on him in stores, you also have to have a membership to the warehouse club to even search for him. Or, you can pay an inflated price through a third-party retailer on Amazon if you want to add him to your collection.


JoJo Siwa Squishmallows

OK, here’s the thing. Some Squishmallows are rare in the sense that they’re hard to find because you can’t order them online from their original retailer. That’s the case with the JoJo Siwa Squishmallows that are made exclusively for Claire’s. They’re listed on the Claire’s website, but aren’t available to order online. Basically, if you want this Squishmallow, you have to either be extremely lucky to come across it in-store at Claire’s or you’ll be forced to pay a premium on resale sites. Honestly, this little plush puppy — aptly named BowBow in honor of the pop star’s signature hairstyle — is just too cute to pass up.


Ronnie Cow Squishmallow

While he’s not a Disney character or attached to any one retailer or celebrity, Ronnie Cow is a rare Squishmallow that’s extremely hard to find. Ronnie Cow’s Squishdate — what the Squishmallow website lists as the date each product was launched — was September 19, 2020. So, while we were all hunkering down with schools closed across the nation, Ronnie Cow’s squishable 24-inch self likely brought much-needed comfort to plenty of little kids missing their friends. If you’re into collecting Squishmallows and need to add a Ronnie Cow to complete your collection, you’ll have to pay a pretty penny on sites like eBay and Amazon.


Philippe The Frog Squishmallow

With pink hearts on his cheeks and a cheery little grin, Philippe the Frog first stole the hearts of Squishmallow fans back in 2017 when he was released as part of the Valentine’s Squad during the brand’s inaugural year. Collectors and Squishmallow fans are big on holiday releases, so they usually get snatched up pretty fast and they’re some of the most coveted items on resale sites. For example, this 8-inch Philippe is currently listed for sale on Mercari for $350.

Philippe also has a Squishmallow doppelgänger named Wendy who was part of the Original Squad and is fairly popular in her own right. If you can find a Wendy Squishmallow with a yellow belly, they’re more rare than the white-bellied version.


Jack The Black Cat Squishmallow

If you’re a collector, you’re probably aware that special edition items often skyrocket in value following their release. This is definitely the case with the 500th Squishmallow released, Jack the Black Cat. Not only was Jack the 500th design made, he was also the first limited-edition Squishmallow sold exclusively through the Squishmallow website. So, you couldn’t just find a Jack out in the wild, but had to order one specifically from the company itself. There were also only 500 made and available for purchase, which contributes to the rarity of the plush kitty. Jack has a golden “500” heart-shaped emblem sewn into his left ear, so if you’re on the lookout for one to buy, be sure that it includes this specific symbol.


Gina The Gingerbread Girl Squishmallow

One of the most rare holiday Squishmallows is Gina the Gingerbread Girl. Released in 2019 as part of the Christmas Squad, this adorable blob is meant to look like a gingerbread cookie, decorated for Christmas. Her cute red bow, red and white striped scarf, green and red buttons, sweet smile and eyelashes make Gina a fun and festive holiday gift. The holiday Squishmallow editions are often purchased en masse the year they’re released as stocking stuffers and gifts for kids and quickly become hard to find, so it’s not surprising that Gina the Gingerbread Girl is among the most sought after holiday Squishmallows out there.


Elsa Squishmallow

One of the biggest things to note about collecting Squishmallows is that the price and availability of each release stays relatively consistent. Once they’re no longer available or are only being sold through one specific retailer (like Baby Yoda at Costco), their rarity and value tend to increase. The thing is, you never know which Squishmallow will become hard to find or valuable until after it happens. (Hence the correlation between them and the Beanie Babies craze of the ‘90s.)

Take for example, this 7-inch Elsa Squishmallow from Five Below, one of the most recent Disney releases. The Elsa and Olaf set that was once available at Walmart is now totally out of stock, so clearly she’s a popular character. Will Elsa be the next hard-to-find Squishmallow selling for hundreds of dollars on eBay? Only time will tell. If you get your hands on one, you probably won’t want to let it go anytime soon.