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The Best Last-Minute Gifts For Grandparents

That aren’t just photos of your kids.

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Let’s be honest, grandparents are some of the coolest people on this planet. They’re the people who taught us some of our most treasured life lessons, and they tend to spoil their grandkids around the holidays, spending an average of $218 per child. It can be tough to know exactly what to get them, especially if you tend to procrastinate on buying gifts. Fortunately, where there’s a will, there’s a way. And these last-minute gifts for Grandma and Grandpa won’t disappoint.

Whether the grandparent in your life loves to spend time in the kitchen or still fancies pen and paper for recording their memories, there's a recipe book, apron set, book subscription, and much more in this list that’s perfect for showing grandma and grandpa some love. And if all their hobbies are covered, you can always choose a gift (like slippers or a weighted blanket) to make them a little comfier day to day.

The best part about these last-minute gifts for Grandma and Grandpa? None of them require a huge investment, and they are appropriate for any occasion, from birthdays to holidays to “just because” moments. That means you're in luck if you’ve waited until the last minute to find a present for the grandparent in your life.


A last-minute gift for grandparents that ships quickly

If you’re stumped on ideas for last minute gifts for grandparents, think about the things they use every day, and which items might need an upgrade. Then, see what options are on Amazon with Prime shipping. If Grandma or Grandpa wear slippers around the house all day or slide them on to go get the mail, these isotoner Women's Terry Slip On Clog Slipper with Memory Foam are the perfect gift idea. With 4.3 stars and nearly 30,000 reviews, this pair of house shows should be as comfortable as they come.


A jar opener

Let Grandpa pop a top without stress, or help Grandma get her jars open more easily without stressing out her joints. This EZ Off Jar Opener for Weak Hands adds some muscle and can twist off lids of any size. It comes with screws and adhesive strips to attach to the bottom of any kitchen cabinet, so installation only takes a minute. With a 4.7-star rating and more than 21,000 customer reviews, it feels safe to say it’s a helpful gadget to have.


A simple, sweet necklace

Need something sentimental to give Grandma? A dainty necklace with a heart charm and her grandchild’s initial are perfect for a woman who likes minimal jewelry. The Glimmerst Initial Heart Necklace is stainless steel plated in 18-karat gold, so it won’t turn her neck green, and should stand the test of time (just like her love for her grandbabies).


Magic baking spoon

If Grandma is a baker, then they are going to fall in love with this great last-minute gift for grandmas. Grandma’s Magic Baking Spoon is a kitchen utensil designed just for her. The laser engraved wooden spoon is a sturdy tool she can use to prepare all of your favorite treats. At 1.13 ounces, the spoon is light enough to manipulate but big enough to really mix up, say, a batch of brownies. And who wouldn't love that?


My family cookbook

Ask anyone and they will tell you some of their most treasured memories involve the kitchen. That's why the My Family Cookbook is the perfect keepsake for family recipes to which only your grandparent knows the secret ingredients. Pages include room for recording recipes and even attaching a photo for reference. Now instead of asking Grandma every year to remind you of how she makes her signature gravy, you can have her record it in this book as a keepsake you both can refer to again and again. With 80 pages, there’s plenty of room to store all the family recipes and with generous margins, you can add on notes without having to sacrifice important steps.


Their favorite shows, all year long

You can be the worst procrastinator of all time but still snag an HBO Max Streaming Subscription as a last-minute gift for Grandpa to watch his crime shows. Bonus points if you get it set up on all the TVs in the house for them, and their tablet too, if they have one. Grandma and Grandpa will both love this gift, especially because it’s ad-free, and they can find plenty of family-friendly movies to watch when the grandkids come over.


A cozy weighted blanket

Everyone could use a better night of sleep, and the 47,000 reviews on this YnM Weighted Blanket suggest it provides exactly that. It comes in 15 sizes and 31 colors to fit well in any bedroom. It’s made with 100% organic cotton and, if you think the grandparent in question will use it as their duvet, includes eight sturdy loops around the edges to secure a cover. And it happens to arrive within two days, so it’s a great last-minute gift for grandparents.


Skylight frame

OK, so yes, this last minute gift for grandparents is technically pictures of your child, but you know they’ll love that. The Skylight Frame is a digital picture frame that showcases rotating images of whatever you wish to fill it with. A great way to stay in touch when you’re far away from grandparents, all it needs to operate is a Wi-Fi connection and an outlet. The 10-inch color touch-screen displays photos in high resolution. Give the email info to friends and family and they can send the frame new photos whenever they want.


Kid art they can actually use

If Grandma or Grandpa enjoy a hot cup of coffee every morning, they’ll love it even more if they can drink it from a mug their grandchild decorated. This Paint Your Own Mug DIY Kit from Uncommon Goods comes with the mug, paints, brush, and stickers. Once they’re done designing, stick your child’s work of art in the oven to set the paint and make it permanent. If you’re going truly last-minute with this gift, give it to Grandma blank and pitch it as a fun activity to do together.


A book-of-the-month subscription

Does the grandparent you’re thinking of love to read, but hasn’t gotten on board with e-readers yet? A Book of the Month subscription allows them to choose from five curated new releases and have it shipped right to their door to enjoy. It’s the perfect last-minute gift for grandparents when you’re already there empty-handed and need something you can sign up for on your phone in a few minutes’ time.


Matching aprons

For many grandparents, teaching their grandkids special recipes is a rite of passage. But you can’t get really messy in the kitchen without the proper clothing, and what could be cuter than these Matching Aprons (one for Grandma and one for her favorite taste tester)? You can personalize the names and titles, and choose from natural linen, pink, or gray. The aprons have some handy pockets for holding baking tools and stashing cookies for later, too. Print a few holiday dessert recipes out and include them in the gift to help get the fun started.


Grandma & Grandpa tumblers

Going on neighborhood strolls or enjoying a porch sit is better with something good to drink. This last minute gift for grandparents gives them a set of signature Grandma & Grandpa tumblers they can show off while enjoying a refreshing beverage. The designs are laser engraved so they’ll never fade or peel. The cups come in tons of colors and you can purchase lids for them at the same time.


Back massager

Grandparents deserve real deal R&R. Give them a last minute gift they can use to relax with this Shiatsu Back Massager. A combination of heat and massage, the machine can be used for deep kneading of the neck, back, shoulder, waist, leg, feet muscles. The massager plugs into an outlet and has three adjustable strengths so grandparents can share the tool and enjoy it to their own pressure specifications.


Canvas weekend bag

The best last-minute gifts for grandmas say something without saying something. In this case the message is “come visit anytime!” And isn’t that just what Grandma wants to hear? This gorgeous Canvas Weekend Bag says that loud and clear and looks gorgeous as well. Made of sturdy cotton canvas and leather accents and trim, even just a visit to the grands will feel like a grand adventure when she’s toting this bag. When the stay is longer or Grandma flies somewhere, she can slip the back section of the bag easily through her rolling suitcase handle.


A tablet for games and e-books

If your grandparent likes reading but can’t get to the library often, or enjoys playing a little solitaire, a tablet can help on both fronts. The Samsung Galaxy Tablet has a 10.4-inch screen and 32GB of storage, so it’s the perfect size for reading and watching shows without being too heavy to hold. If you’re looking for last-minute gifts for a grandparent, this one will take the cake.

Finding last-minute gifts for the grandparents doesn’t need to be a pain. Just think of what they love then use this list as a guide to get them exactly the right item for the next big gift-giving event.

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