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15 Last-Minute Gifts For Grandparents That Aren't Just Photos Of Your Kid

They’ll treasure these thoughtful presents.

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Let’s be honest, grandparents are some of the coolest people on this planet. They’re the people who taught us some of the most treasured life lessons from the golden rule to how to get stains out of clothing. That's why every time the gift giving season rolls around, it’s tough to know what to get them. They mean so much, how can you show your grandparents you care? Especially if you’ve put off your shopping until the final hours before Christmas and need a present ASAP. Fortunately, when there’s a will, there’s a way. And these last-minute gifts for grandparents won’t disappoint.

Whether your grandparent loves to spend time in the kitchen or still fancies pen and paper for recording their memories, there's a recipe book, rolling pin, letter set, and journal that will all make perfect last-minute gifts for grandma and grandpa.

The best part about these gifts (next to their amazing-ness)? None of them require a huge investment. That means you're in luck if you've waited until the last minute to find a holiday present for the grandparent in your life.

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Patterned Rolling Pin

If your grandparent is a baker, then they are going to fall in love with this great last-minute gift for grandparents. A wooden rolling pin with a beautiful rose petal design, it will transform baked goods from delicious to gorgeous. A decorative crust for their famous apple pie gets amped up using this rolling pin to roll it out. Or, if your grandparent isn’t a baker, but loves working with clay, they can add this to their sculpting tools to make beautiful pottery. Ten inches from handle to handle, this is a nice large rolling pin that’s easy to use. And who wouldn't love that?


My Family Cookbook

Ask anyone and they will tell you some of their most treasured memories involve the kitchen. That's why the My Family Cookbook is the perfect keepsake for family recipes to which only your grandma knows the secret ingredients. Pages include room for recording recipes and even attaching a photo for reference. Now instead of asking Grandma every Christmas to remind you of how she makes her signature gravy, you can have her record it in this book as a keepsake you both can refer to again and again. With 80 pages, there’s plenty of room to store all the family recipes and with generous margins, you can add on notes without having to sacrifice important steps.


Letters To My Grandchild

Twelve prompts are offered in Letters to My Grandchild: Write Now. Read Later. Treasure Forever, allowing grandparents to write notes to their grandchildren and seal them to be read at a later date. It's like a paper time capsule that even generations beyond your little one will come to know and cherish. The little kit comes with a full-color sticker sheet as well to seal those special notes up. Designed to be written at a grandparent’s leisure, this last-minute gift for grandparents could be written over a couple of months or a couple of years, it’s up to them. What makes them special is the words on the page.


'How To Babysit A Grandpa'

If grandparents are close by and have opportunities to read to your children, then you may want to pick up How to Babysit a Grandma or How to Babysit a Grandpa. These books make a sweet gift from your little ones to their grandparents, creating lasting memories when they are snuggled up together reading stories. In this hilarious story, a child gives tips on how to care for a Grandpa, complete with snack suggestions like “anything dipped in ketchup, ice cream topped with cookies, cookies topped with ice cream.” Silly and sweet, this will likely become a favorite story to read again and again.


My Life Story

A journal documenting a grandparent’s life can often become a prized possession and favorite keepsake. But what if the perspective was from the grandparent themselves? That’s possible with My Life story. With prompts to spark memories, like thoughts on friendships, anecdotes, and wisdom gained, this special tome can become a world unto itself telling the story of one individual’s life from their own perspective. Rather than simply journal, the book guides the writer to help them create and document a more interesting story. Turn your grandparent into your favorite author with this thoughtful gift. They’ll be thrilled you care enough to read it.


Grandpa’s Chair Pillow

Does the grandpa in your life have a favorite chair? Maybe it’s a well worn Lazy Boy or comfy love seat. Does everyone understand this and respect it except for the little people in his life? Clear things up with this darling throw pillow that says “Grandpa’s Chair. Go Sit Over There” with arrows pointing in either direction. Not only will Grandpa appreciate the formal notice to all who may enter his living room. Kids will get the message quick and everyone will have a good laugh when you give him this last minute gift for grandparents on Christmas day.


Complete Car Wash Kit

Cleaning a car the good old fashioned with, with your own two hands, is a classic grandpa move. Perhaps your child’s grandpa has already recruited your kids to get in on the fun. If that’s the case, outfit them with the best cleaning products they need to get the job done: the Chemical Guys Car Wash Bucket Kit. Complete with a bucket, cleaning solutions, and sponges, the kit comes with everything a grandparent you love — who loves to clean cars — could possibly need. Plus, note that the bucket lid doubles as a seat for when Grandpa needs to take a load off.


Blessed Granny Shirt

If you have a super grandma, one who shows up whenever you need help, who loves her grands like they were her own, she needs a special shirt to show off her title as the ultimate grandma. This one says “Blessed Granny” and makes a great shirt for the granny on the go. She can wear it while hanging with her favorite kiddos or put it on when working in the garden or running errands. Either way, she’s guaranteed to get asked about her grandkids, likely her favorite subject. Made of comfortable cotton, this shirt can be machine washed so grandma can wear it every day if she wants.


Pawpaw’s Coffee Mug

A signature mug is something every coffee drinker can appreciate, but how about one designed just for the special grandpa in your life? No one will confuse theirs or get a swig of black joe accidentally with this stylish mug that reads “Pawpaw’s Coffee.” Printed, packed, and shipped in the U.S.A., this mug will arrive quickly in order to make your holiday deadline. Plus, it’s dishwasher safe and ceramic so it’ll last for years. That means Grandpa will never need another mug again. Unless he breaks this one, in which case you can just buy him a replacement.


Scratch-Off World Map

Have grandparents who love nothing more than traveling the world? Help them keep tabs on all their destinations with this scratch-off world map. A great conversation starter (not to mention a fun way to teach grandkids geography) this beautifully made map reveals different states and countries in a variety of colors when you scrape off the black topping a la a Lotto card. You can frame it for your grandparents too, then have them open the frame and mark another trip each time they return from their travels. Then, when they start taking their grandkids on their adventures, they can pass the map down for further exploration.


Complete Car Washing Kit

Often in retirement, the lure of studying up on one’s family history takes hold. With more time on their hands, perhaps your children’s grandparents have gotten into genealogy and are interested in discovering more about their family’s past. Help them in their journey by giving them an Ancestry DNA Test kit. With the kit, grandparents can trace their family lineage and learn more about their bloodline. Perhaps they’ll discover a long lost connection with French relatives or stories never told about family members they’ve never heard of. Either way, it’ll certainly spark discussion and make for an interesting Christmas dinner.


Cookies Made With Love

A typical tea towel is not exciting. But how about one adorned in an Old Masters painting? These beautiful towels make a kitchen come alive and look more like a gallery than a cooking space. With two still lifes available, a tea set called “Dresden” and painting of fruit called “Oistre,” they’ll spark comments every time a visitor stops by your grandparent’s house. Plus, they double as functional utensils perfect for spills or quick cleanup. Made of cotton and machine washable, they can handle major cleaning situations, get a wash and be just as beautiful as before. I swear. I have some myself.


Cheese Vault

If ever the term “treat yo’self” applied to anyone, it’s grandparents. They’ve lived through it all. Surely, they deserve to indulge a bit. If fine cheese are their special splurge, then they need this cheese vault to keep their precious cheddars and goudas, well, good. While wrapping cheese in plastic might seem the smart choice, cheesemongers will tell you that actually can make the cheese, especially hard ones, dry out. To keep nice cheeses as fresh as possible, this little vault can help them breath. Not to mention, you can label the side of it with a ballpoint pen to keep track of your favorite cheeses.


Long-Distance Lamp

For grandparents who live miles away from their grandkids, it can be hard to stay in touch and forge a close relationship. One way to help is this thoughtful long-distance lamp. The grandparents get one and the grandkid gets one. Then, each time one of them touches it, it lights up the other one, like a little light saying “hello” or “I love you.” Kids will love knowing that even if the grandparents are 3,000 miles away, they’re thinking of them. They could even use it as a little code. If the light lights up, it’s time to give the grandparents a call, or vice versa.


A Throw Blanket jb vcccccccccccv cvd

Snuggling up with a good story is a grandparent and grandkid fave. But you need a great blanket to make it as snuggly as possible. That’s why this throw from Opalhouse is so nice. Available in six colors, you can choose your grandparent’s favorite hue for them to enjoy. At 60 by 50 inches, it’s big enough to tuck into with a little kid, and soft enough, thanks to knit acrylic, to stay warm and toasty under. Tassels add a fun and funky feel (kids will love them) that’s modern but harks back to old timey crochet blankets of yore.

Finding last-minute gifts for the grandparents doesn’t need to be a pain. Just think of what they love then use this list as a guide to get them exactly the right item this holiday season.