Holiday Shopping

The front of a Costco store that will be open on Christmas Eve 2022 and closed on Christmas Day 2022...
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A Look At Costco’s 2022 Holiday Hours On Christmas Eve & Christmas Day

It’s good news for your Saturday grocery run.

Christmas Eve falls on a Saturday in 2022. As someone who works during the week, this is great news, but it also kind of throws a kink in my grocery shopping plans. Saturday tends to also be a big shopping day for many families who are busy the rest of the week, myself included. If your weekly grocery run also happens every Saturday like clockwork, you may wonder what Costco’s Christmas Eve hours are this year. Whether it’s for last-minute gifts or to stock your fridge for the week ahead, you can shop on Dec. 24 at the warehouse store, but their hours may vary.

Is Costco open on Christmas Eve 2022?

Most Costco stores will be open on Christmas Eve 2022. However, Costco’s Christmas Eve 2022 store hours vary by location, with many stores operating on a special holiday schedule from early November through December 24, according to the store website’s customer service section.

Additionally, hours for services like Costco’s gas station, pharmacy, and optical departments may also vary by location due to the holiday. To find out when your local Costco’s exact opening and closing times on Christmas Eve, enter your zip code on the website’s store locator tool or give the store a call.

Is Costco open on Christmas 2022?

Costco is closed on Christmas Day, according to the warehouse store’s customer service department’s list of holiday closures. The store is closed on most major holidays including New Year’s Day, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, and Thanksgiving Day. Costco’s Christmas day 2022 hours (or lack thereof) follow suit.

So, you can’t go stock up on frozen lasagna at Costco on Dec. 25 to get ready for that weird dead space of a week between Christmas and New Years. But as long as you make it to the store before the doors close on Christmas Eve, you can pack your freezer full. Be sure grab a hot dog from the food court on your way out to celebrate the season.