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15 Cheap Secret Santa Gifts You Can Get At Costco

You can seriously save for the holidays.

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There are so many good things to say about Costco. The prices can't be beat, the free samples are to die for, and their workers are paid fairly. And if that’s not enough to put you in a merry spirit if you look hard enough, you can also buy a few inexpensive Secret Santa gifts from Costco as well.

The beauty of Secret Santa is that you only have to buy one gift, but the tricky thing about it (especially if you have a large family or are doing a gift exchange with a big group) is that you may end up buying for someone you don’t know all that well. Whether it’s your father-in-law, a colleague, a distant cousin, or someone you know well, there are tons of Costco gifts under $50.

Before you rush out to grab yourself a Costco membership (which, honestly, is always a good idea) you may be happy to know that you can shop the store online even if you don’t have a membership (though some products will be reserved for members only). So the next time you find yourself in need of bulk toilet paper or an economy sized jar of mayonnaise, you may just want to do a little holiday shopping while you’re at it. From festive decor to bath bombs, puzzles or a massage pillow, these Costco gifts under $50 are perfect for holiday gifts for everyone on your list.

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For The Disney Lover

Everyone knows that one person who loves all things Disney (and they probably have character keepsake items peppered throughout their home). An ornament is always a thoughtful gift because you can really never have too many, and this set of four glass ornaments shaped like Mickey will add a touch of Disney magic to their tree. The top half of each one is shimmery and festive and the bottom is a solid color. This is one of the rare Secret Santa gifts that will truly make a whole family happy, plus it won’t get tossed in the trash but rather will actually be used for years to come.


For The Person Who Can’t Get Enough Popcorn

When looking for a Secret Santa gift that will actually be appreciated, food is always a safe bet, especially when that food is four varieties of popcorn. Within this set of 48 gourmet cones, there’s Caramel Corn, Snickerdoodle, White Cheddar and Zebra® Popcorn (Zebra = white and milk chocolate swirls on kettle corn). These are such a tasty and festive treat, and because they’re individually packed, there’s no race to finish them before they get stale (though they probably won’t last all that long).

This is a holiday gift that’s made in the USA, plus it’s gluten-free and made with non-GMO corn and without any high fructose corn syrup


A “Hello Kitty” Squishmallow

Whether the person you give this to will groan or giggle, there’s no denying that Squishmallows are having a moment this year (and they’re very comfy and huggable). This Hello Kitty version of one of the season’s hottest toys has a groovy vibe thanks to its flower crown and floral outfit, but Costco has other Squishmallows in the squad too including Hello Kitty vibing in rainbow sunglasses or the cute cat dressed as a mermaid. Just be sure the lucky recipient of this holiday gift knows how to properly wash a Squishmallow, because the dryer will make them, let’s just say, a little bit funky.


For The Crafty Harry Potter Fan

Fans of the Harry Potter series probably already have a ton of merch, but do they have this amazingly cute crochet set? I think not. It’s hard to resist a gift that blends fandom with an actual activity (as opposed to a figurine that just sits on a shelf). The set includes all the supplies they’ll need to make amigurumi dolls of Harry Potter and Dobby including yarn, stuffing, needle, thread, safety eye beads, and the awesome magic wand crochet hook, plus most importantly, a 76-page instruction book that derails each step. There’s also a super fun crochet kit inspired by Friends if that’s more their speed, where they’ll get to make all the characters, plus the iconic orange couch and some other fan faves from the show, like Marcel the monkey.


A Beautiful Set Of Illustrated Books

This stunning trio of illustrated classics will delight book worms. It includes three hardcover full-color illustrated books: Aesop’s Fables, The Wind in the Willows, and Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm. The covers are clothbound and foil-stamped, so they look luxurious and expensive (it’s hard to believe this set is under $25). In addition to the books, included are three glossy keepsake prints from each of the stories; these look pretty framed in a kids room. Whether they’re expecting a new baby or they’re just a library fiend, this is a memorable gift that makes a big impact and will become a family keepsake.


Cozy & Festive Pajama Set

There’s no such thing as too many pairs of pajamas, especially when they’re this soft and cozy (and affordable). From the Nautica brand, these are a soft fleece material with rib trimming detail at the neckline, waistband and pocket openings (yep there are pockets). If gray isn’t their color, these also come in a red plaid, a purple fair isle print, or a navy and white polka dot pattern. Whether they’re lounging around the house or going on a winter vacation, these will be a must-have. If you’re looking for a Secret Santa gift that’s on the sillier side, Costco also has a comfy onesie with a Baby Yoda pattern all over.


For The Skincare Lover

This cruelty-free and vegan skin polish will help soften and brighten dry winter skin and lips. It has glycolic and lactic acid to help chemically slough off dead skin, plus sunflower seed, blood orange, and peppermint oils to keep skin hydrated (these oils also give the scrub its uplifting, fresh scent). Other standout ingredients include lavender flower and chamomile water, jojoba seed oil, and aloe juice to calm skin, plus walnut shells which are exfoliating (but be sure to use a light touch so you don’t over-exfoliate). This is a powder that softens into a mask when it touches wet skin.


For The Person Who Keeps A Candle In Every Room

You can never have too many candles, especially when they smell this good. This trio of candles is inspired by the California coast and it features three distinct scents: vanilla and tobacco which is sweet with a sophisticated smoky note, Fresh Woods, which feels clean and earthy with a bit of wintery woodsiness, and Limocello, a scent you’ll want to light when the kitchen is clean. They’re made of a soy wax blend with essential oils, and these candles are on the bigger side (they have a 36 hour burn time) so the gift seems generous even if it won’t break the bank.


For The Person Who Loves Comfort

These slippers look like they should cost more than they do, and they’re strikingly similar to Uggs without the sticker stock. For people who work from home or just like to be as toasty as possible, shearling slippers feel indulgent and they’re a Secret Santa gift that will actually get used. Amazingly for the price, these have a genuine sheepskin upper and a shearling liner. Just note that because sheep skin stretches a bit, these should feel a little snug at first and will become looser with wear. There’s also a bootie version of these with the same grippy outsole.


For The Person Who Loves Toys (& Believes In UFO)

Whether you’re buying a Christmas gift for someone who is actually young or just young at heart, a hovercraft toy is a fun and novel idea. Recommended for ages 6 and up, this toy is hand motion controlled (it literally responds to hand motions) so there’s no remote needed. It can do aerial somersaults and 360 degree circles in the air. This is one of those toys that will always be cool, and kids (or adults no judgment) will want to show it to their friends. It’s also available in black. To start, all you have to do is toss it into the air.


For The Person Who Loves The Spa

There’s nothing quite like a spa-quality bath in the comfort of your own home. This trio of bath foaming salts and corresponding bath balms will make for a decadent bath. There are three scents included: lavender chamomile, cucumber & white Tea, and coconut creme, each infused with vitamins and oils to leave skin super soft and hydrated. This makes a lovely gift on its own, or if you’re looking to amp up the present a bit, you could fill a pretty basket with luxe spa supplies like an eye mask, exfoliating glove, and anything eucalyptus scented. They’ll be blissed out in no time.


For The Foodie

Not sure what to get for someone on your list? Brothers, in-laws, and the friend who has everything are prime candidates for an edible gift. I like this dried fruit mix because it comes with a physical object they can keep long after the food is gone — a pear shaped trivet bowl that works all year round and is made of a sturdy and sleek bamboo.

The fruit is arranged beautifully to look like flowers, and the mix includes apricots, yellow peaches, pears and apple wedges, plus California dates, plums and prunes.

Fruit is a nice way to give a sweet treat that isn’t cookies or candy, because everyone is usually stocked up for the holidays.


For The Star Wars Fan

What could be better than two puzzles in one? Star Wars fans likely have a ton of figurines and dolls and costumes already, but they may not have a puzzle. This twin pack features two puzzles of 500 pieces, and they have a super cool lenticular effect meaning they look 3D, so the characters and scenes truly and literally pop.

This is recommended for ages six and up, though kids may need a little help, which is good because it’s a fun family project that everyone can do together. Inside there’s a mini artwork print of the puzzles which is helpful as a reference point.


For Someone Who Loves Holiday Decorations

A door stopper is a sweet and unique way to add an unexpected pop of holiday cheer. They don’t necessarily have to be used in their intended way either; because they’re weighty (about two and a half pounds each) they make a great wintery paperweight or add a pop of personality to a Christmas mantel.

The sweet snowmen and polar bear are dressed in their warmest winter clothes. Secret santa gifts are often exchanged earlier in December, and if you’re not sure what to get, a bit of whimsical holiday decor is always welcome (and if it’s not it’s easy to re-gift).


A Massage Pillow

Anyone who works from home or spends hours slumped over a desk will appreciate this (actually quite affordable) massage pillow. Designed to loosen the neck, back, and shoulders, the pillow has a circular kneading function with inward and outward motion, vibrating settings which helps to loosen muscles, plus a divine heat setting that is super cozy on a chilly night, but also helps to ease any soreness or cramps. This gift feels indulgent and special, plus it’s super useful and is designed to fit on the back of most chairs, so they’ll get a little massage as they sit down to lounge or work.

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