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21 Comfy Holiday Gifts For Homebodies, Because Staying Home Should Be A Treat

This list takes self-care to the next level.

There may not be white elephant gift exchanges or holiday office parties this year, and this, to me at least, is bittersweet. It’s a bit of relief to see an open calendar during the typically most over-scheduled time of year, but it’s sad to miss out on some favorite traditions like gathering with friends and family from near and far. Fortunately, gift giving is still definitely on this year, and these 21 cozy and comfy gifts for the homebodies in your life (which is to say, essentially anyone who is following guidelines) will make an evening spent at home more fun than any party.

Everyone has their own idea of what makes a great night-in. For some, it may be cozying up in a robe and fluffy slippers, cracking that book they’ve been meaning to read while sipping hot chocolate. Others may go for a toasty blanket and mulled wine as a candle burns. Honestly, this all sounds great to me. In lieu of mistletoe and champagne headaches, there are plenty of creative ways to get hygge with it at home, because anyone can appreciate a gift that will make their space (and their brain) a bit more cozy and relaxed. For on for the best gifts for the homebodies in your life.

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Stylish Slippers

You don't have to sacrifice style for comfort in these chic lamb fur slippers. The plush footbed is like walking on a cloud, and the rubber sole means they can wear these outside (if they have to leave for any reason). I love this cobalt color, but this style also comes in black for the color-shy among us.

A Wheel Of Tea

Tea lovers will be thrilled with this unique set of 12 loose leaf teas. Inside they'll find Organic David's Chai, Maple Syrup Oolong, Organic The Spice Is Right, Pumpkin Chai, Sweet Potato Pie, Organic Cinnamon Rooibos Chai, Strawberry Rhubarb Parfait, Pumpkin Crème Brûlée, S'mores Chai, Forever Nuts, Salted Caramel Oolong & Butterscotch Chai, all sweet and comforting on a cold day.

House Shoes

Whether they need to run out to get the mail, or they just like having their feet covered while hanging at home, these cozy shoes will be a winter go-to. They're super light with a double stretch elastic gore so they're easy and quick to take on and off. Plus these colors have me dreaming of a hot cocoa with extra fluffy marshmallows.

A Crochet Kit

Sure you could buy everyone on your list a sweater, but it's much more fun to let them make their own by giving the gift of clothes and a new project. This crochet kit is appropriate for beginners, and it comes with everything you'll need (plus you get to pick the color of the super soft mohair yarn).

The Perfect Nap Blanket

Made of soft, lightweight, and eco-friendly woven cotton, this is the ideal blanket to throw on as they watch a movie or settle in for an afternoon nap. The unique, geometric piece is hand-spun and loomed by local artisans in Ethiopia, so it's truly one-of-a-kind and will look equally beautiful draped over the couch.

Moody Candles

The black wax paired with the minimalist black vessel makes for a moody winter vibe, plus the smell of this candle fills a room. The brand has plenty of amazing scents to choose from, but this one, Ambrosial, is a rich frosted pine scent mixed with lily, jasmine and winter wood, and it smells like Christmas morning should.

For The Vegan

This is the gift or your friend who's a vegan but also has a sweet tooth. The cute kit includes two kinds of milked oats (chocolate and regular), vegan marshmallows, semi-sweet chocolate chips, three packets of Four Sigmatic® Mushroom Cacao mix (which is chocolatey tasting and full of healthy Reishi) plus a W&P reusable mug that's made of durable ceramic wrapped in silicone.

Mulled Wine

Is there anything better than mulled wine on a frigid day? This set includes seven aromatic spices: cinnamon sticks, anise stars, dried orange slices, allspice berries, cardamom pods, whole nutmeg, and whole cloves, plus a mesh bag for mulling and a zester. You add the fragrant, tasty spices to wine or cider then heat on the stove (just note that the drink itself isn't included and it's a nice touch to gift a bottle too). This is a wonderful hostess gift that will make the whole house smell amazing.

The Ultimate Comfort

You may be asking yourself why this water bottle is wearing a fleece sweater, and that would be a valid question until you try one of these for yourself. You fill the inner bottle with hot water, and it acts like a little warm buddy wherever you go. This is helpful for people who get bad cramps, and I also like to sleep with mine at my feet for a little toasty treat (it stays warm for hours).

For The Friend Who Can't Sleep

Turns out a face mask can deliver better sleep while soothing dry winter skin. This is made with Valerian root which is known to be calming, and it includes nourishing ingredients including avocado oil, evening primrose oil, neroli, and myrrh resinoid, plus several fruit juices. It's a gorgeous lavender color and smells divine.

Hot Water All Day

Okay so gifting a Smeg refrigerator may not be in your holiday budget this year, but maybe this adorably retro Smeg kettle is. It's available in nine colors (including stainless steel) and it's perfect for a tea lover who likes to refill their cup with piping hot water. I want one of these to keep in my home office.

A Seriously Luxe Robe

Pregnant or not, this gift is sure to be a hit. Made of buttery soft 100% cashmere, this robe is like wearing a hug, plus it has pockets big enough for holding a book and a phone (so your hands are free to carry a mug of tea). This is definitely a splurge item, but if they wear it every day (which they will) it comes to just over $1 a day, which seems like a steal. Hatch also makes a tencel robe (The Nesting Robe) which retails for the slightly more palatable $168.

Chess & Checkers

Anyone who can't get enough of The Queen's Gambit will appreciate this bright and cheerful 2-in-1 chess and checkers set. They can use all the time at home to up their game, and even if they never become a prodigy (a la Beth Harmon) this will bring a cheerful pop of color on those dreary days.

A Set Of Lip & Eye Masks

Really the only appropriate place to rock a lip and eye mask is at-home (or at a friend's house). For the person who gets dry, cracked lips in the winter (that's me) comes this set of 10 hydrating lip masks and 10 luxe eye masks. Pop on the masks, cue up a show on Netflix, leave on for up to 20 minutes then remove to reveal soft, hydrated skin.

A Scent To Bring The Outdoors in

If they're going to be inside all winter, you can give the gift of bringing the outdoors in. This clean, unisex fragrance smells fresh and woody, and it "uses olfactory chemistry and patented technology to replicate the molecular compounds produced by trees, phytoncides," per the Nue Co. website. Phytoncides have been shown to reduce stress and anxiety, and may even help boost immunity, which is probably the reason a hike in the woods feels so great. This is available for pre-sale now and will ship in time for the holidays.

For The One Who Loves To Write

This one's for the friend who wants to use their time at home to finally get into sketching or writing or bullet journaling. The cover just looks so soothing and makes you actually want to crack this notebook open, plus the paper inside is responsibly sourced and weighty enough to handle all kinds of drawing or writing mediums, whether it's an inky Sharpie, a super sharp pencil, or even watercolors.

Do-It-All Scarf

It's a scarf, a shawl when the room gets drafty, a soft blanket when your child falls asleep in your lap. This versatile (and huge) scarf is made of a luxe and super cozy blend of sustainable wool & recycled cashmere (known as BetterKnit yarn) and best of all, it's machine-washable on cold.This is the kind of item you, or your friend, sister, mom, whoever, will have for years and will take on every trip (once that's a thing again).

A Self-Care Toolbox

For the friend who's using their time at home to work on themselves in tangible ways (like, beyond a face mask and wine which, no judgment) there's this grounding toolbox. It includes a 30 Days of Healing workbook, a smudge stick, a calming serum, and a small smoky quartz crystal wrapped in a protective muslin bag. Light up a candle and grab a pen, this beautifully packaged kit is perfect for a relaxing evening.

A Jigsaw Puzzle

Spending the holidays at home? It can be fun when you have a festive puzzle on-hand, plus your favorite holiday drink. This vibrant 500-piece puzzle is challenging but not impossible, and it comes packaged in a beautiful paper box. You can't help but feel cozy when you look at this wintery scene, but if Santa's sleigh isn't their thing, you could opt instead for a flowery option, maps, or a provencal scene.

CBD Bath Bomb

A steaming hot bath is a relaxing treat in itself, but the experience gets even better with the addition of a CBD bath bomb. Great for sore muscles or anyone who just wants to chill out, this contains hydrating coconut and oil olives, detoxifying kaolin clay, plus CBD-infused epsom salt. Thanks to the bergamot, lime, and ylang ylang, the bath will smell citrusy and bright.

A Totally Perfect Towel

After that bath, this gorgeous Teema towel (which can also be used as a throw, scarf, or whatever else you can think of) is a necessity. The Diamanté Towel's timeless Turkish design uses a beautiful diamond weave pattern, and the 100% cotton means it's light as air.

A relaxing, cozy gift is perfect for the friend who has everything (and says they don't want a gift). And while it's a total bummer to miss out on the big holiday dinners and the sparkly party outfits, the reality of the situation starts to look a little merrier when you realize just how cozy it can be to stay in with one (or all) of these gifts.