a dog dressed as jojo siwa for halloween

These Dog Halloween Costumes Are Perfect For Pups Of All Sizes

This holiday has gone to the dogs.

If your dog is a part of the family, then include them in one of the best holidays of the year. The dog Halloween costumes available in 2021 are some of the most hilarious and adorable ones ever, and you’re sure to get a lot of great photo ops no matter which one your canine companion chooses. As long as you have a pet that enjoys playing dress-up, there’s no end to the costume choices for dogs that are perfect for your October adventures.

And if you need some guidance (because there are a lot of choices), then consider breed-specific dog Halloween costumes. For instance, the perfect Chihuahua Halloween costume may look a little different from the best Corgi Halloween costume, depending on your dog’s size and temperament. For some dogs, a glittery princess costume is the perfect Halloween look, while others will be more suited to a scarier costume based on classic movie monsters. And don’t forget the possibility of group costumes, because your dog can definitely be included in whatever theme you can imagine. Whether your dog is suited to a funny, adorable, or silly costume for October 31, these are some of the best dog Halloween costumes available right now.

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Pug Halloween Costumes

If you always ask for extra guac, then this is the perfect costume for your little pug dog to wear on Halloween. This avocado dog costume is soft and comfy for your pup to wear, and there is even a little smiley face right above the pit. Granted, pugs are adorable enough to pull off any type of costume, but there’s just something hilarious about one dressed up as this beloved food. And if you have a little one in tow, consider dressing them in the pug dog Halloween costume from Carters, because that would make for some very memorable (and post-worthy) pictures.


Chihuahua Halloween Costumes

There’s something hilarious about dressing an inherently adorable chihuahua as one of the most frightening movie monsters of all time. This Nightmare On Elm Street Freddy Kreuger pet costume is super detailed, including the shredded sweater, hat, and even the villain’s iconic glove with razors at the end. Honestly, it’s one of the best chihuahua costumes for Halloween imaginable, because it makes one Kreuger the dream demon look silly and adorable. (But nobody is going to be afraid of going to sleep around your tiny pup.) You can dress up like Jason to create a slasher flick theme costume and make the trick-or-treaters at your door scream (with laughter).


Corgi Halloween Costumes

If you’re lucky enough to have one of these sweet-tempered dogs in your life, then this is the best Halloween costume for a corgi ever. The Tony the Cowboy Halloween costume makes it look like a tiny cowboy has put a saddle on your corgi, and they are hanging on for dear life. Turn your dog into a bucking bronco for an unforgettable and funny Halloween. The little cowboy’s expression just makes the costume, and it will have your family, friends, and social media fans cracking up in no time. Make it a theme costume by dressing up in rodeo clothes yourself.


Great Dane Halloween Costumes

There’s no shortage of costume ideas for these gentle giants, especially because you can always throw on a blue collar for an instant Scooby Doo costume. But this unicorn dog costume is perfect for Great Danes, because your dogs are probably called horses on a regular basis. Why not take it a step further and dress your pup like a magical horse? Made from a plush, cozy material, this costume for dogs features a hook and loop fastener for an easy fit, and the silvery unicorn horn on top of the hood is perfect. Best of all, the costume is available in XL and XXL sizes.


Goldendoodle Halloween Costumes

Goldendoodles tend to have bright, bubbly personalities. So why not dress your dog as one of the most positive influencers around: the dancer, singer, and YouTuber JoJo Siwa? The former star of Dance Moms has made quite a name by being happy and unfailingly positive, as well as an outspoken opponent of online bullying. Plus, her iconic outfits are recognizable anywhere. This spunky, sequined dog costume features a hot pink dress and black top with JoJo’s name written across the back. True to style, there’s also an oversized hairbow to top off your pooch’s signature style. You and your dog will be singing “Hold The Drama” and ignoring haters all night long.


Labrador Halloween Costumes

This is the perfect Halloween costume if your dog is the Queen Bee of your home. A black-and-yellow striped costume, complete with wings and bobbly antenna, this bee costume for dogs will look adorable on your Labrador. Whether you have a black, yellow, or chocolate Labrador Retriever, it will work well with your dog’s fur. Make it a group costume by dressing the rest of your family in matching bee costumes, then take pics of your whole hive for some unforgettable Halloween Instagram pics. Also, it’s the perfect excuse to make terrible bee-based puns all night long. You’ll be abuzz with excitement for this memorable October 31 dog costume.


French Bulldog Halloween Costumes

Many French bulldogs have a larger-than-life personality, so why not pick a Halloween costume that fits their whole vibe? This Rubie's Pet Shop DC Batman Dog Costume for Halloween is a great match for your bat-eared, lively pup. Featuring a chest piece with the Bat symbol, as well as a cape, pointy headpiece, and utility belt, your dog will feel just like a hero. As an officially licensed product of The Adventures of Batman and Robin, this costume will turn your pooch into the iconic superhero in no time. Round out the dynamic duo by dressing up as Robin, then take to the streets Halloween night to stop crime (or at least collect a little candy).


Poodle Halloween Costumes

Dress your poodle in a Star Wars dog costume for Halloween, because your pet is already out-of-this-world amazing. Fans of The Mandalorian will love this pet costume version of The Child, AKA Baby Yoda. Outfitted with a robe, attached headpiece, and even a plush frog, the costume is instantly recognizable to anyone who is all about this popular show. Then you can dress up as your favorite character from the Star Wars universe to match your poodle’s hilarious Halloween costume, as long as you’re ready to pose for pics all night long. For dogs who enjoy playing dress-up, this costume is a definite win.


Yorkshire Terrier Halloween Costumes

If your Yorkshire Terrier is already kind of a princess, why not go for a costume that celebrates this trait? The Snow White dog costume comes with an attached collar, glittery gown, and even a headpiece with a red bow. Your dog will instantly become one of the most iconic and recognizable Disney princesses with this adorable costume. And really, this sight of a Yorkie in this costume will make anybody’s heart melt. Make it a group thing by dressing as your own favorite Disney princess (or prince, or villain) and enjoy the magical evening. Just maybe avoid anybody handing out apples for the night.

Whether you have a feisty, tiny terrier or a giant working breed, the best Halloween costumes for dogs are definitely worth checking out.