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your kid will love these cocomelon toys
Every Toddler Who Loves CoComelon Will Flip For These Toys & Gifts

Dolls, hair clips, coloring books, and more.

by Abi Berwager Schreier and Lindsay E. Mack
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For kids who love the YouTube channel CoComelon, there’s nothing like those upbeat nursery rhyme sing-along songs. If you have a younger kid at home, chances are you’ve heard the “Train Song” at least a few zillion times. That’s why the CoComelon toys and gifts for every tiny fan are guaranteed to be such a hit. And as a kindness to parents everywhere, not *every* toy plays music or songs (although many do).

With 121 million subscribers, the wildly popular CoComelon YouTube channel racks up millions of views with its sing-songy animated videos. Depicting the everyday lives of little kids, CoComelon videos teach preschoolers about letters, numbers, and animal names, as well as general life skills. (The “Bath Song,” with an astounding 3.6 billion views, teaches kids about hygiene to the infectious tune of the “Baby Shark” song. It will get stuck in your head for days on end.) Devoted fans of the channel will recognize recurring characters such as Mommy, Daddy, YoYo, TomTom, and of course JJ, the youngest member of the family. If your kiddo loves the CoComelon family and their endlessly catchy songs about daily life, then these CoComelon gifts and toys for sale now are sure to be a hit.

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Plush CoComelon Family

Purchase these dolls individually, or snag the whole set for your kid with or without the CoComelon. Each doll is handmade by the seller, making this a unique way to collect the beloved YouTube characters while also supporting an independent artist. And if the Etsy reviews are any indication, these toys are also extremely high quality. Next time you turn on CoComelon for your child to watch, they’ll be singing along while holding the entire doll family to recreate the magic on their own. Don’t be surprised if they rope you in to watch them act out an imaginative at-home show.


CoComelon Learning Pillow

Packed with fun learning activities, including the alphabet, colors, numbers, and farm animals, this pillow is sure to be a hit. (Who knew you could fit all that information on a pillow? This will keep them entertained for hours.) Plus, the name and ethnicity of the character are customizable, so you can personalize it with your child’s name and likeness to up the special factor. If they really love it and can’t get enough, you can keep adding to their collection with other pillows featuring beloved childhood characters like Mickey Mouse and Blues Clues, also designed by this Etsy seller.


CoComelon Coloring Book

Printed on quality paper, this coloring book can take pretty much any art supply, even markers, without risk of bleed-through. The large pictures of CoComelon characters are just begging for your kid’s artistic touch. If you want to encourage their art skills while motivating them to... well, actually complete their art projects after starting them, this is a great gift that’s both educational and entertaining. Your kid will be humming along as they color in the photos, and hopefully, this book will keep them focused enough that you can think about other things for a minute — like how you’re going to get dinner on the table.


CoComelon Feature Vehicle School Bus

With a press of the grill, this bus plays a clip of “The Wheels On The Bus” for a sing-along any time. Plus, the cheery yellow bus comes with its own JJ figure to add to your collection. If your child has other CoComelon figurines, they can swap them out to give them each a turn driving the bus. The free-wheeling motion allows a full range of movement, so your kid can take the bus wherever they please — around their bedroom, the living room, or even the backyard. All you need are two AAA batteries to keep the sound working (or take them out if you need a break).


CoComelon Musical Checkup Case

Inspire your kid to imagine life as a doctor with this colorful play set. Enjoy the nine sounds and phrases recorded in the medical supplies, as well as a clip of the “Doctor Checkup” song. If your little one is interested in playing doctor or taking care of others when they’re sick, they’ll love the chance to feel like a professional with this set. They can turn the thermometer from red to green and push the syringe plunger down for a “real”-feeling experience. The carrying case keeps everything nice and neat, so you don’t have to worry about loose toys getting lost.


CoComelon Personalized Toddler Backpack

Your kid's daycare will never lose your kid's stuff again when they have this adorable monogrammed CoComelon backpack — how could this possibly get mixed up with anyone else’s? They'll be proud to wear their favorite show on their back. Choose from JJ or the cocomelon, and personalize it with their name or initials. You can also use it to pack their stuff in for a day trip or overnight stay. One Etsy reviewer raves, “This is BEYOND cute! Pictures don’t do it justice! My son hasn’t taken it off since we received it!” If that’s not a glowing endorsement, then what is?


CoComelon Trucks

Retailing for about $9 each, the CoComelon vehicles include a fire truck, ice cream truck, trash truck, and school bus. Collect the whole fleet of free-wheeling toys to turn your child’s playroom into their highway. One reviewer remarks that their son likes to throw his CoComelon vehicles across the room, but they have still held up without damage. And, as any toddler parent knows, durability is key when it comes to anything your child uses. You can feel confident that these will last longer than your average tiny toy, and they’re small enough that they won’t take up too much space in the toy bin.


CoComelon Bath Toys

These squirt toys will make your kid’s bath time that much more fun — plus, how cute are they? This set includes Mommy Shark, Baby Shark, and JJ, and they’ll float in the tub and fill up with water when you squeeze them. Your kid can jump in the bathtub and scrub, scrub, scrub, just like the Bath Song instructs. Just be prepared for a little bit of a mess — these are squirting toys, after all. But hey, if they get your child to take a bath and actually enjoy themselves while doing so, that’s worth a little bit of added hassle.


CoComelon Figures Pack

If your kid is into collectibles and wants to own every CoComelon item out there, then this friends and family set is the perfect thing to give them. Articulated figures of TomTom, YoYo, Cody, and Nina are included, so your child can act out different scenes from the show by making the figurines move. Plus there are two figures of JJ in different outfits, one in his onesie and one in his baby shark t-shirt. (You can never really have too much JJ, after all.) Pair this with the musical bus or the vehicles for an entire CoComelon-themed gift set.


CoComelon Bedtime JJ Doll

In addition to seven different sounds and phrases, this JJ plush also sings “Yes Yes Bedtime!” when you squeeze his tummy. This soft plush, complete with JJ’s teddy bear, is perfect for helping your own kid drift off to sleep or accompanying them in the car. Take it from one reviewer, who says, “Well worth every penny, my granddaughter is 17 months old and carries it around and pushes him in her doll stroller and feeds it... she loves it.” Any CoComelon-obsessed kid will want to take this toy everywhere with them, even when you might rather them leave it at home.


CoComelon Deluxe Family House Playset

Spark imagination with the brand new Deluxe Family House Playset, featuring music from the show and other sounds and phrases (like “skidamarink”) to keep your little one’s mind active. The detail in this toy is pretty amazing — the fridge in the kitchen opens to reveal the “food” inside. It comes with JJ, his family and friends, shark, high chair, potty, dining room table, and more. A carrying handle and snap-shut design makes for easy transport back and forth to play dates. Plus, the set includes a cut-out coloring page for a bonus activity, so the fun really never ends.


CoComelon Deluxe Interactive JJ Doll

If your kid loves to nurture their dolls, this interactive JJ is the ideal gift for them. Aside from being fun and engaging, the plush toy inspires toddlers to eat their vegetables with songs like “Yes Yes Vegetables” and a bowl of peas to feed JJ, which “disappear” from the spoon when he eats. Your toddler will enjoy getting to take care of JJ and keep him happy — and maybe the toy will help encourage them to eat their vegetables, too. It never hurts when a child’s gift also doubles as a learning tool, especially if it makes your life easier in the process.


eKids Cocomelon Toy Singalong Boombox With Microphone

Cocomelon is a show chock full of catchy tunes that kids can’t seem to get enough of. And what’s more fun than singing along with the show? Singing into a “real” microphone boombox with all their favorite Cocomelon songs, obviously. Host a karaoke night in your own living room, dancing around to your child’s favorite tunes like “The Wheels on the Bus,” “Bath Song,” and “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.” According to one happy reviewer, “This Cocomelon boom box was the hit of the entire party. It had to be "hidden" because all the two-yr-olds fought over it!!!” You clearly can’t go wrong.

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